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101 Madani Pearls

101 Madani Pearls

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Published by Imran Khan

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Published by: Imran Khan on Feb 16, 2011
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he Venerable, Compassionate and the Embodiment of

Nūr, the Noble Prophet has said, “On the

Day of Judgment, there will be no shade except the shade of

the Throne of Allāĥ

. Three [categories of] people will be
in the shade of the Throne.” Upon hearing this He

was asked, “Yā Rasūl-Allāĥ , who will they be?”

The Prophet replied, “The one who relieves

my follower from his predicament; the reviver of my Sunnaĥ;

and the one who extensively reads Durūd upon me.” (Albadūr-

us-Sāfirah Fil-Umūr-il-Ākhiraĥ, pp. 131, adīš. 366)

The Master of the Sons of Adam, the Mercy for Both Worlds,

the Noble Prophet

has stated, “Whosoever

loves my Sunnaĥ, loves me, and whosoever loves me, will be

with me in paradise.” (Mishkāt-ul-Ma ābī , pp. 55, vol. 1, adīš. 175)


101 Madanī Pearls


Sīnā tayrī Sunnat kā Madīnaĥ banay āqā

Jannat may pařausī mujĥay tum apnā banānā

Oh Master , for your Sunnaĥ, May my heart

become an abode

In your proximity in Paradise Grant me a palatial home

Now, here are some Madanī Pearls pertaining to a variety of

subject matters that we deal with daily. Some of the pearls

mentioned will be according to the Sunnaĥ [Prophetic way]

whereas others will be etiquettes and manners based on the

advice of the Saints and Sages

. No act can be declared
as the Sunnaĥ of the Prophet unless it is known for sure as a


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