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How to Avoid Over Training in Bodybuilding

How to Avoid Over Training in Bodybuilding

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Published by Bob David
Over training is the no.1 reason for slow muscle gains or even no muscle gains. Discover the real causes behind over training and strategies to overcome them.
Over training is the no.1 reason for slow muscle gains or even no muscle gains. Discover the real causes behind over training and strategies to overcome them.

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Published by: Bob David on Feb 16, 2011
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“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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About Bob David
Hi, my name is Bob David and I started lifting weights when I was 15 years old, after my school exams. When I first joined the gym, like everyone else, I knew nothing about bodybuilding, but I had a clear goal in mind. “To achieve the body like a Pro Bodybuilder”! I followed the advice given by the seniors and trainer there. I was truly dedicated to my diet and training, but after 6 months of hard and intense training I was really disappointed with the results achieved. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I followed the training routines and diet plans as it is, but still I couldn’t make any noticeable changes to my body. And also I lost trust in the senior gym members who were advising me, because they all were training for years and still wasn’t making much gains compared to the time and hard work they have dedicated in the gym. Next was the turn of supplements. I have heard many times that supplements are like magic powders and you can gain exceptional amount of muscle mass in a short period. So I decided to go the supplement way. Since I was a kid, I didn’t had much money to spend on those costly supplements. Still I managed to get creatine and whey protein supplements. To be honest, I gained some energy to lift after consuming those, but the muscle gains I achieved wasn’t of my expectations. Then I realized that I was doing something wrong and decided to “Study Bodybuilding”. I started spending countless hours reading numerous books on bodybuilding and researching. After researching and reading all those, I realized that most of the techniques and diet methods I was using were dead wrong! I felt guilty for wasting years in the gym and tossing with weights. But I was also really excited to put the new techniques into action.

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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And after implementing the Real Scientific Principles, I started to pack on muscles within a short period of time. I gained more muscles in a month than I usually gained in a year before following these techniques. But they were also little bit confusing. So I was forced to spend some more years testing for what works the best for me. So I started testing various diet methods, training techniques and advanced training principles and found out what works the best for me and I’m currently sticking with it. The exact reason to write this eBook is to give you the right information on bodybuilding and save you from wasting years in the gym and money on supplements on your quest to building muscles. I know the importance of time, but I have wasted years tossing with weights, I don’t want this happen to anyone else. You can grab most of my knowledge that I gained from years of learning and experience and can achieve your dream body within the shortest time possible after reading this eBook. So take advantage of it. To Your Success, Bob David

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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Why You Are Not Gaining at least 4lbs of Muscles in a Month?
You love to train and you are highly dedicated to your training and diet. One day you want to look like a top bodybuilder or fitness model. You are training harder than anyone in the gym. Training 5-6 times a week and tried almost every workout routines and supplements recommended in the muscle magazines. But Still No Results! You wonder why you are not gaining any muscle at all even if you are getting the right nutrition. Is this your situation? So here’s my questionHave you ever checked whether you are overtraining or not? Overtraining is the number one cause for slow muscle gains or even no muscle gains for many bodybuilders, especially the beginners. It is very common for an enthusiastic bodybuilder to over train, thinking that high sets and training more frequently gives faster results. But the truth is that, it hinders your muscle gains. You need to avoid overtraining at any cost to gain muscles. If you can avoid overtraining your muscles, then you will be able to pack on pounds of muscle and strength gains in the shortest time possible. You will also be able to eliminate all the symptoms that I’m going to show you shortly. I hope now you are aware of the importance of avoiding overtraining and what you will be achieving if you do it.

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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So in this guide we are going to talk about how to really figure out if you are overtraining or not, the common causes of overtraining and most importantly how to avoid overtraining for faster muscle and strength gains. When I started training with weights, I had no idea about overtraining. I never thought anything like this existed. My goal was to train till I completely get exhausted. I was highly dedicated and want to gain muscles faster than my friends and training partners, so I trained with endless sets and too frequently thinking that I will get bigger and build muscles faster than anyone in the gym. But the results were quite disappointing, I was getting weaker day by day and I couldn’t even see any signs of muscle gains. I felt I was doing something wrong and tried to learn more and more about bodybuilding. Later I discovered that I was overtraining my muscles and that was the real cause why I wasn’t gaining muscle and getting weaker. So from my own experience I can show you that if you over train, you won’t be able to see any serious muscle or strength gains. Are you overtraining? Ok let’s see if you are overtraining or not. Please take a minute to read and examine whether you are seeing any of these signs of overtraining. Signs of overtraining 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Lack of desire to train Loss in strength Loss of appetite Lack of sex drive Insomnia Sore joints and muscles Headaches Elevated morning pulse Page 6

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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Feeling unmotivated Increased susceptibility to diseases Always feeling tired Depression Weight loss Prone to injuries Sudden Inability to complete workouts

These are some of the most common signs to find if you are overtraining or not. If you are, then continue reading to see what causes overtraining and how to avoid them.

