,\lel1, I (j)OLlid lih.e to ope!! by ~5 0 ill e-t! U.i1g thed I b rue v e A.JL IIHu2.

P,uce o 6 S uCce~6~:) 11

heCLc{{__ng It

Wi1a;t ~6 -tile P~uce 0;) SlLcceM?

It ~6 Simple •... To (__t6 e ctU G 5 uc e(fe Ccunao«, to FO~'ID2 Vou/(.~s c.i6 -to COI!ceVl.-~t~'L.c~te o IT the F-'Le' b,Celil i,l Hand, to Tiunlz 06 ;__t Deer::r£Jj cOld C0!16tc01t£y, .to Stude_! ~t6horn a.U Ang-te-6, aVId .to PLCUt. To have a

KLg /1 end S Ucj .tcW)1 ed Veze/u-nZHctU.0 n i»

puf: O\JC)t (t'/mt ucu. pLUl to Ac.compUsil,

buf: ;__v:. Sr'ae G (,_ oll Adve-I--I-i) e C~LAc.u_rn~6 ;tCU1C.S6

, "

~duc!r rna(_{ k~~s e - - And !w;th{_,~g WO~'L.t!l~duxc.

has evc.~'L. been Acco,111pi,Lsh.ed wiliwuf: ~Some 006 taci:e. Ov e~tc.omc..

To ReS u~s e to Bilic_ue__ .thai: -tilefte a..-te any C~'t(_(_U)i~staV!ce6 ~6 elD 6icA__e.)~tty hZ,'r.G I1g ro

Vc_ 6 eat: yo LL ~Ln :the ACcO,ll1lJUS hme)~t c 6 ucun.

FU,,'L.IJOh e. HARD? I SrlOu1.d Seur So; Tired

~s :,)hy M' many ,'-Aeil neve/I. At:te.mpt to

Acq_wAe SlLcceM. Tite__y AnSU)e__/l ~the SJJ"Len

C 0"£[ 0 6 th e Rut wd R eincull 011 :tit e__ Bc.eLte.:! Pedi1 50ft Bc_eLten ;i.{ell. '\/o:tiu:!g (!)c,/(__thw!~Ue hQ6 e.\_}eft been Achl...eve.d u)J.;thout CO;!6.tCUl.t EI1dc_avo~~'li), j orne PC0LV, , and Cc%stant AppL{__2-aD~oP_ 0;) trte. La..-!Ji 0 6 Amb;J_)~on. Tila..-tll; th« PRI CE OF SUCCESS.

Euz/u! ,\fan ,sh.ollid a-6i<. HimoGtb; Am I

W_{)::_j~_l'lg to Enduru: tile PC~il 0 () :t11ijo Sthugg£e bD~'L tile ComSoht~s and tile ReJ_j)(J..·tcLs wed the Gi!__o~'r.y th«: go (j}ilh

AceD m,1:)U6 runZrU? O}z_ S iw.U I Ac. c. ept ti'i Z

U I't c.O"s u cmd I nadeo u_a_,te__ Co ,ttznl.tl1 erU

thas: ~omM ({Jith /':fe.cLLo CfJ....ty? Am I [i)illing t» Pay the PRI CE OF SUCC ESS?

VM(_{ elL - I {LM u/'Le tho..t mo j t 0 ~ you a..-'Le__ h_{_gh scnoo.: c.occc.hc__,s - I have g~'Leat, ghe.at ~ILC6 pc_ct 5o.t hJ,giL ~s cho ci: c.o aches

b ec.O.M e I :tfu.Jli<. tii«: .thiW' he th.e heMt, tiLe blood and th« guf..A 06 SootbaU today. I .thj__nh. ma he__ j 0 to day than an y 0 .:tIL e'1.. ~ume. I' II (uJ).;a~rs heghu ti~la;t I ne__veh had ,the oppo~uwU;ty -to ~uo/th. ;11 hi.qh

. schoo«, be.CCHtSe__ I /V(Ol{} and {)ee-t lilc.e

I coui.d iWl)e c.oid/(__~Lb(__tte__d nWhe. 11m vwt

!lef~re tu :t·1U to .6 cf~ yo u~ (I H a)·1lj:th~-LVLg t 1 ' ,n

'I, /} fro to +L" r!-; ao' C'" + /"," +Lb".r e ~').' d .< C' ·'1'" ('1/,

-- ~~..........--1_. / l-v._.I....... . I.,..i../l_ "i_. , __ : v" ~ I_. ..... ,__......_. u~ t. i.. /.J 'I I\:;.;.... ...... L

.the. e.Xr:>sue__ilce..s I ' ve hcd, the nU__stah.e-s 11 ;Jt :/'f/adc., t·~o}:\LH9 uc« ~'~\}J.! T;t f·~iCd(_c_ soroc, o 6 ti,e -6 W112. c V, C.6 •

