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Pre-market call + Long term + Occasional intraday 2. of Blaster/Jackpot calls) + Occasional intraday Abbreviations used in SMS CMP MBP EQ FUT OPT ST LT TGT SL BPP BFP = = = = = = = = = = = Current Market Price Maximum Buy Price Equity market Future market Options market Short term (around 7 days) Long term (around 15-30 days) Target price Stop loss Book Partial Profit Book Full Profit Other important points 1. Apply strict stop loss whenever you trade 7. MOSL .co. KRC always uses the term ³buy at or around´ or ³buy at´ which means ³ideal buying price´. NIFTY/Options/BTST calls are occasional 4. BSI or our partner brokers are not responsible for your losses 6. Thank you for registering our 2 days Free Trial! Your BSI customer id is 299005 Please note few important points before receiving the free trial Note the type of calls generally given by our brokers (based on past calls given) 1. you will receive free trial on Monday. Viewing this page means you have read & accepted all our terms & conditions For special offers & subscription plans call on 022-61488300 or write us at support@beststockideas.Due to central government imposing a ban on bulk sms till 1st October. KRC . Do not confuse yourself with CMP as it will never match with the CMP and will always be higher than actual CMP 3. We do not have any refund policy for our paid customers 8. Based on our past history 75% . MBP call from MOSL is ideally a long term call 2.Pre-market call + Short term ( .90% of the calls move in the positive direction (may or may not reach the target) 5.

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