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Robot Gossip

Robot Gossip

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Published by: Alexuta Andrei on Feb 15, 2011
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Robot Gossip

News and updates from robot society

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
RobuROC 6 Outdoor Robot Platform Rocks
New from French company Robosoft: RobuROC 6 outdoor mobile platform features : - Lenght : 160 cm - Width : 78 cm (including wheels) - Height : 50 cm

- Wheels diam. : 50 cm - estimated weight (incld. batteries) : 160 Kgr (Li-ion batteries) (350 lbs) - Step clearance : around 400 mm (capable to climb standard stairs) - Speed :around 3,61 m/s (8 mph)

- Max slope : 45° - Max Payload : Around 100 Kg (220 lbs)

Runtime : 3-5 Hrs The rolling base has a unique structure of three body sections with two wheels each that can flex side-to-side and up-and-down.turns on the spot. .Power : 3 Li-ion battery pack .Turn radius : 0 . .. This allows it to be able to scamper up over obstacles. The robot will be shown for the first time at the Eurosatory2006 military hardware show this week in Paris.

For instance. Ray Bradbury wrote about a fully automated house with little cleaning robots: Out of warrens in the wall. in the same way that a rat.avoiding human beings on the one hand while finding 'food' . and the structure of its brain is similar to that of humans. Psikharpax has two cameras for eyes.sikharpax the robot rat is the creation of a team of French roboticists.electricity provided at power points throughout the lab. if Psikharpax's eyes sense that it is dark. two microphone ears and a set of tiny wheels for locomotion." says Steve Nguyen. Four inch whiskers do more than decorate its pointed snout. Data from these artificial organs goes to Psikharpax's "brain. Rather than setting their sights on human-level intelligence. a doctoral student at ISIR. heard and sensed. tiny robot mice darted. these vibrassae are intended to be a part of the robot's sensory system. all rubber and metal. the software gives a greater weight of importance to data from the whiskers. at night. like those in the 1950 story There Will Come Soft Rains. They thudded against chairs. The rooms were acrawl with the small cleaning animals. just like that of an organic rat." a chip whose software hierarchy mimicks the structures in a rat's brain that process and analyse what is seen. whirling their mustached runners. who helped show off Psikharpax at a research and innovation fair in Paris last week. they're trying to figure out and replicate the behaviors of a simpler creature . kneading the rug .the rat. relies on other sensors to compensate for loss of vision. Robot rat survival is the goal . (Psikharpax robot rat) "The rat is the animal that scientists know best. I'm very fond of science-fictional robotic rodents.

See Gordon The Robot Uses Cultured Rat Neurons. French researchers: build your robot rat with neurons from an actual rat. but maybe that would be cheating.nap. sucking gently at hidden dust.. now here's a weird idea. . (Read more about Ray Bradbury's robot mouse) Okay..

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