F~!L\t, I ,~'~'('u)~d ~C(_hc_ ro CU It ..G6 c(}ac.f.v~Hg tjOU/L job, 0:(. _/__...j i._.t fjOtL:j.-l_, Cl)OrU

o £ USe? 1;5 e__ v~ -t_)~/( c co C~c.iUIlg ~Ls mu ,e;_ 6 e and a-2'~'O.u~:, has bee. i, . I i5 2-0 acil_{_ng geL6 to be__ c( job, and you uxu!:t ~tc de so mc;tJv~!19 e~u c, :t1W..!'l de n ' t co Itt{_JWe__

c.oac_!uV!9. T {I be in_ the c.oacJuHg bLt~S{JU2/S~S,

you must !wve. a goal' Oft w( cbJe__C.J--':-I~t'e.,

iAy gool. {W.6 (!.J):_!'t'au~s be__eH ltl~{__JUUltg. But

~'L.e.g a_ltde.0S~6 06 {dud iIlU go a{ if:! ~Us .i_.mpa~~~wd ro me. )~11 how I go about a.ttccz.n-

j__ng thj__s goc~. I d0)11.t thJ.Hh w,~rth;Jlg

c.an happen by clcc.idev(__{:; yo u Ilukc J..:t ilcq:)pe.ll. 16 IjO u wcutt to make. J.;t iwppcn, ,the.6-G'L6t ~tf~LVlCj uo u hove. to do ~s ho» e.

a p£CU1. A p£.C'~;l ~!Ou bruel) e. J.n /) 0

st~'w ngi!__1j theLt yo It He ue.h c.ompftOilJ-Gs e.

I th,{__nQ tiien tiLe i1e__xt ~s-te__p depencU.l1g ew, lehe.theft uou. 1 ~'1..e au cg,s~tailt O~'1.. heo.d

cc ac it ,-Gs .to ~tfty p eo p£. e., I ha u C.HI t c v C_it /s c_e__,l a ccacli malz_e__ bad, I P vc He ven. ..s een them ma/z_e__ good, you have to have a

te.(fJfi, YOLL ilave__ t» !Laue ,fJeop-te. You have

to hL'L.e pc_opl_c_ ~thed Jootboll rnew~s a g,'Le.ed deaf to. (i)irHung mear~s e1)e,'Uj~tiuI1g

ro, I th_j_J1Q u)[le!t lt~Z l1--0u pea pic., Hot

ml£1j do theu bilieve__ ou't waU, but they

have. to b rue ve in o Wt ptCU1. tJOU) i6

you' ~~te. c" nead. coach and love il, I tlunk. ciillJio!jivlg a ~staD'{ wJ-th the ~ugh.t pco,r,_£_e__ ~6' vj,fc:tu_aiiy ~ltnpo~.J:ant, ~t has go:t .:to

.1!1eal1. o1.o-tto ~trlem. The__y have to b ruc.ve__

in uoun: pfCUL Sorne good _rLu1.0S Uv«

cL0~ualj~s had Ls th«: 60/'r. aJ'1 tile pe.op£.e__

(1;1 In(_{ ~s;ta66, I Wan-t the.m .to be b,ughtc./;__ :thw:. I {WI, I Wan-t .til em to b e__ abie__ .:to ~spc.aQ up WId al.M! :to exp,'r.0H therr0Uv~J . It ~6 acso fugh_£_y _"~mpo/1__:ta)~t .to k.e__ep them


harpy and to motiuate. the.J11. I th; .. ilk ds impo ft:tcm:t to he.C c g ni.z e. ,:tiT U'L co I]):;ub u;Uc It-!:, b ec.cw/s c_ e. v 12nyb (' dy ,Uk ~s ,'Le.co g Iwic n, I ilh e :to ,'1.('_ co g Vl,{Z e. lAc;.)t --l dea-s ,L116 ,'LO ,:;t

06 the s quad; U give__,~ ium PJL~stige

anti mah~s them CL bigge,'L rilcm --ll' :the eues o {> th e ,:, quad. 1 .uh. e xo, a 6 te.h ({Ie. (J)i!1 a game, to ;'1.ec.ogluze each membe__,~L c 6 m~{ -6 -ta 6 S, indi vi dua.£iy , by itame., :to th« p,,'leM, T. V. mec'J...o_. It give,s them

an ,{J'lce,u,(__ve cUId mahc,s thvTI u.:ant :te do bc_:t:ts't and I tlUHh :ti~s .cs vv'7.rj, VOLrj irn,lJo ftT,__ftllt.

Ne;v-::_ :thing to has:« Ls pe.opie -to uiau. I tlv~n? th«: U;...-6 I) e·'w JJnpC1,'Uant at c.v:.y i e vel, c,s p ec.lcLt.Cy {lOll coLlege ccache.s .. dw c0'7.e able. to

, , 1 I" I h

!Le.C.JtLUt. 11 fl,-cg II,S Cf,OOK-, UO ~L can

O;U.Gf get ldlat uco. geL The. 1.6t tfung

qou. .".'CUlt :to do i6 .to t/Uj :tile p[aY12/vs togc..tiUUttiw.:t 600tbaU mecLrd art @,!j}ut

let ;to the.m. You v~~aH:t to ;0'Uj ,the

p£.ayefts that a/Le lj).(__£._Ung to pCLy the r-,~J...c.e, and buLCd up to .them; not Hecvs,sa-'r.J1y piaye.'Ls ({~ilh ab~1j :though you (MI1:t abiuty, but piaye.'1_.s (,,'fLo a-'Le l{}--l,m Cfd and .ti10;t b we.ve. --lil yo 'J.''1_ pian. The playe..'L!:, tha_.t WOhR. ctnd6aC/[J.S;'c.e

and d..-0s cJ.pune :them,s uvu, Iwt b ecaus e. uie. want tilern :to bu:t be.caus e ;they /(Jww that il zal~u di.s UpLtlle. .to ({i.tll;

and b e.U[(LS e. th.J2[f U)avLt u)!1Cd tile.u C.CU!

