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Relational Numerology In comparing your Expression Number with that of another person, Numerology can describe the social and overall understanding that you can have with this person. The comparison of the Intimate Numbers gives an idea of the chances of understanding in the case of a long-term union or association engaging concrete activities while the Desire Number covers the compatibility of profound aspirations between the two people. Understanding between Claudia Schiffer & Jacques Chirac Intimate number - Characters compatibility 7 and 9 : Quite a positive relationship despite the different characters. The agreement is more favourable to friendship than love. Very good agreement on the intellectual and spiritual level especially if there is an altruistic objective, a shared ideal. It is the energy of the 9 that must dominate and benefit from the openings of the 7 and not the other way around. Less good for achievement. Expression number - Characters compatibility 8 and 1 : Characters who confront each other, but luck in business and possible success with money or shared sports. It works better if the 1 dominates the 8, who will bring {his,her} partner power. An inverse relation would provoke tensions and even problems. Desire number - Characters compatibility 1 and 1 : Difficult agreement. Each one wants to dominate, no-one likes to make concessions (sometimes an electric atmosphere). Opt for constructive competition. Destiny number - Characters compatibility 4 and 2 : A good agreement generally long-term but not many fantasies. A good possibility of working together if each one is positive. Strong points of the relationship It is possible to have an insight into some strong points of your relationship in " mixing " the themes of the two people. So, it is a matter of the overall vibration of the couple, again called composite vibration. We start by adding each of the principal numbers, which are the Expression Number, the Desire Number, the Intimate Number and the Destiny Number (conjunction of the Life Path and Expression Number). The composite vibration of the Expression Number concerns usual behaviour, the composite vibration of the Desire Number concerns the emotional, while the Intimate Number concerns the more concrete activities, the projects or the problems to resolve.

acceptance of too many responsibilities and obligations. This will end up at a classic and refined couple often with a developed sensuality and having a sense of responsibility. music.Relationship strong points Composite vibration 2. Expression number . sometimes difficult to follow and whose life is quite public. the construction of a family (often fertile). family but also association. original. If the 9 came from 18. knowledge. Strong points with mind work (intellectual or spiritual). Not really favourable to an emotional union or marriage in the usual sense because it is more an exchanging of spiritual or intellectual ideas that is favoured. decoration. a tendency to build a relationship on sensual attraction only. vanity and phases of depression. the arts. Understanding between Claudia Schiffer & Jacques Chirac Intimate number . and a union is in view. family affairs. manipulated and lacking initiative.Relationship strong points Composite vibration 9. educational projects. tenderness and imagination. shared research. it is necessary to look out for the profound and real to avoid the risks of breakdown or questioning. the truth and aiding others will have an important place. An excellent vibration for home life. If it works. meditation.Relationship strong points Composite vibration 7. invention or research. saving. Destiny number . Desire number . intellectual friendship. Strong points in all that is associated with the union (marriage. A very open couple. illusions. a nice house and kindness. travelling. contacts with foreigners.Relationship strong points Composite vibration 6. deceptions or financial errors are possible. talents. idealistic. human warmth. .As for the Destiny Number. A couple often romantic but who must be careful of a certain passiveness or daydreaming. On the negative side. leisure activities. it is necessary for the couple to watch out for one of the following problem : a tendency to get mixed up in other peoples affairs. humanitarian or altruistic causes. a tendency to be influenced. co-operation with the outside and diplomacy). culture. A flexible couple with concern. life as a couple. Favourable for all to do with communication. helping others and advice giving activities. culture. the couple will seem a little mysterious to others. Be careful nevertheless of hyper-sensitivity. it concerns the opportunities for success but it's reliability is quite relative. friends. This vibration favours mutual service. Take precautions. If the 7 came from 16. This can lead to a successful union if both are tolerant and share the same sensitivity. Watch out for signs of pride or egoism. shared utopia. reflection. It is very good for a harmonious family life where the beautiful. which isn't always the case. lack of scruples or contempt for others ! In this case the relationship will not withstand. the well-being. aesthetics.

