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Killing Pickman

Book two

Page one

Panel one: William Zhu sits in his car, a jet black 1969 Mustang. He stares blankly ahead smoking a cigarette. His left elbow rests on the open window, the cigarette dangles between his fingers held just beyond his lips.

His car is parked in front of Herbert West Memorial

hospital ... The hospital where Richard Pickman is recovering.

caption: "You'll have to excuse me for not getting up doctor."

caption 2: "I've been feeling a little bit restrained."

Panel two: His right hand rests on the handle of the Desert Eagle automatic sitting in the passenger seat beside him.

caption: "That was a joke doctor."

caption 2: "Feel free to laugh."

Panel three: Bill takes a drag of his cigarette.

Panel four: A uniformed police officer sits across from the open door of a hospital room.

Pickman(from inside room): It seems you don't appreciate my sense of humor either.

Panel five: close up on the chart resting in its box beside the door. The name clearly reads: Pickman, Richard U.

Panel six: close up of Pickman's crooked smile.

Pickman: It seems I am not very popular with ANY of the staff here at Herbert West Memorial Hospital ...

Page two

Panel one: Overhead view of Richard Pickman in his hospital bed. He is secured to the bed by a series of straps and belts that prevent him from even the slightest movement.

Pickman: Do you know that I am forced to wear a catheter because there is only ONE nurse in this whole damn place who is brave enough to enter this room?

Panel two: Pickman licks his lips.


Pickman: All these tubes ... I can eat solid foods but no one will feed me. If it wasn't for the awful cotton mouth I would actually be flattered that they find me so ... intimidating.

Panel three: The doctor is an attractive woman in her early thirties. She wears an off the rack woman's suit and her hair is up. The fear is apparent in her face.

Pickman can not turn his head to look at her. His head is secured so that he can only look at the ceiling.

Doctor: Mr. Pickman ... do you know why I am here?

Pickman: But of course, my dear. You are here to evaluate my mental facilities to determine in I am indeed "fit" to stand trial. Please, doctor ... pull up a chair and stay a while. I am positively STARVED for human contact.

Panel four: Close-up of Pickman's hand strapped to the frame of the bed.

Pickman: Even the police officers have taken to sitting outside my open door or watching me with video cameras while sitting at the nurse's station.

Panel five: The doctor is frozen as she stares at the man in the bed before her.

Pickman: Tell me doctor ... are you pretty? You certainly sound like an attractive woman ... and your smell is intoxicating.

Panel six: Pickman pinches the tip of his tongue between his front teeth.

Pickman: Never mind that. Perhaps you would prefer to get right down to business. Ask your questions, doctor.

Page three

Panel one: Bill takes a long drag on his cigarette.

Caption: "I will be recording this session for the district attorney's office. To begin ... please state your name."

Panel two: The doctor sits in a chair by the window. There is a video camera set up beside her.

Pickman: Hmmmm. Now would you want my Christian name or the one I currently go by?

Panel three: Bill still sitting in his car holds the Desert Eagle up before his eyes looking intently at its barrel.


caption: "You mean to say that Richard Pickman is not your real name."

Panel four: Bill flicks the cigarette out of the car window.

caption: "No. Richard Pickman is a little known painter from the early twentieth century whose work I am quite fond of."

caption 2:"1 took his name after I moved to these united states some time ago."

Panel five: Bill slides the clip out of his Desert Eagle.

caption: "what then is your original name?"

Panel six: Close-up of Pickman frowning.

Pickman: Tell me doctor ... have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior?

Page four

Panel one: Bill stares at the first bullet in the clip of his gun.

Caption: liThe news media seem to have latched onto this idea that I sold my soul to the devil."

Caption: "Quite a ridiculous notion really ... as if the human soul had some value."

Panel two: The cop sitting outside Pickman's room checks his watch.

Pickman (from inside room): When a person accepts Christ into their life ... are they in turn selling their soul to the Judeo-Christian God?

Guard: Oh, for fuck's sake.