.. ~

:tcche. p.'u:,de ) .. Ie.

Some. playe.,'L.) "mnt to be uke. o.the.'t ,stude.lm, but I dOH ':t V)WLt ptaUe.,'LS l,l)ho wan:t to be lilw oti10t studen .. ts . I

l-vant p£aye.Jts ~,I)iw CU1.e. out :thehe :to If)-tn.

1 U)(U!.t Olle.S ldw :talz.e p.~J._de ~H dO,{__ilg U)UrLO!Lt ,some 06 .the. ,tiung-6 o,ths't

,s-tudel1:0s C0'Le. doing. I 6 11 e do e.6 that

I thbth l'jC'. have a chanc». :to (j)--ln. I tiUl1h as VVUJ ~mpOft.taVl-t to h12eogvJ__iz:e c{i.tIWefGS and get them in the. ba.U gcune., c: do es Vl ':t mcrt:teh rdlat ,s .LZ e. ttl eu ane. on: ceioh .theu a.'Lc.; uc u Hee.d io .. !Lecogluzc. -the pc_op£t w,{__:th abW___ty.

1 :tIunh [JOLt l(,'Wtt -to -tiU_'! the. iec(__de,~d [,,!hc.-tite.'L ;____t;.s tire c~!w:ite.s Oh

lJiCUJUd . (j)('. ne.ed -to .6 e./i :ti1cr~ 0 H WOi1.R.

, ~.

.saC/'U.__£,Lce and d..-0s upLLne is u)e ,6 v:i tile.m

.<.{' I. J. tf + . 1 I d " ,

011 .uVv6 c.\c'~G{__ •• ,a1.- .-LD tney cO bu.,:, tiley

w;n w--ln,' theu I U HO:t oniu (J)in the.u

...... ....,~,

['",.ill le.Cjli1 i C,6,S mtstirM ug i, .e.ate.h uSe, ieS,6Ciu, -tha;t CLYte hand to :teaeh ,L11 -the chunch , l'lome, 0.'1. ,S choo.: lLoom. T{uU wJn become b St:tS'l p'te.pa-'Led :to I!URe. 0. £_LV--l"g in ill aneas oS ,::'~6e, ·SpvJ..tu.o.i, men:tai, ph!:rs.LuJ)'.. 16 we ean de tiw, :the.n (,\;,1 he

,en bus{__llesh. [I)lw~t I s~'outd .uRe .to /sugge_,:,t,

1 s.: 06 c'.i__i:'__, we. hope. .to adapt OU~L ,s lj,steJrJ

to {'dlat :the. playe..'t can do. We have s»

have. a ,6 ystem 0 S 066 e.n·S e and de 6 ens e. (' 6 !'~'ha:t the. p£Wfv'LS can do. We .tAU to ,'le.c_!(_uit p;~ayeJl/:' that go u).-Lth ovA ,sYh-te.m, is [{_;e. den ':t ~j)e f1C.Ue. t.o chanqe. :to some-

,thJ..IIg the. p£o-uu"s can do. Foun. Oh 6ive.

y e.O.}7_,5 age we. cJwllg e. d :toth e l~~.-L6 hbc It e.

b ecc.us e .th CL,t I.S ~dw;t !zJ .. nd 0 6 play eM we. had and I thA./'lR. U pa.Ld 0 6 6 ' M ou: ag a.ti1, is you Mild -the lt1iilnv'L, 6;_nd :thc ,,:)Lac.e.

no.'t iv..m, ge__.t h--lfl1 ,Ln :the. baU gu_me. I I ue.

be.e.n CJl_j;t{ .. zJ..ed by my Olt'H piaUU&S and by o:tite,'1. pe.opEe6oh mov,Ln2 pla.yc/{.s C[.f'-OWld; bu.t ,dl e. VI. :the need eaf'h 60h .f..;t I ,s cmetime--S -fheJtc,s !10 WCU} ahow!d /_t.

AgCUH, Us good to pCLM out cOI1Mdenee to uiaU0'L5 ,to maf::.e th2m neet a pa.rvt 0 S e~'e.f'cYtiuVlg, It,s go 0 d :to ic..t

.til e.m -0 iw./te. (' h -thin,1z ,th qr ,S iw,/'1.e. ill mdv:.ng

0" de.v06,C0I1. TiJ.-U, adds :to tile a-t.tL:tude,

a:,d a go c d [I.;tt;__;tltdc. mC~R.S6 9 co d menace,

1 a.s ,/;:_ my,s e.IUO/-l/J aio:t 06 :the. :time_,:, v;ilat they [vo'J.Cd ui<.e tc do --In ee.u(.~n 6UucI.UO 11S •

I ,flunR. it Ls I)c·-'LY ~,II1,IJO"ua.nt th«: cL'i1evl lJJe ,S tw'L.t ,')he.pa.,'LL!1g 0 uA te.mJ1~I)2. shcut.d ;'wve a plwr 60h e.ve.'tyth.L11g -that

(t~e a.~~e go,Lng t» do. (1)he,l we. iWt'e a

me.e.tZng (t'.Lth ,tile.s quad, c~l(uch I do e.l)ehljdc~y, I don ':t eve.h go ,Li'I unp.'lepa-'1.e.d. I have a pi:'__C01 60.'1. phac:t{_c.e e.VS'LUday. 1 wan:t .c: to be 1/.~eU o/(.Qwuzed b ecau,s e .ct!e Mgh:t agcu.ns,t .'~l1e e\)c,'Lljday. I d60 (I)wd .to have 0_ p.tcm be6o.'1.c p!Lactice. .S 0 [I,:hen I ccLli the. piays'i..-s ,togstiteh, liv'e

CW1 mO_Re home:th.LHg !tappen.

