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All user accounts are protected with a password. You can change your password
at any time, and depending on the settings for your user account, you may have to
change your password periodically; see Changing an Expired Password on

Version 4.9.1

Sourcefire 3D System Administrator Guide


Introduction to the Sourcefire 3D System
Specifying Your User Preferences

Chapter 1

Note that if password strength-checking is enabled, passwords must be at least
eight alphanumeric characters of mixed case and must include at least one
numeric character. Passwords cannot be a word that appears in a dictionary or
include consecutive repeating characters.

IMPORTANT!If you are an LDAP or a RADIUS user, you cannot change your
password through the web interface.

To change your password:

Access:Any 1.In the toolbar, click Preferences.

The User Preferences page appears.

2.Click Change Password.

The Change Password page appears.

3.In the Current Password field, type your current password and click Change.

4.In the New Password and Confirm fields, type your new password.

5.Click Change.

A success message appears on the page when your new password is
accepted by the system.

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