the most delicate Personal Year Numbers or Cycles to put together are : 2-2 2-5 2-7 2-9 4-5 4-11 5-6 6-9 7-8 7-9 The Cycles (and sometimes Personal Years) accompanied by frequent clashes are : 1-8 because both want to command.holding a grudge when hurt emotionally or morally. It is sufficient to compare the Personal Year Numbers of each person as well as the Cycles. Statistically. the season. the sea currents. In this way one partner will be in personal Year Number 4. Another way in which to get an idea of the duration of the partnership consists in comparing the Cycle and the Destiny Numbers (the addition of the Life Path to the . To anticipate the length of the relationship In knowing the value of the Personal Year Number of the two people concerned by the agreement. the tide. 3-4 if the 4 dominates too much and imposes it's rhythm. In consulting the corresponding numbers. 6-8 if the 8 is too hard-hearted. you will have an idea of the state of mind of each one of the partners and like this. the location of the main reefs for a sailor) but cannot give information on extraordinary events happening sometimes in life (for the sailor : a hurricane or meeting an iceberg). this will give 9+1+1990=2000=2 as the Personal Year Number. Numerology only describe the basic vibrations of the life and character of an individual (i. then reducing to the unity. If the other partner was born on the 9th January. If the start of the relationship was in 1990 and you were born on the 7th May. 4-8 if the 4 is too slow.e. this will give 7+5+1990=2002=4. Remember that the Personal Year Number is calculated by adding your day and month of birth to the current year. 4-9 if the 4 is too materialist and the 9 too idealist. These vibrations have a non negligible influence on the length of the agreement even if they can be hidden (to whatever degree) by external eventualities having a superior impact. 6-7 if the 7 is too cold. to know if the vibrations are favourable or not for a long understanding. it is possible to get an idea of the vibrations that are going to influence the state of mind of each of the partners. 4-4 they could be both stubborn. an indication of probable length of the relationship.

understanding. with the possibility of the creation of a home. Cycle compatibility in 2006 Cycle of Claudia Schiffer In cycle 7. A point of view not always compatible with someone living in a number 5 cycle (except perhaps concerning the sensual aspect). This is a favourable year for the creation of a solid. you will understand better how to satisfy {his / her} most secret desires. Not always compatible with someone living in a number 3 cycle and privileging extroversion. The security will be here. love and security. you were born during the year of the Dog. This choice is due to the higher sensibility of Westerner people to their own system of calendar. The general advice that you are given in this text will help you to guide yourself better in reflection that you will do either alone or with your partner. Start year of the relationship 2005 State of mind of Claudia Schiffer Year 4. aesthetic.Expression Number). Here is a description of your erotic behaviour. Also be aware that if the relationship concerns work or a concrete project. State of mind of Jacques Chirac Year 2. Strictly speaking this isn't Numerology but it can give you a new and interesting approach to your erotic behaviour. You will privilege intellectual friendships more than emotional. . An excellent year to seal a relationship or union. long-lasting bond. one is above all attracted by reflection. and calm. Erotic behaviour of Claudia Schiffer Erotic behaviour The horoscope used in China and Thailand functions according to a 12 year cycle. then the compatibility on the level of the Intimate Number becomes more important than the Expression and Desire Numbers. thus. You look for security and have the desire to protect. Be aware: This sign starts the first of January and not in February as the Chinese horoscope. According to this horoscope. observation. Cycle of Jacques Chirac A person in cycle 6 will be more sensitive to the aspect of responsibility. in discovering the intimate personality of the person that you love and desire. to familial and social harmony. Also. love and marriage will have a little less importance during this period.

heaviness. you were born during the year of the Monkey. In general she is a beautiful plant which doesn't shed it's leaves easily. She can get carried away very quickly and totally. In giving and receiving pleasure. The EARTH is the indispensable base. .The female "Dog" is a natural dreamer. otherwise she will rear up. Here is a description of your erotic behaviour. harshness. because her generosity is great too and her need to give and please are some of her great qualities. The negative aspects of an " Earth " personality could be inertia. it is better to wait a bit. the sense of traditions. Moreover. sensitivity. concrete sense. Comparison from the 4 Elements Four elements or seasons exist which are the Earth (Autumn). She can become ferocious (verbally and sometimes physically) and enclose herself in her ivory tower. We can associate schematically specific qualities for each element. He likes to joke. In fact. Love her. the seventh heaven. Otherwise she will have to gently attack the multiple erogenous zones of her partner. and you will see him wake up slowly towards this better world. He knows how to combine moral qualities (kindness. we must be positive in these 4 key sectors seen in the personality. She must love her partner and not have doubts about his thoughts or frankness. solidity. doesn't stop her when the moment comes to devote herself to pleasure. the symbol of fertility. a pessimistic or blinkered vision. affection. In Numerology the Earth corresponds in principle to the number 4. Air (Spring) and Fire (Summer). cleanliness. Sometimes his dreams will take him far away from his surrounding world and his partner. to seduce and to make love. because in spite of appearances her sexuality is distinctly superior to the average. sensuality sometimes mixed with a little shyness) with physical qualities that are a pleasure to see. Her reserve and her discretion make us think that she is timid. The male "Monkey" has an artist's temperament. If he wants to. he gives pleasure because he is talented as well as attentive to the desires of his partner. be hurt in her heart and there is a risk of serious rebellion. If she doesn't have a great sexual desire at that moment. he can be the best. but even more to put into practice. Water (Winter). generosity and seriousness. It will be characterised by the taste for work. The male "Monkey" doesn't try to give pleasure. But above all give him activity because the monkey is curious and will look elsewhere if his attention isn't regularly captivated. His principle tool is his imagination used for numerous activities intellectual as well as erotic. It is the nutritious support. health. we can consider that to be a " complete " person. Erotic behaviour of Jacques Chirac According to this horoscope. respect of ecology. 6 and 8 vibrations. refusing all sexuality during quite a long period. They are as numerous as the scales on a fish. be generous with her. she turns more inward than outward. In the same way that these 4 elements form the essential pillars of natural life. he doesn't sleep anywhere! He must have an alcove with subdued light as well as a quite romantic atmosphere. But one can easily avoid this happening in always showing her the respect and tenderness that she deserves. Her simple modesty which she preserves from the beginning to the end of her life. Each one of these elements has a fundamental role to play to make a " complete cycle ".

