ISO 14001/4

15 Steps to the Successful Implementation of an EMS in a Hotel
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Step 1 - Assemble the team 
Management Representative  Co-ordinator Co Operations (see next slide)  Finance  Legal  Marketing / Sales

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Action Teams 

representative of

Front of House Housekeeping Food & Beverage Conference & Meeting Engineering and Maintenance Sales and Marketing Personnel Financial Control Purchasing
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Initial Review -where are we now ?  Four key areas legislative compliance evaluation and registration of significant environmental aspects and impacts examination of all existing environmental management practices assessment of feedback from any previous incidents Moody International Certification 3 .Step 2 .

Environmental Policy The Environmental Policy Document must be documented and understood at all levels commit to complying with the law be publicly available commit to prevention of pollution and improve environmental performance provide for the setting of environmental objectives relevant to the operations of the hotel Moody International Certification 4 .Step 3 .

organisation and personnel Definition of organisation responsibilities necessary to provide resources initiate action identify problems recommend solutions verify implementation of solutions control further activities act in emergencies Moody International Certification 5 .Step 4 .

Step 5 . regulatory and other policy requirements regarding environmental aspects of activities services Moody International Certification 6 .register of regulations  Need to establish and maintain procedures to record all legislative.

Register of environmental aspects Need to evaluate and assess environmental aspects .direct and indirect controlled and uncontrolled emissions controlled and uncontrolled discharges solid and other waste land contamination Moody International Certification 7 .Step 6 .

vibration and visual impact effects on specific parts of the environment beneficial impacts Moody International Certification 8 .Step 6 . dust.Register of environmental aspects II use of land. resources and energy noise. odour.

Step 6 III Assessment of significance ³The organisation shall ensure that the (environmental) aspects related to these significant impacts are  considered in setting its environmental objectives´  Clause 4.3.1 ISO 14001 9 Moody International Certification .

Departmental environmental impacts There is potential for improvement in environmental performance in every department of the hotel front of house housekeeping food & beverage conference & meeting engineering & maintenance back of house Moody International Certification sales & marketing personnel & administration financial control purchasing community & sociosocioeconomic programmes grounds & externals .

Front of House  Energy blocking off and grouping rooms light controlling key cards environmental information in guest packs  Water environmental information in guest packs  Waste electronic internal information to reduce paper usage reuse of paper recycle toner cartridges Moody International Certification .

aircon. heating etc use cold water instead of hot wherever possible  Water use minimum quantities during cleaning notify maintenance immediately of any leaks  Waste reuse linen unsuitable for its original purpose use dispensers instead of sachets use cleaning materials in the recommended concentrations and dispose of containers properly Moody International Certification .Housekeeping  Energy check room temperatures watch for malfunctioning fans.

tin.Food and Beverage  Energy Appropriate lighting levels in restaurants and bars Beverages coolers not sited in cellars  Water µDead man¶ valves on sluicing hoses Dish and glass washers correctly maintained  Waste Segregation of glass. plastics and paper Menu planning to reduce waste food Moody International Certification .

Conference and Meeting  Energy Appropriate lighting in public areas HVAC maintained and controlled  Water Maintenance of all water outlets in washrooms  Waste Reuse of non-confidential papers nonSegregation of paper for recycling Moody International Certification .

paints and solvents Moody International Certification . lubricants.Engineering and Maintenance  Energy All HVAC fully maintained with controls correctly set Low energy lighting wherever appropriate Sensors in all low non-public traffic areas non-  Water Planned preventative maintenance and rapid response to leaks  Waste Care of used oils.

cans.Back of House  Energy Sensors in low traffic areas Switch off and save policy  Water Prestel taps in washrooms µHippos¶ in flush cisterns Report leaking taps  Waste Recycling schemes for plastic cups. bottles etc Moody International Certification .

Sales and Marketing  Energy Control of lighting in office areas Low energy computers Switch off and save policy  Waste Careful planning of brochure production runs Moody International Certification .

Training is biggest contribution Moody International Certification . toners.Personnel and Administration  Energy Control of lighting in office areas  Waste Control of use of paper. etc.

Financial Control  Energy Monitoring. measuring and controlling consumption  Waste Monitoring. measuring and controlling food waste Monitoring landfill and carrier returns Moody International Certification . measuring and controlling consumption  Water Monitoring.

Purchasing  Energy  Water  Waste Moody International Certification .

Community and Socioeconomic Programmes  Energy Distribution of excess and which cannot be stored  Water Inclusion on water treatment  Waste Excess estates compost for agriculture & horticulture Use of non-confidential documents for schools and other nonsocial projects Moody International Certification .

Assessment of significance one approach:Define Scope Identify Aspects Set Criteria Assess Significance Moody International Certification Significant Aspects 10 .

Step 7 .Environmental objectives and targets  There is a need to set targets and objectives Moody International Certification 11 .

Step 8 .management programme Targets and objectives Specific Measurable Agreed Realistic Trackable Moody International Certification 100 80 60 40 20 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Qtr Qtr Qtr Qtr East West North 12 .

targets and programmes key roles and responsibilities interaction between the systems¶ elements documentation Moody International Certification 13 . objectives.Step 9 .manuals and documentation  establish and maintain manual relating to environmental policy.

performance criteria Moody International Certification 14 . particular attention to documented work instruction procedures regarding suppliers monitoring and control of effluent & waste streams etc..Step 10 .operational control  control activities.

targets or instructions identify and document verification information and procedures establish and document acceptance criteria assess validity of previous verification information Moody International Certification 15 .Step 10 .operational control II procedures to establish compliance with programmes.

Step 11 Training  for (where most operations fail) senior management in policy formulation and resource allocation  for auditors  for specialists  managers in EMS  awareness training for employees Moody International Certification 16 .

contractors and customers Moody International Certification 17 .training II train administrative and operational personnel cascade the information. using administrative and operations managers talk with suppliers.Step 11 .

Training needs analysis typical approach«. Auditing CEO Executive Supervisors Line Operators Design Engineers 18 Awareness Instrument EMS Briefing Moody International Certification .

your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.records system is required to confirm that the system works and compliance can be demonstrated Moody International Certification µWhen you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers.¶ Lord Kelvin Physicist 19 .Step 12 . When you cannot express it in numbers. you know something about it.

audits  when the system is in place and working properly an audit is needed to determine environmental management activities conform to the programme the system is effective in relation to the policy Moody International Certification 20 .Step 13 .

Internal Auditing audit schedule audit procedure checklists audit reports follow-up and corrective action followMoody International Certification 21 .

Step 14 .Environmental Management Review  management team meets to review the system including audit results Moody International Certification 22 .

apply for assessment  select a certification body which has ± ± ± ± detailed practical experience an empathetic approach a structured approach skilled experienced assessors Moody International Certification 23 .Step 15 .

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