1 :t!t--lI1k ,the mo,st lmpo/L:tcmt ti-ung about c.oae!ung 6ootba-U, wile,'le a head eoac.h Ls co nc.c.,'Ul ed, Ls :tilCi~t ,the .tcJun 11111 me.an.S Ilu;e, II IIUh, II etc. I am vwt

1 g

an rrIII ecach . I! ve. neve-'L ,see_n a g/teat

II I II coach. I meaHzng ,tha.t i1 1" did ti"l-w

curd "In did thar: IS ,t:t~ good, .tilen Us [06, ,the .team, ,tiLe. "~ tao 6, but is ;..-t-s bad,

:theJl i~s me.. Tiw )",S 0 VLe. impcuC!JU

thing about coaching ooo,tbafl. L; Ls my job t» ,S e.e. :tfw-t [j)e. i1CiJJe_ e~ ptan S O/L pflac:tice.; tIw;t we heLl) e. (.~ go 0 d p,'G.'tcUce., and :tILed we. dolt r t 11WJC. a bad ,lJhac.lice.. In l{_!e. 11W)e a bad pfLad{__c_e., I eq)o,£o gi: 12_ 6C/L Lt, becauM! __ I kiWl{} we_ have: good oeemf c, --6 C' it must be me_ :that mM.6 e_d

, ,

up ,6omeJuhe--'Le. --lll the p£avuung.

To be. a go 0 d c.oach., I .tiUJlh. yo u have s» be qcun: uS. You have. t» be.

YOUh Olv'n coach, We aLt have. peri.-60ila--C.--We..S and di6 6 eJLent ideal; 06 0 u--t orrn c~Hd yo u wifl hav« YOU)L 0['011 plan. YouJ'~ plan

U,!OI1! t be lilu m--(He bLa you (1)UC have

a plWI, and you l{}ill be. abLe .to ,sUi

il .to yo u.r~ te.am and .6ta6 S.

In ofLgavu.zcluon, UOU 0./[(2_ 6-tglrt--CHg

agaj__lut lime.. You have to have. a ~}v\eil

o,'Lganizcd pha.WCe. .tc ge.t tiup_g-s done the !Le_QSOn Ls piaue,hvs have mO,'Le :tiuHg--5 on thw mind 11 0 (J; , mohe. than be60fLe.. YOll have. to xai:« :tilem (,ll/un you have

.them b ec.ClU--S e Wrle. J...--s iVl uoiu ed. We.

demand a-tot ox 0 u./:.. phawee HOU:, We.

do .thing!:' )W[1; thed I neve-'t did a -tOilg time ago, bu;t thed wa,s bec_o.Ucs e we didn.1 t /VWlll thcct they (J)e-'Le impo,'Gtan.t to .the. ptaye__!Vs and ouA jJ--'Log,'[wn.

I i1 a weJ_____f o,'[g an-< __ z ed .teas«, ,tit e 6;__''LS t thing you have. .to do .cs fV2C.P £hom

£o.6ii'lg. The.;'[e Me. a-tot mOhe. gwne-s

buna fGht .titan (J"'M1. Tlte-'Le. Ls a g/Le.cd

d{. S i e--'Le.nc e_ in m U 0 l:),{n-te n , --{_.Il u;ivuung tile. 9 rune and bea--ufl9 JS orne.body, and thehe ;____s a g/te.at di6£eAence_ in £o.s,ing

the game and bung be.edeil. We £o--s,t

al.o.t 06 gamM "t'hen ((12. we--'te_ not --'LeaJ:j.Jj beaten and we. (1)011 aJ:.ot (1 (, gro-ne Wile)1

we neue./1_ --'LceLily beed (I_HybodY. So ({.~e.

have to he.ep 6--'tom fev: __ i'9D,G'Ls.t.

I H --tc~c'Ung ab (1 ld P C/I 5 o Hnu, :tile

If)eah.e-~~ yo Uc'L team, rh« mo--'Le. co 11-6 eAva.-tive uou hauc. to be. FOh when you have a

~t\eak te.QilJ and you go OLd and ;t'r.y to

do a fo--t 0 ri thing--s, lih.e thhOU;j__V!g

.the bed£ a le.t; you may be oeo.ten badly. But, i6 ucii a--'Le ({'e.a!<.. and !jOLI_ goo u:t an_ d h. e_e.p PlO iung alo ilg and pi ug gil1g etiCHg UOU have. (I. c.hemc.e .to beat fJomebody.