But often the Water leaders are passionately fond of dominating or of strangling the Earth people (who form the majority) with taxes. UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THESE 4 ELEMENTS Earth-Earth : Good relationship in the physical and material areas. In reasonable quantity it can generate abundance. but more delicate on the emotional plan. the emotions and kindness. Relationships where everyone's a winner are a positive combination of Air and Fire. The 6 being taken with it's more psychological or spiritual aspects (desire for harmony)rather than physical. confidence. magnetism. It is an indispensable element. The Air carries it's spirit and vitality to the Earth-Water system. In Numerology. contempt.The WATER irrigates the Earth. In the end. relationships. . 3. new ideas and a creative intelligence. It will be characterised by panache. This can help you to understand certain aspects of your relationship better and also improve one or an other of the 4 elements. enthusiasm. charm. It is also necessary to know that we often favour a bit more one of the 4 elements and that the attraction of one element to another follows the natural cycle of the seasons. Fire corresponds in principle to the numbers 1. Desire Number and Life Path) on such a basis. A negative personality of this type means coldness. Intimate Number. For agreement. knowing that a good understanding necessitates a healthy base to each one of these elements. warmth. The combination of Earth and Water qualities brings economic well-being because the two parties complement each other. harmony. In excess it floods the Earth and will erode the soil. beauty. it is sometimes interesting to compare the principle numbers of each partner (Expression Number. the search for spiritual or scientific truth. a sharp sense of justice. 7. In Numerology Air corresponds in general to the number 5. The AIR has the capacity to evaporate Water in favour of it's own distribution over the Earth. order. co-operation. Suspicion is the result of negative Air and Fire. It will be characterised by the sense of organisation. Air will be characterised by morality. hypocritical relationships or relationships for self-interest. 22 and sometimes 1 and 8 (if those people are devoted to managing). The FIRE is the sun which comes to heat the Earth and permit the belief in good conditions. 9 and sometimes 2 vibrations (the sensitivity and human warmth of the 2). In this way Fire is seduced by the stature of the Earth which is attracted by the sense of organisation of the Water which in it's turn admires the creativity of the Air which is attracted by the charm of the Fire. The Fire comes to add the final touch of human warmth and beauty to the Earth-Water-Air system. Quite a poor relationship as far as new ideas and spirituality are concerned. 6 and 11 vibrations and sometimes the number 1 (if the 1 has an individual and innovating mind). originality. passion. logic and intelligence but without creativity (organisation rather than intuition). The corruption is a negative combination of Water and Air. this leads to limitations or a recession. an excessive taste for hierarchy and rules. In Numerology. Water generally corresponds to the vibrations 2.

Water-Air : If there is agreement for a shared project.Earth-Fire : Delicate agreement which takes a long time to master. Air-Air : This is a very strong. It is necessary to avoid the Earth (dominant) becoming lifeless or depreciating the Fire's contribution. The intellectual area is favoured. Water-Fire : We find two opposing element here that often have an explosive relationship. the Air will end up draining the water away. Earth-Water : Harmonious and sensual relationship. Earth-Air : In so far as elements are opposed. sentimental compatibility is reduced. An intellectual friendship is more suitable. It is beautiful to see but sometimes the " fuel " is lacking and in such a case there is a risk of friction. Fire-Fire : Passionate and powerful relationship. In the case of conflict. In principle it is a harmonious relationship in all areas. But in the end it's the Water who dominates. But more frequently. some material or down to earth gaps. A good love or friendship relationship. Be careful of unreasonable passion or a loss of individuality. A common work is possible if you manage to keep a good atmosphere by reciprocal efforts. we understand the necessity for success with a good agreement in working on these 4 centres ! . Both are often too calculating and not altruistic enough to hope to reach a real love. Passion is present as well as communication. If there is good sense the relationship will be excellent. there is an incompatibility here under the form of an incomprehension (different wavelength) or even conflicts or continual clashes. A risk of frustration if the two philosophies are not in harmony. However. very intuitive relationship suitable for developed and sensitive people. Not very interesting due to the constraints. To want to base everything on one of these pillars is a mistake. Delicate. Air-Fire : Excellent compatibility. the energy of these two will be powerful and will profit from a complete cycle. Water-Water : Two accomplices in their activities but a bit dull and boring as far as a love life goes.

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