Panel three: Raimi sleeps behind the nurse's station with his feet propped up on the desk. A older nurse sits beside him reading Vanity Fair.

Panel four: The uniformed officer bangs on the desk to awaken Raimi.

Guard: Raimi, you lazy prick.

Panel five: Raimi snaps awake.

Guard: I'm going on break ... watch the looney toon.


Panel six: Raimi yawns.

Raimi: Sure thing ... because I'm only a gold badge freaking detective. Jesus H. Christ. show up drunk to ONE court

date ...

Page five

Panel one: The doctor sits beside her video camera watching the captive Pickman in awe.

Pickman: If one is willing to sell ones soul to "the devil" ... doesn't he already own it by default?

And IF I had sold my soul to this devil you all speak so highly of ... shouldn't I be an expert at Blues guitar or something?

Panel two: Raimi sits down outside the room.

Pickman(from inside room): Its funny how poorly most people understand the Gospel. I was raised Irish Catholic ... back when that really meant something.

You see ... I am quite a bit older than I look ... quite a bit.

Panel three through five: Close-ups of the various straps and belts that secure Pickman to the bed.

Pickman (panel three): I loved the church as a boy ... loved the ceremony of it all. I still do.

Pickman (panel four): It is because of the church that I understand myself as clearly as I do.

When you live as long as I have you forget so much ...

Pickman (panel five): For instance ... I don't remember if I had any brothers or sisters. I don't remember the faces of my mother and father ...

Doctor: How old are you Mr. Pickman?

Panel six: Pickman smiles from ear to ear.

Pickman: Something else I have forgotten I'm afraid. Where I come from and how old I am have NOTHING to do with WHAT I am.

My nature ... my deeds ... they are defined by the most basic and unavoidable truth of the Christian faith ...

Page six


Panel one: Bill slams the clip back in his gun.

Caption:"In order to be forgiven for your sins you must FEEL guilt for them."

caption 2: "Repentance means NOTHING without guilt."

Panel two: Bill pulls back the slide on his gun, chambering a round.

Caption:"People think that by confessing their sins and saying a few prayers they can atone for all their sins."

caption 2:"They think that all they have to do is say, "I'm sorry." And all is forgiven. Simple as pie."

caption 3:"Most of them don't understand that you actually have to BE sorry in order to be forgiven."

Panel three: overhead shot of Pickman.

Pickman: I came to understand this concept ... that I was going straight to hell when I died ...

and there was nothing I could do about it ... at a very early age and needless to say ...

It had a profound effect on my world view.

You see doctor ... I don't feel guilt ... or compassion. I have no pity.

Panel four: Shot of Bill's empty car.

caption: "I was BORN without these things. I was born without love in my heart."

Panel five: Raimi leans against the wall. Almost asleep.

caption: "Just as Job loved the Lord no matter what suffering was inflicted upon him ... I hate.

caption 2: "I am filled with a hatred for all things ... a desire to inflict pain. A desire to kill."

caption 3: "How can God call himself just ... how can he call himself merciful when he creates a man like me? A man beyond redemption."

Panel six: The doctor rubs her forehead.

Doctor: Mr. Pickman ...


Pickman: Doctor ... please don't interrupt me. It is very rude.

Page seven

Panel one: Raimi shakes himself awake.

Caption: "1 did not sell my soul to the devil. It belonged to him from the moment I began growing in my mother's womb."

caption 2:"In me God created an engine of hatred ... and yet he will punish ME for being the abomination. I am as he made


Panel two: Raimi puts his hands on his knees and looks at the floor.

Raimi: Need some coffee.

Caption:"How many did I kill before she carne to me?"

Panel three: Close-up of the doctor.

Doctor: She?

Panel four: Another close-up of Pickman's crooked smile.

Pickman: My demon goddess.

Panel five: Raimi stands in front of the nurse's station. The nurse behind the desk is still reading her magazine.

Raimi: I'm going to hit the vending machines and grab a coffee. You want anything?

