The five distinct parts of consumer decision making presented are: y Input. AND BLACKWELL (EKB) MODEL The EKB model is comprehensive and shows the components of decision making and the relationships and interactions among them. decision process variables. and external influences . a decision process. information processing.ENGEL. KOLLAT.

g. personal recollections. contact with others y Marketer-controlled stimuli (e..g. demonstrations) y Other stimuli (e. store display.. conversations with friends) y External search y .INPUT Input includes all kinds of stimuli from our contact with the world around us: Our experiences. advertising.

INFORMATION PROCESSING Stimuli are processed into meaningful information Five methods of information processing: y y y y y Exposure Attention Comprehension Yielding Retention .

DECISION PROCESS is triggered at any time during information processing It consists of five steps: It y y y y y Problem recognition Search Alternative evaluation Choice Outcomes (post-purchase evaluation and behavior) .

DECISION PROCESS VARIABLES Those individual qualities that make people/consumers unique. Decision process variables include y y y y y y y y Motives Beliefs Attitudes Lifestyles Intentions Evaluative criteria Normative compliance and informational influence Other aspects of self .

µ They are: culture. sub-culture (co-culture).EXTERNAL INFLUENCES Such influences are called ´Circles of Social Influence.and family or household influences . social class. reference groups.

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