In o--'Ldc.f7_. .to fuep 6hom ge,Wng b!2c_t, the. 6--i_ks:t :tiUllfj ~t!e have .to UJO--'Lk 011 ;____S the. Ud"J.Jlg game, The p£czc.e .to ht(lfLt

;vs ~{)J.jj1 one O:S the mo--s:t .i.xnpo--'L.twU: POAt,S 06 :th e_ game - Kj__c,!z, - c 6 S --'LUU---lVl, hick - 065 ·::0 veAage, the p[Lnuv,g gwne, e.xtna pcil!,ts

Wed Mud gcaJ:.----s. T1'__;_____ulj:to .thA 'L.ty- 6iuc

p e.!tcent 0 6 r2 v ehy 9 wne dr2a.U ~t!ilh is 0 me

a.S pect C' 6 the hJ.c.!::.illg gcu~le. I:S tiu----s

mudl --urnc Ls invoived in WI «ctuai: gmne, and (ee. oldu ,5 lJe.nd a i__iT,___;t(c_ b--Lt 0 n time

a c..oulJle 01, d~ur~ a weeh, ,men we' ftC.

not: dOj__llg ~Ve_,'[Lf--tJU;'Ig we can :to w{n_. (1)e.

go oue.h C'u--'L Uc.h--i.p __ g ganie e.ve}ujdc~y. We

(1 .. '0 f'-.h 0)1 a-U phas e-s e. v e--'Ly day, (~'~',Uh cxce,lJ--tloH 0 n F,uc/_c"y).

FtOiil tile hJ.c/U'lg gcune ~\.\e go to the de. 6 e_1!,S e . We. _J L'Leld de. 6 e.11---S e , ~v__{__th (' uf~ C' b j e.cti ve b U;'Igto heep --tIle. othc'L --twm nhO III s co -,~til1g • I t: do es 11 ',t mez;t_tc----~~ ,,}flat de.6e.rL--se L:o used, the. cbje.c__J-J___vc J._j to he.ep tiLe. othe,''L te.WfJ 6,'[om h co,~tirlg.

We n cv eh i{!eu,t to gi v e up cu, eccs y

SCO,'Le. We be.et titat is (J)e. cml contiH-

c Ucsly -s:tc p a: team cud llIa.hc. them diU') e. the betU, .then e.VC.il_{_UJilU ti:_c.y'il stop therns iZ.-LVC>S ({,--u!---t c( pe.niliy O--'L bfo.~n,

, 0 + I ' o F ~ ,.L -s-!

QH--tgwneltA-. {1 Uv'2 co.n u{jlJ{_!1cue -'J1e

long ,'LWI oh lOl1g paM .thevl. vv'e! --~e_ dO--lvcg a pa,u C':S 0((--'1. den e.ns e.

Whe.n UC[I_ .t!urlh_ about 30% 06 the. gcune bUIlg f::____{__c.lv.Y.g, and anosne»: la--'Lge % be;~ng ,{__Hl'olved (ci.th de.6eiI-se, the,l qcu. wilt Mild that 4 0 n. 5 big ptay--s (' n 0 cit elI-S e. u)ul U--5Uo..UU decide the gcune. TilLs ;~,s vv~hu

we t,'LyJ to ,sell ou_h peopte. 011 going 700%

Oft evefLu ))i!_atr,' tlLu--cng to ~j)_{__n cn e.vC----'LU

... ~' J...... :J _.

b___.{__c_Ung play, :t-~~yj__:lg .to (J)--{__n 011 eue--'Ly

de!' titS--eve lJlau, (1)c_ have c.. chance: J:o h.e.e.p J"~'m losing, ~IUe--S'~ loe gu p::'JuL:t-Lc----s. TilLs J...--~ the. e.a_,s,le----:o,t wau 6o--'L a de.6 CJ,"S e s»


io,s e. a g(011e. - to g{__ve. up a chea» rJCJ1aUy. 16 [t~e. ean he.e.,(1 6/wm iO-6{__ng u)e gC'~n eovlMde.nc.e {__n aft ev'(_e..cvs 06 OU/L game., and rllo~st imp Ofctan-ti y , we gCJln c.onMdcJ1ee_ in

each. O:tite.fL nUl.! Ls impo/Ltcou J.jT a -te_am

S e. CUll 9 that titey, as a te.a)1l / C.CUl ,-5 t» r) the. Oti1C/L :te.Wl1.

One CULec.: -that J .. /j impoAtwu a5 you ,t'uj' to hee.p ()Jwm -C06{__V!_g ;"',) tiu t-lme

ju_,st be"Soile a hUn. It-5 {__mpo,~ctant to hel) C( te.(.(_1J1 6,torn ~5 CD,Ullg j u6 t be. S o.-'1.e the

Iw_,t':5. I'"ICCHU g(l)ne-s have been tUfu1ed CC'l.O und

j!"v5~t oe60,'1.e ti12. haL;. Tl-J~5 U!ile d

the gwne -05 v c/1..y{_m,)~o~'Ltcua b eeaL/.S e ~

:teCUM gain c.o It Sid e. IlCe. and me me.;uui11 r (md once the. mome.lawn :tUJ'LiLS to the C:thC-l te~m5 SW)O--t ~ u ita'Ld tc heep t_hillg,5 unae./t conVW-L.

06 11 e.1,-"5~tvellj / the. La.-s.t thA Hg (-I)e.

WO!i . .h Oit -05 OSSe.I1.--5e.; the 'S{"'ust tJUi1g we ,r)c~nt s» do Ls give ou--t ,rJJ!_ccye","5

M:metiuJ1g the.1} cw, do. TIlLs may i!~vo-e.ve.

t ~, , ~ tit .