Panel six: The nurse does not look up from her magazine.

Nurse: I want someone to go in there and bash that freak's head into a pulp with a fire extinguisher.

Raimi: I'll see what I can do.

Page eight

Panel one: Raimi puts a dollar bill in the coffee machine.

Caption:"She carne to me."

Panel two: Bill zhu leans against the back of the elevator ... arms braced against the guard rail.

Caption:"Old age shall not take you, nor causes natural. Bolt nor blade can end your life nor executioner's song.


As long as the black heart remains within thy chest, it shall continue beating within thy breast."

Panel three: Close-up of the doctor's legal pad empty and hanging limply from her hand.

Pickman: If it had been mine to offer I would have gladly given her my soul. Instead I pledged my love ... my service.

Panel four: Coffee pours from the coffee machine into a paper cup.

Caption:"I signed my name in blood and was reborn as her son."

Panel five: Close-up of the elevator light coming on.

Caption: "I serve as her avatar."

Panel six: The doors of the elevator begin to open.

Caption:"She has given me long life and power beyond belied."

Caption 2:"1 kill for her ... I feed her with the pain of innocents."

Page nine

Panel one: The doctor turns off her camera.

Doctor: That will be quite enough, Mr. Pickman ... or whatever your name is.

I've heard all I need to hear.

Panel two: The doctor begins to gather her things.

Pickman: Have you formed an opinion on the condition of my mental stability doctor?

Doctor: Just another pseudo-intellectual religious nut with delusions of grandeur.

Panel three: The doctor stands at the foot of Pickman's bed with her arms loaded.

Pickman: You don't really BELIEVE that. Do you?

Panel four: Close-up of the doctor. She is angry and determined not to show fear.

Doctor: I don't know what I believe but that is what I am going to tell the district attorney in my report. I also plan to tell him that you ARE fit to stand trial.


Mr. Pickman, if there is indeed a hell I hope and pray that you roast in it. The sooner the better.

Pickman: Rest assured, Doctor. The day will come when your prayers are answered.

Panel five: The doctor hurries out of Pickman's room into the hospital corridor.

Panel six: she walks right into Bill.

Panel seven: The doctor backs away from Bill.

Doctor: Excuse me, sir.

Panel eight: Bill doesn't acknowledge her.

Page ten .

Panel one: she passes by him.

Panel two: Bill stands in front of Pickman's door.

Panel three: He removes the gun from his shoulder holster.

Panel four: Bill lowers the gun to his side.

Panel five: At the other end of the hall the doctor passes Raimi.

Raimi: Well, if it isn't my favorite shrink, Doctor Katie Bigelow. How's your brother?

Panel six: she doesn't acknowledge him.

Page eleven

Panel one: Raimi calls after the doctor.

Raimi: Well, excuse the fuck out of me.

Panel one: Bill draws back the hammer on the gun at his side.

Panel two: shot of the darkened door of Pickman's room.

Panel three: Raimi sees Bill standing front of the door.

Panel four: Close-up of the gun.

Panel five: Raimi's face is awash with fear.

Raimi: shit.

9 .

Panel six: Bill stands outside the door.

Pickman (from inside): I can smell you, william. You might as well come in.

Panel seven: Raimi puts his hand on Bill's shoulder.

Panel eight: Bill turns to Raimi.

Raimi: Billy ... don't.

Page twelve

Panel one: close up of Bill's hand's as he clasps incense between his palms.

caption: Two months later.

Panel two: He lights it with a burning candle.

Panel three: Close-up of the face of a small statue of General Kwan.

Panel four: Bill holds the incense to in his hands, eyes down in prayer.

Panel five: He places the sticks of incense in front of the General Kwan statue. This is a shrine in his locker similar to the one in the Police station in HARD-BOILED.

Page thirteen

Panel one: Bill is sitting on a bench in the police locker room in full SWAT team armor sans helmet in front of his locker. He is looking down at the Desert Eagle automatic in his hand.