Causes of Overtraining
The two simple causes for overtraining are – Training too much and Not getting enough rest. Ok, let’s get into the details now. Training too frequently Basically this mistake is made by many beginners. They think that training the muscles too frequently makes it bigger fast. But what is the real truth? Intense weight training causes microscopic tears in the muscles. So in order for your muscles to recover and grow, it needs to get enough rest and nutrients. But when you are training too frequently, you fail to give enough rest to your muscles, hence they will not be able to recover. Too many sets per muscle group Another common cause for over training! Many people have the tendency to train their muscles, especially chest and arms, with too many sets.

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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I was making the same mistake in my early days. I thought that doing too many sets will help to achieve results faster and always tried to do more sets than my training partners. Wait…..if you are going to show me the workout routines of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I suggest you to also take a look at 6 time Mr.Olympia Dorian Yates and 4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler’s workout routines too… Moreover Arnold was a “gifted” bodybuilder, he had great genetic potential to deal with his heavy volume training. What he done have worked well for him, so he continued doing that. But it may not be the same for many others. Wrong Training Splits I have seen many people talking about different causes of overtraining, but not much about the overtraining caused by doing improper training splits. Do you know that direct training of some muscle groups indirectly results in training of others. For example, when you train chest and shoulders, you are also hitting your triceps muscles. Back training indirectly trains your biceps and forearms. Like wise squats indirectly hit your lower back muscles. So it is very important to implement a proper training split to avoid overtraining. I will show you how to do it at the end of this guide. Not Getting Enough Nutrients It is very important to get the right nutrition to recover from the intense workouts and build muscles. You need to get the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to repair your damaged muscle fibers. Supplements will also greatly help to meet your nutritional requirements. “You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David Page 8

Lack of Sleep How many hours of sleep a bodybuilder really needs? It is another debatable one in bodybuilding. But the fact is that, if you are not getting enough sleep you won’t be able to recover from your workouts faster. While sleeping, your body releases most of the HGH (Human Growth Hormone), which is a critical hormone in the recovery process.

How to Avoid Overtraining
Now you know about the main causes of overtraining. So the “how to avoid overtraining” part is pretty simple and straight forward. Stop Training Too Frequently If you are training 6 times a week and not getting results, stop that first. Give some time for your muscles to recover. It is recommended to not train more than 2 days in a row for a natural lifter. If you need a complete workout program for your level of experience, download “You Too Can Build Muscle” eBook, and yes it’s free! Stop Doing Endless Sets As already said, there is no need of endless workout sets if you are training with high intensity. It is recommended to do no more than 6-8 sets for smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps, deltoids etc. and not more than 10-12 sets for bigger muscles like chest, back, thighs etc. Again if you are looking for a complete muscle building workout routines download my “You Too Can Build Muscle” eBook.

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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Implement Right Training Splits We have already talked about that training of some muscles, indirectly trains others. So the muscle groups which are indirectly trained by another muscle group should never be worked the day before or after that muscle group. For example, triceps should never be trained the day before or after chest or shoulder workouts. So it is recommended to train triceps right after the chest workout to avoid overtraining and for getting the maximum results. Here’s a “basic” sample split: Chest/Triceps Back/Biceps Legs Shoulder/Forearms Get the Right Nutrition Calculate your daily calorie maintenance using Harris-Benedict equation or KatchMcArdle formula, and get 300-500 more calories if your aim is to gain weight. 50% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% from proteins and 20% from good fats. Sources of lean proteins are – Chicken breasts, egg whites, lean meat, fish, protein supplements etc. Your daily carbohydrates intake should come from - Brown rice, whole grain products, oat meal etc And some good sources of “good” or unsaturated fats are – extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, fish oil, EFA supplements etc.

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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Get enough sleep Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. It is already discussed that your body 8 releases most of the Human Growth Hormone during sleep, which is a very critical hormone in the recovery process. If you are unable to get that much sleep, take small naps during the day which will greatly help you to recover. If you follow every steps outlined here, you won’t over train your muscles again. ’t You will see the increase in strength and muscle mass faster than you ever thought possible.

So What’s Next...
If this report was helpful, I highly recommend you to join our “You Too Can Build Muscle” facebook page for more free updates, sample diet and workout routines. Don’t forget to hit the “Like” button and to invite your friends if you find this content valuable. You can also subscribe to my free newsletter at http://www.facebook.com/pages/You-Too-Can-Build Build-Muscle/142359745822716 where I will be sending free muscle building and fat loss tips once or twice a week. If you have any questions or suggestions or just to say a Hi, you ca contact me can anytime at bobdavid@live.com Next it’s time to take ACTION. Knowledge without action is useless! If you need to achieve the body of your dreams, you need to take a Action on everything you learned here. To Your Success

“You Too Can Build Muscle” by Bob David

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