Cf(W!g12.--5 {.il 0tbe)'[_,5{.ve ~sc)'leme-s/ OeL / aga-u-t,

we. must 00 wdh (d-ICd OU)L piCU!e.-~v6 do


NC~I) / 0 ilC.e. v)e «s tab_(j_j:'1 OUlL pian, -thrz mO-6t {__mpc,'Ltavu: :tiung to ~St-'L0H to

-the 0 S S e?L5;'ve piaue--~d L~ tile io.c,tticat

they mu,st be. able to gu the bctU cu.t

oS .the. d((nge~ zone. To heep 6~om

.to.-5-lHg, ~d ,'~'e. WI! hee,fJ tile. baLt 0 ut beUOVl_d the. S-l6ty ua.ui L<~jle., al1d ou~t

de,; e.n-6 e eml hoEd :them -to 3 uaruis 0~'L ie.s-:. witi, ;'.0 iorlg ftWl-:' (lA pa.5,S 0:': the otiTeA ,tea,Tn ,'.:ill (wve to put -the. boli Ln

,) 10' " -1-' ' 0 ' ~ + . _,.

p-,--c:y . -tune.-:. be. no he --l.Jle.1j ct'--t.-U 9 tA.- {'J1A_lr

OU'Lte.-'uU.tO~'LI}, emd -dleu (c'1.e. nc.: gO-lng to be. ab.£.e. to dothw-::_ \)0'L0 c 6ten.

The SJ-/L-:.t tiung ~,,'e. want to be ao.£.e .tc do oi6ell.-5j_t'ely Ls to b~ung th«: bali out 6:wm ceh.ind oun. 20 uand -Unc.. It (,ue. Cail do tilat, and -l6 (~"'e. iw\)e. a go 0 d uch_j__/-tg game., (1)e. c.an put tile ot!t01 te.wn bach -tit the. 3 dO({.lil ;:Ol!e. cu,!d we "y.:x.t. be. ;'n goo d -sluqx 6o,t 0 U./L Vle.U 0 S ',1 e.i'l.6j_ ve.

~5 eJr.i 0:' .

The ne.YJt tlung we. [t'W1.t to be: ab.£.e. r» do 0 6 S enoL ,c v e.ty i.s :to rna!? e. c.. bj_g pLay

(fAten :t'e. au the. ba.U cut -tn good Meld pOh-ilio/1 a-tea. 16 l-Ue. c.an mah,e .the D--l9 down re.ClU l{~:Z_ [l)j___(i hc{~!e. a

c!Hulce /o-t -6Uc.ccs-s. I:t Ls e.Ve.'l malle

iii1po~~vtcurt --tha.:t wiuz-I'l (!)e get .the DCJ..tt bl -tile 4 dO:t~i1 zone. l')e.. cfLe abie. :to put

M mu!v~ng O;-t :tic e .6 co }1.e. b 0 and. 1 6 "'_}e.

ceU1 do :tiw.l.! / then 0 uh C.hWIC e..s 0 S (V-lIHU!1g (c'Le. th«: much b e.tie..-'L.

Nc[.l) , 1 do 11' X caAe. ITO/)) rl}e.tt we w'Le. able r» mo ve. the. bew: 6-to rn j_J"side o[_(__.t cwn 2 0, 0 n. how we.tt [t~e mo ve. d j_n the 4 down :::0112.; ;'6 /)._.'e. 6wnble. rh« bc~, th~ol'._.' -lnte-tc.ep;uoH,S, have pe!1aLue..s, on. mLs,-:. W},,) {__gvune.irt-6, u:e. ((_,'(_e HOX gO-lng

to win; I tlunk that we can e__{___{_m_{__ncLte.

the. pe.;wLt{L6 j_6 v)e. [j)O lLlz iuucd enG ugh / cmd UN c.an e.tUn--l!lCurz rno~st 0;5 the. ~umD.-tC-6

and inte.~'Lce.pUOiV5. I uy to ,stAe..S'::',

as 6a.'t a.sS wnbie.-s cc'Le co Hce.-'1.ned, ccc'Uu:f-

,CHg the. bc..li ,c;! tJ1e. CO,Hec..t cVUJi. So me

pe.o p.-te. 6 e.e___( ih«: --l£ a Swnbie -0S gO~L'lg to ha,f) pe.n, ;__;t Vv'-z-tC happ e.n. But I ,s t-U.t

tAl} to -lns.t.-{_i_£_ th_e. co !Lh~e.c.t 6w1damel"tXc:.i.-:' 06 C{{_!-[_hUh1g tJu ba1;~ s G .titcu v;e. can

a \_! cu~d-s o me 06 .the. S urnbie. SLtUat-LO IvS •

Once (,)12_ have. -lv~sliUe.d the c.onMden c.e. ;_;-t 0 un. 0 S £ elM e , de. 6 enoL e , and Ric.Ring g ((me / th« IUX.t j_mpo~rtma ,s -tep i.5 ge~tUHg the.m ''Leady to p.-tay on gO.me.