Panel two: Bill stands, eyes down cast.

Panel three: The Chinese symbol for death is sprawl in white across his bulletproof vest. He holds a Desert Eagle in either hand, the shrine behind him.

Page fourteen

Panel one: Establishing shot of an old tenement building

Panel two: Bill and a group of three other SWAT team members climb the dilapidated stairs of the building all wear their helmets except Bill whose gear in now covered by his long trench coat. The SWAT guys carry MP5-K's; Bill has his trusty Desert Eagle drawn.


Panel three: overhead view of them from the top of the stairwell.

Panel four: Bill stands back pressed against the wall on the hinged side of the caged security door of apartment 37B in this shit-hole of a building.

Panel five: His team stands on the other side also pressed against the wall.

Panel six: Bill RAPS on the door with his left hand, search warrant between his thumb and forefinger.

Panel seven: In his right hand his gun is pointed at the floor.

BILL: OPEN UP. It's the POLICE. We have a warrant for the arrest of a Mr. Ken Foree.

Page fifteen

Panel one: The door opens a crack.

From Inside: Lemme see.

Panel two: View of the warrant from the crack in the door

Inside: Gimme a sec ...

Panel three: The door SLAMS.

Panel four: Bill looks to his men.

Bill: Take out the dead bolt.

Panel five: A SWAT guy swings around with a huge twelve-gauge pump shotgun with pistol grip.

Panel six: The door explodes off its hinges with machine gunfire from inside the apartment.

Panel seven: Bill dives away as his team is ripped to shreds by gunfire.

Page sixteen

Panel one: Inside the wreck of an apartment is a make shift porno set and a kitchenette. The room is filthy and a tarp of some kind with questionable stains covers most of the floor. In the center of the room another middle-aged Caucasian man in boxers with Elvis Hair and a Village People mustache pulls an empty clip from an AK-47.


Panel two: An older overweight caucasian man in leather chaps cowers beside a couch with two very young children; a boy and girl in their underwear.

Panel three: Bill crashes though what is left of the inner wooden door. He is hunched over holding his ribs with his left arm.

Panel four: Bill trains the gun in his right hand on Elvis Guy. Bill's nose is bleeding and he has a cut across his left eyebrow.

Panel five: Elvis Guy slams in the clip.

Panel six: Close-up of Bill's eyes

Panel seven: Bill blasts Elvis Guy in the neck nearly taking his head of his shoulders.

Page seventeen

Panel one: A naked skinhead with an uzi pops up from behind the kitchenette counter.

Panel two: Bill whips out his other gun and gives the skinhead both barrels as the Uzi's bullets nail Bill in the chest.

Panel three: Bill SLAMS into a wall so hard it dents the plaster.

Panel four: Bill steadies himself against the wall.

Panel five: Bill lurches forward toward the skinhead.

Panel six: Bill stands over the skinhead.

Panel seven: The skinhead looks up at him barely alive.

Panel eight: Bill empties a clip into the skinhead on the kitchen floor.

Page eighteen

Panel one: Bill steadies himself against the counter and looks over at the children.

Panel two: The girl is crying over the little boy who caught some of the uzi fire.

Panel three: The man in the leather chaps raises his hands in surrender.


Panel four: shot of the little girl SCREAMING tears covering her face.

Panel five: Bill spits blood at the man in the leather chaps' direction.

Panel six: Bill shoots him right between the eyes.

Page nineteen

Panel one: Bill sits on the edge of the tub in his bathroom. Bill's infant son is in a baby bath seat. Bill gently washes his son's hair. The bathroom is decorated with a rubber ducky motif.

BILL: Are you clean yet? It's time for bed, little dragon.

Panel two: In the laundry room Tonya holds up Bill's long coat.

Panel three: She puts her finger through a bullet hole.

Panel four: Bill lifts the baby out of the tub with a towel wrapped around the child. Tonya is standing in the doorway.

TONYA: You were shot.

