Client: Promotions Title: PRE NAME THAT TUNE 30 Length:10 VTR #: V8161 Date: 9/30/09 Air Date: 10/2/09 Approval Date



VIDEO (Sarah and Megan both get into the car, hang up their costumes and look at one another) (Sarah turns on the radio and looks at Megan) ((SARAH)) READY? ((MEGAN)) READY!


((MEGAN)) DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’! ((SARAH)) THAT’S RIGHT! ((MEGAN)) WHAT ABOUT THIS? (Megan switches to next song.) ((SARAH)) DANCING QUEEN! ((MEGAN)) YOU GOT IT! ((SARAH)) OK, ONE MORE! (Sarah switches to next song) ((MEGAN)) OH I KNOW THIS! I KNOW THIS! IT’S…..IT’S….MATERIAL GIRL! ((SARAH)) I THINK WE’RE READY! FULL SCREEN GRAPHIC Name That Tune Halloween Party Benefiting the Moog School October 29th 6:00-9:00 p.m. The Blue Note Tickets: $40 in advance $50 at the door Call 573-446-1981 or visit The Blue Note Box Office or ((MEGAN)) CAN YOU NAME EVERY SONG ON THE RADIO? ((SARAH)) THEN COME JOIN US FOR THE NAME THAT TUNE HALLOWEEN PARTY ON OCTOBER 29TH BENEFITTING THE MOOG SCHOOL. ((MEGAN)) BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND SEE WHO CAN NAME THE BEST SONGS AND WHO HAS THE BEST COSTUME!

Ticketmaster for tickets Sponsors (include these logos) Columbia Home and Lifestyle Magazine Commerce Bank University of Missouri Children’s Hospital KOMU 8 Cares KPLA

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