dCLU. I'm not PO,S-0uve. on wltcvt d -ta,0.12.-s

:to gu a team --'Leady I bu.t 1 ke.e.p .tftLs .thOllgit-t in ov.nd e.ve.ft.y day. I c.c0C.t to ,t!leJ .. A ctttevt-tco H~I)hat c.o u'cd happe.n 011 game. dau. I c.cu:e. to the.--L-'L cile.ll.uo 11

th e di S 6 e.hCJ1Ce. b eAl' .. ~e. e.n (,(,:;'IHung and io ~S -ll'Ig . I c. eJ..tt to th e__..L.l ute lru C' i1 tha_t rz \_j C--'1. Y -

b 0 du .6 .ta~vt-s e. v e.Vl wil en .til e. ~6 eC~5 0 n ,s t([..IGt6 , thal:. .Some. people. movrz up {md o.tile.IVs

mo I):Z_ dOU)!l, 110 0 It e -6.tay,s the Mone. 1

+, ....J, ~ ...J_ t .Lf ~ ...J.../-o t

---v'Ll.! /1...0 o{.ve ~L!1em ,some--uung --U:' /1...ar2.e

p~'Ilde. ;__~ - pf"vcde. {"s velLY ;__mpo~w(Jl.t in cu a.-'Le.({j I be. d hOU.6i'lg, e.a.t{.;-tg / on. phY,5j_cae. c.ondilj_on. It dc esn' -t mcct.:te.-l hou: good UOU COte. ;'S ~fOll ahe. nat: he.c.(_dU to p-Cay.

Now rue move. j_IUO the ga),l1e. ~{___;t6 elS.

y (1[_~ n1(LS.t hal) e a riCOl 6 0 ~ e. v e/ty mo V:2.me.nt 06 .the. ga,me., e.ve.n ~dlCd ucu' it ,say a6t:2.-t

-the game.. You I'lee.d to brz ab.£.e. .to

c.:'umge. td'icJ1. wtexpeGte.d .tiung,5 happev!.


You mu/:,t arso be t:h/lnung about thc_

nex; gO.mc_ {',.J!lc_n you have the gO.me (J.,'on I tiunung about gdung you/I. geod p£aye/t6 out ,60 they don r;t ge.t hu/c; a:d gzt'ing the. otiu,'[_ plaljeJG6 a cJWJICC_ to gain

,6 orne exp c_;-vi.enee M' ,that ,tIt elj inzg!rt be ab-tt to iutl] uc U ned ~{'ee.h.. Th-0s !letp,s mo,W'c., ~ and mOf'~e ,C-.\ ve.,tlj

impo ,ttc . .r,;t to a team.

A;,otilc/l thing I bzu-eve J:'n ve"t~{

D' '-,-' AI.-'-

,st/wng,,-y ,d p'~Lepo,~,A)lg ,:.,.0 W_,-U1'u,Le;t

(,)e v~~i;l a game I s;J_ do~n, WId 6il',d cut ~t'ilat I coutd do betteh to hetp U-6 WZ!1 OJlC'thell 9 wile and ltiiw,l exa C:-uy I

eo II;t'Lib «ted to -t/lat /:)o,'L--UCLdaA g OJ112..

T' ' J. -,-'" I .s- ..

vlA_j gO C6 JCiL p,tacv~c_e a.~s c; --vcy

to anacue« (tli-ud I did Oh couLd have to con£"t.--i-bu.:te to ilcC-ping ou». te((_rr1 wilL

on Swtu/Lday. I :t'L1j s» -see r__dw:t tile

p£aye!L-S dcd ~l'e-U and ('.~hwt they didn' t do wm, ,s 0 tiw .. t we can be co me a b ette.h -team. And !i_egw'Ld__£__CS,6 C! {) (uile__.the/l UOu win en. io,6e_ uo« u .. ml-t to few'Lv! ,some;tJung. When"1 wa6 fLec/[_[J.i_j-J~ng a (-\.:ho£c_ -tot 1 ",,-::ued t06il douin (lXi.;tJl iLi-gh

j cJ100£ coaches and -LealLn 0.£1. I coutd ywm them. Av:_u-ti-,/J1g I CW1 £.eahll {tom othe_/'~' inop£e. j__s vehY inipoh:tfuu to me; inSo.ct, me,s t 06 l~)itO_.t I 0.1'1.0('-' ob 0 cd 600tbai.__t I Itcu:e J:.ea/uH2.-d5/w,f)] o~theJL peo)Jfe.

,IJ 0(1) thwt we OJ[_e phepa/Lj__ng ro v)in

I th;__nh. d c6 l'ilat irnpolLta./1C.e. s» wNd,on the Wtfe th{_Yl.gl), -6aua_t-Lol-&s U)i1ehe lee ~}XUlt to cctittime. cU-ts and (f..:ile.he. we don't want to CaG( them; oSSe.116iue S{;tu_Cl1:,_{_OIL6 be6o,te the {latS ~'v'hthe UJe hav« to c_on;t,'Lol the. riootbwU. ,ill th~6 e lJ;__;tu_a_t;__o 1M a/LC_ ;__mpc /ctCG1t 0.!1 d we. 11 eeii -to wOlLiz 01'1 a.U the__s 12. £);t-:;:£e. thing,s ill

onden. to be. a good team. I u .. mu ou-t QUwuc_,tbacQ,6 s» kHOW whed -to do and

1):'he.l1 -to do il. 111 dutch lJilUwUOltS,

I ('J(HU them to be abEe. to do what they do oes t, No mwUe'L whcthe-t -they hun, ti-vtav) , 0/1. ,"t.-ead the option, I v,~aVl-t ectch_ ouaJLte/l.bo_cR_ phepcJted to do what he doe__s b e__-j t., in dutch .S j__tuatiC!ll.

