Genesis 1-3. What 3 relationships were radically broken by sin? Genesis 12:1-3, etc. What has God set out to do about all broken relationships? Specifically how? Has God reconciled, “fixed,” the 3 relationships that were radically broken by sin? If so, how? Genesis 1:28. How might one best define “dominion?” Genesis 1:27-28. How might being created “in God’s image” (27) affect our care of creation (28)? Genesis 1:27-28. Describe the power that mankind has over the rest of God’s creation. In seeking to create a just human community, how might we link the biblical call to social justice with the biblical call to environmental stewardship? How might the life and teachings of Jesus inform our understanding of mankind’s role in creation care? What does creation care have to do with the gift and responsibility of “salvation?”

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