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1. Salient Features of Project S.No. a. Description Location Project Details Lapa, Septung , Jharlang Village Development Committees (VDC) District, Dhading Zone, Northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal (Close to Tibet Border) Latitude: 280 36¶ 45´ to 280 55¶ 30´ N; Longitude: 830 37¶ 32´ to 830 54¶ 00´ E;


Survey area


Hydrology Name of River Catchment Area Mean Annual Flow Rated Discharge Major Structure Weir Type, Size (L x B x H) Head Race Tunnel(HRT) Power House Tail Race Canal, size (B x H) Power House Installed Capacity Total Design Discharge Power House Dimension (H x L x B) Discharge per unit turbine Type of Turbine Power Plant Rated Net Head Installed Capacity Annual Energy Plant Load Factor (PLF) Power Evacuation Arrangement Transmission Line Length Trishuli River 356 km2 19.72 m3/sec 5.39 m3/sec Concrete Gravity Type, (36m x 18m x 6m) Length 6.12 km Underground (4.0 x 3.5) m 3 x 14.67 MW 16.17 m3/s (33 x 25 x 25) m 5.39 m3/s Vertical Francis 259.20 m 44 MW 209.83 Gwh 54.43% 132 kV Single Circuit 24 km





2. Information Available: Only salient feature of the project is available with us.

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close to the Tibet border)  The project may involve the international issue wit h china/Tibet.  During the feasibility study/DPR. More than Rs. land Accuquisition. 19 Crs per MW (As per available salient Feature of the project)  Project Component is located in high altitude say around more than (7216m or 2200 ft) (msl).  Accurate cost estimate will be prepared during the DPR stage. road.e.3. It required good infrastructure i. Page 2 of 3 . optimization studies will be carried out to find the optimum size of the plant taking into consideration Dam/weir height. R& R issue. environmental aspects. once the detailed quantities are calculated and rate analysis is done. Remarks:  The project is located in very remote area of Dhading region of Nepal (Northwest of Kathmandu. hydrology and geology of the project area.  Project cost is very high i. For construction of the hydro project in this region. bridges.e. common facility etc.

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