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Requires:DC +

If you use a Defense Center to manage your sensors, you have the option of
running reports remotely from the Defense Center using the data on the sensors.
For example, if you use your Defense Center to manage a 3DSensor with IPS,
and you store IPS data on the sensor in addition to sending it automatically to the
Defense Center, you can run the report on the data that is resident on the sensor.

There are several limitations that you need to keep in mind:

•If you do not store data on the sensor, then the remote report will be empty.

•If your report uses a logo or image file, the logo or image file must exist on
both the Defense Center and the managed sensor where you run the

•You cannot run incident reports remotely on managed 3DSensors with IPS.

•You cannot run remote reports on 3Dx800 or Crossbeam-based software

To run a remote report:

Access:Any Analyst/

1.Select Analysis & Reporting > Report Profiles.

The Report Profiles page appears.

2.Click Create Report Profile.

The Report Designer page appears.

3.Create the report that you want to run on the managed sensor.

See Generating Reports from Event Views on page235 for details.

4.From the drop-down list at the bottom of the page, select the sensor where
you want to run the report and click Run Remote Report.

A prompt appears asking you to confirm that you want to run the report

5.Click OK.

The report is run on the sensor that you selected.

Version 4.9.1

Sourcefire 3D System Administrator Guide


Working with Event Reports
Understanding Report Profiles

Chapter 7

6.In the toolbar, click Reports.

The Reporting page appears, listing the report you just generated on the
managed sensor. Note that r e mo t e - is prepended to the name of the report.

7.You can view or download the remote report as you would with any other
locally generated report.

TIP!You can also use report profiles as the basis for remote reports by
creating a profile as described in Creating a Report Profile on page246. When
you run the report, make sure you select the name of the sensor and click Run
Report Remotely

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