I don' -t hecommend the.t you do a .tot c II coac_hiag at Iwlf _;ti-me C! S (I.. game.

16 you' -iLe Ofr_g a;-:__{ __ zed yo u have a ptav!

SOlL ell OCCQ.-S,LOVr.S and -sLtuw-Uop.--s dUf,i,lg a gaj})C_. I I ve -tost 9 cune6 beceu_vs c_ I

-vu td to cilang c all d 0 ut 9 ue6S my,s el6 c:.-t hol __ 6;t_;___;j1e. J'.,k_.sta/zes WId (~dj US ""-:J11en_.ts

,S ho u£ d be POiiUc_d c ut: (ud madr2, b «:

iLO majo-'l chaHge-s vr_eed tel be irw_de. 1

cL~ 0 do not he. CO n'frlel-!d tlLljing to co ach ceo much be6o,,:_e- {( game. AU you .tend

to do ),--,6 conaus c the p-taueAs. You naed

to have IjOUrL p-taH and go OU2.h alILI

.. "'/' C f I" 0d '

ileCe6,.<,ahfj'-I'l/Jlg,6. (JacnCil MWU---l- ,lave

;thu'ltc.anv,<, jewdy WId on /:1112. be__'(_ge 06

go. Q0:e.s,tion-s cow2_d be aJl.6(l)2.-'Lcd ou_:t

iinjo,t cilanges de not pC2.d to be made..

Dw"./JlO a oame hc__c.CG!1iliCH .-L6 (t

big ([6 P eci: ~ P '1_ay e,'Gs 0..1". d co (':Cil06 c:1 __ .{J e

,SilOuid be (f11~'CJeC ob Wil([t JJ6 happel~i)!9 WId

(dIed ad j [1.6 tmcvl_:ts He cod to b c_ niade. Tft-0S

0.--6 pect Ls 0!1'C (' S ,the mcs.; ,(mpO!Ltalu }JQ.-'L-t6 o 6 til 12. c:ctio I-! du,uv:.g th e p,~~c g /Le__J_6 C £ the b((_Ugame.

kl 6C.~'L (vS PC)L60Iu1e-c' Ls c.c;lcc/u12.d,

O!1 o SS evvs e , in tilt Wi-6 Itb O!lC, O':e ~mlu the b ac_,12-s to e1j'_U)aY6 hcve .til UA ,6 WYrC (-tL-i__g Hmel-U. We :''..'anA: the 6ul£back_ to ,tine up and i1..--L-t th_e. .s ame C,'Le as e eacil t--Lme. Ii 12.

hW1---S. Th-L.s C!_.Ld-6 auft badu, e.<,rc_ua.ity

o (__v-':_ Ctuevueh.bac!u in .thu'r. e.xec!_;_;tLo 11

06 tiie. option.

III the u;ing T .til e Ct LWJLt 2_/lb aci2- o .. J1d the pUdl l11a;l (.cohh dO,·I)H -tire une. 16

-tiLe de6 el'[Jsive LLY12- P2.112,v..o.te,s tile qua.~d:2.hbach leas to maQe the ptidl ilWG'Ucd, th..{/j (_((_u--6il1g h/(m to -6{llYrwmes J)1ahe a b-UI1.d

'-,-, I t' " , -, t' i" 0 '?b I

p.{...Lcn. H, ne l1J-l61WOne, (.b ,ne l)U/J. ae2

0,;,_t_b titwt C-'Lec..6e jLt--St !V~9Itt e\.!e.Jr.ytime,

I d . '"I A+ .i: : 'on

t,le e612-!l-0'{_v2. tc.:CJ2-i:.-e ,6 pelll:---f.-U(;UOIM U":---lU

b e6 to F) p?.-d, thus ((__[_£_olf..:.{.ng _til c q U ard: eft ~ back -to be. able to ,S ee ilLs pi.tcJl mal-,

c~nd get tile pach to h} .. J1i and out: ~LH tJ/LO:U C' Shim.

I 6 ucu. J"t.-Wl ,tiu baU (-rcU, the pal)"6~

'{_Hg 9wIIC "-t~ be open aLso. Som12- people

,jay that j__f. !IOU --tun ;the rl)j_jhboHe weU you C.O.H' t P([6,S. I d-0s CI .. g,"t.-ee.. F j__,'L6t 0 {) e..-U, you hav« to be able ,to nun in WI£! oil 6 2.11_.6 2. in ohdel1.to be able to pws,s • Th.u--5, iiS ucu». /W!Hung game ;__'6 going u,)m

Z 1

-th~s opelM up xh .. e p~~,Sj__)1g gc"ne. When

xhey .::,xop aU/I.. fLUI-HUHg game the. de6elMe leaves thern6elvC/.) -t11 a one (Tc one f:J...x~UOH be:tween xhe ltJj__de lLec.Ul'e/L and the de 612..11.-::' _{_ve bac.h. I6 yc u C.CU11 t c.omp£cte a P0..-5l.J OHe on Dlle, ucu' «e. _{_n ;t'Wuble.


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