Panel five: Bill is standing the baby in his arms.

BILL: It was nothing, just a few bruised ribs. Vest did its job.

Page twenty

Page one: Bill puts the baby in his crib. The baby's room is decorated with Chinese dragons. A huge dragon mural snakes across all four walls, chasing its tail.

Panel two: Bill closes the door to the baby's room.

Panel three: Tonya is waiting in the hall arms crossed.

TONYA: Did you go to the hospital at least?

BILL: A paramedic checked me out. I'm fine.

Panel four: They stand still for a beat.

Panel five: Bill rubs the back of his neck.

BILL: You better call the realtor tomorrow. We'll need to sell the house.


TONYA: what?

BILL: In two weeks I will be leaving the N.Y.P.D. for a desk job in Jersey. We're moving.

Panel six: A tear runs down Tonya's check.

Panel seven: Tonya embraces him tightly.

TONYA: Oh, thank God. Thank you Jesus! oh Baby. I love you so much.

BILL: So, I take it you're happy.

Page twenty-one

Panel one: Establishing shot of Tony's Sushi. A tiny sushi place in a suburban strip mall.

CAPTION: "So ... I guess I should thank you."

Panel two: Close-up of Tony's hands putting together a Philadelphia roll.

RAIMI: (from off panel) Don't get me wrong pal of mine. I am gonna miss you like a bastard.

Panel three: Raimi and Bill sit at the sushi bar having saki. They are the only customers in the restaurant. Raimi has a big smile on his face. Bill manages a smirk.

RAIMI: BUT ... I have to, have to, have to fucking thank you for skipping town and leaving a great big opening for yours truly in the New York City murder police.

BILL: You mean to say you WANT to leave the glamorous world of evidence collection and crime scene investigation.

Panel four: Raimi drinks saki directly from the ceramic bottle. He raises an eyebrow as he prepares to take another drag.

RAIMI: Fuck you.

Panel five: Raimi slams the saki bottle on the table.

RAIMI: No more playing David Caruso to a bunch of lab jockeys who are constantly crying because they DON'T get to carry a gun or interrogate suspects like in that stupid fucking show.

Panel six: Bill's smile widens as Raimi ramps into full rant mode. Tony the sushi chef even looks up from his work to marvel at Raimi's freak out.


RAIMI: God, how I hate that fucking show. If I have to hear one more GED community college graduate stand over a dead body making puns while rocking sunglasses IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ... I swear to god I will give a passionate blowjob to my glock nine millimeter.

Panel seven: Bill and Tony laugh hysterically at Raimi. Now finished with his rant, Raimi pours the last few drops of his saki bottle into his mouth.

Panel eight: Raimi puts the bottle down, giving both Tony and Bill and angry look. They have stopped laughing.

TONY: My wife loves that show.

Page twenty-two

Panel one: The cell phone clipped to Raimi's hip rings.

Panel two: Raimi prepares to answer the phone. He shoots Bill and Tony one last pissed off glance as he gets off the stool.

RAIMI: You guys suck.

Panel three: Bill sips his rice wine from the cup. Raimi stands in the background answering the phone.

RAIMI: You got Raimi. what's up.

BILL: (to Tony) So, Tony. How you been?

TONY: Eh, I would complain ... but who wants to hear that shit?

Panel four: Raimi puts his hand on Bill's shoulder. He has a grave look on his face.

RAIMI: I have to go.

BILL: what's up?

RAIMI: Its bad.

BILL: How bad?

RAIMI: The team bagging and tagging all the shit in the Pickman house ... it got messy.

Panel five: Bill looks down at his saki.

Bill: How messy?


Raimi: Murder ... suicide. New kid on the team took a butcher knife to his partner ... hung himself in that fucking basement.

Panel six: Bill shotguns his entire bottle of saki. Rice wine runs down the sides of his face.

Panel seven: He slams the bottle down and whipes his mouth with the back of his hands. Hate permeates in his expression.

BILL: Fuck it. I'll go with you.

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