South Carolina Libraries: “Looking
into the Future”

October 19-21, 2011
Charleston Convention
Charleston, South Carolina
Proposals received by April 29, 2011 will receive full consideration.
Acceptance/rejection notices will be sent in late May 2011. Business meetings
to elect officers should be conducted at the conclusion of each program but
within the allotted time slot. Minutes of the meeting and final report are due
to Executive Secretary in three weeks following the Conference.
Proposer(s) ______________________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
City/Zip: ________________________________________________________________
Bus. Phone: _____________ Home Phone: ________________ FAX: _____________
E-Mail(s): ______________________________________________________________

Presentation Title: ________________________________________________________
Brief promotional description:
________________________________________________________________Presenter(s) if
different from above:__________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________________________
City/Zip: _______________________________________________________________
Business Phone: _____________________FAX:________________________________
E-mail: _________________________________________________________________
Facilitator (if applicable); ____________________Title:_________________________
Sponsoring Unit: _________________________________________________________
Co-Sponsoring: __________________________________________________________
Preferred date for your program (include am or pm)
Target audience:
Acad.____ Public ____ Special ___ General ___Anticipated Attendance______


Format: Interactive/Discussion ____Demonstration_____ Panel ___ Business
Poster Session_____
Audience Set Up: Chairs Only _____ Tables and chairs ______ Other
Equipment Needs: room comes with a podium and microphone.
Extra microphone ______ Wireless microphone ______ LCD projector ___
NOTE: Please bring your own equipment whenever possible. It will save your
Section or Round Table money.

Also, you are responsible for handouts,

including evaluation forms, for your program.
Expenses the section or RT will be covering:
Honorarium Expected: $____________________________________________________
Travel/Housing $_________________________________________________________
Conf. Reg. $_____________________________________________________________

Practicing SC librarians or anyone eligible for membership in SCLA

should pay their own conference registration and hotel. This is specifically
stated in the Program Planning Grants Guidelines. Librarians or others
outside of our field from out of state or speakers within SC who are not
librarians need not pay conference registration. SC practicing librarians
should not expect or ask for an honorarium. Other speakers can be given an
honorarium and/or 1 night hotel, mileage, a meal, and transportation costs.
This is entirely up to the Section or Round Table to offer this to the speaker.

Please send proposals to:
Yvonne Davis, Rogers Library, Francis Marion University
Florence, SC 29501
Fax (843) 661-4682, ydavis@fmarion.edu