Integrated Marketing Communication Assignment Dalda Case Study

Rahul Gupta Roll No: 12155

Dalda is a brand of hydrogenated vegetable oil popular in South Asia. The substance was originally imported from the Netherlands in the 1930s by the trading company Dada Limited. When Hindustan Lever Limited wanted to brand it, the trader, who still retained a commercial connection with the product, said it had to be named after his company. HLL wanted to include the letter 'L' in it for Lever (of the Unilever group), and thus was born one of the longest-living brands in India. Dalda, which came to be synonymous with the Vanaspati (hydrogenated vegetable fat) genre, was recently extended to a range of edible oils. Hindustan Lever has since sold the brand. As the new campaign for Dalda is to be launched we must understand the importance of bringing about a change in the consumers mind that Dalda is not hydrogenated vegetable fat but an oil, unlike vanaspati. The target audience in this case should be women from the age group of 25-65, who are the decision makers in terms of household decision such as the kitchen. The message should primarily be to highlight the quality and purity of Dalda oil, as well as the healthy aspects of the product, which helps distinguish it from Vanaspati, unless the purity and quality of oil is highlighted, Dalda will always be associated with vegetable fat and not oil. The medium to be used should be TV commercials, or Print Media. When it comes to Oil it is extremely important to depict the product through rich visuals of the products, for eg: A bottle of Dalda oil being slowly poured into a cooking utensil. Through the use of strong visuals the Brand can invoke positive responses in the consumers mind towards Dalda being perceived as an oil and not vegetable fat. The amount of money to be spent on these commercials should be in the range of Rs. 4 Crore. The remaining 50 lakh budget should be spent on cross country promotional events to be held that allow potential consumers a chance to directly interact with the product as well as trained executives that will increase the goodwill of the brand. These advertisements should be rolled out over a longer time frame of 6 months to 9 months, which can subconsciously take a spot in the consumers mind over a period of time.

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