" ," ""


Dear Lester ~on~a~

I have not heard from you in over a year and I h~pe y~u

are 8till ~ell and thriving in Iowa city- There seems to be very little connection be tween th e art. wor18 of Italy a.nd the Ui~1 ted ~ toe. tes- However I ~t.111 tbink 'ot

you and am no .. "ri ting to' offer you another gift for the Un! ve:rB'1 ty. collectionThis time it Ls the big POLLOCK mural' that. you. sa", in my entrance hall in '61 street- I lent it to New ttaven for a year ~s tbey had.a. special' place for.it but DO.". it fa no Longe'r on ex:ni bi tion- .... f you. remember 1 t ... as e:bo'wn' at the Mus.eum ·of Aiodern Art in tbat snow of big pa.inting·s.,... ... It is still. in Ne·w. H.aven and it you have big Elhogh place for 1 t you 1 will be delighted to" offer. 1 t to" you ... Tim may actually arrange yourself tor its tranapQrtat10n if you' 8ccept a3 this letter

( i .II] e811 the €Inclosed one can be sent to' mr .t:I.awil ton th e curator)" :s.on ver if Y( dec 1 de agai ne tit please 1 e t inS kno.,._ . I"

Ky collection had a great success at ~he B1ennBle all summer .i.

Venice-I wae given a very beautiful pavillion 'with daylight 11g~~ing all 'from the top and ...L. have never seen t.he pictures' l'!,.k so beautiful ... ·.They .ore no ... famous

in I t.aly and. are going on t.our- . . . ..

This was the f1srt time Italians hHve seen modern art and they etill dont know t.hf!l difference bet"een CUBISM and surr"e8l!:: ..f........~ .

C~.c- ~ ~-.

All best wisbee: ... tfr.. D ~I..·

yourl5 a.incel"cly


P'111 1"" address care of COOKS


I r.


• ,


28~8 St Stefano tenice nov i1

address COOKS venice.·


~ ~ear Lester Longman A'


1 wrote to you several weeks ago regardi.ng a-. gift· I wfl;n·te~

to make to your uni versi ty of my big :Pollock mund- r ou "doubtl·-ees· ·remember it hanging downs-tairs in the entrance ha.l1~ 1 think lOy· sfst .. tili. hazel once took: you to S€B i t- I lent 1 t t.o -Yale :tInfvers1 ty "her·~ t'bey hung 1 t for a long tUne bu t now. th~y..l. are too cl"ovrde-d· for: s-p·ace· aria l. do not ... ri:8h to leave it there any mor-e .... f yQU wi.-ll be .. e.ble· to show it , . .i will be· delighted to g~~e it to iou-· .Will you ple~sa l~t:me· as s~~ri . as possible as 1 must make a decision regar!iing ·its futur-e-· ·it.··os once shown in tb eMus elWl of .u odern ~"'r t . in an exna hi t 1 on. . c r bi g. pa.inti;ngs but

. I do not know if you were "in i"ew· York .at the time·· .. · r- , .. ; .. , .

I eh cwe d my pain.tings in .~en1ce last summer' at the Bd enna'l,e '

ann now th·ey ar e . going eo be shown 1;. various 'other Italian ci titts- -So rar I am. not settled .;3.nd have no palace for tht'Jm but nope ,8Qon.:thlrigs

will clear up- . .

All bast wishee to you



November 29" 1948

Eis;s reBa Gl,.t,&Zorlhe-im c/o Tho~"':las Cook nnd 30n Venic¢.,t Itnl,.

I a;n so~r:; to be late in answering your letter in .,·[-_.j_c> :ron v ory k1 ndly or:fer ue the b i.e; Pol16alr :q,ura.l.. We &re h~ppy to accept nllG. I act l'>-Tlting;

~~~ tt GtJ~r2C: Hamil ton to inform hL"! ..

true delay in repl:7in.;..:; to :you.r letter was caused b~T a corr.b1natlon of circum~t~nces. ;~'e wanted to bt0 sure that we would h$~a & place to exhibit it snd

tb...at the art fa.culty wi,shed ue to acce,pt it" 'l'hen there Vlan f'urtLs!' delay as we took care Of' tho details of holdine t.he ~idw9$ter:c ColloE8 Al"t Confere!!nc.e h~r€l ..

1 am gied to b~&r that 70ur PQint1ne~ ~e bo1ne ·showr. around Ittlly-'tl T am :';P.lrO til1s will ho Lp to

revive an 1~tereet in lnodepn art a~~~ the contomporary Ita11an pa~nters.

;';1 th pleagant racollect Ioria and be st; ydsb~:$ .for s hapvy sojurn in It.aly,.

Slr ... ca-r.:lly ~(ou.rs,

Le~tel"' D. Lon~n, Read of the DOphrt~ant

LDL :-:t:1


~. A
l ~
f ':i.
TEL 29-347 Jlr Virgil Hancher

May 1:4 63

Pr€9ident of the University of Iowa Iowa 01ty


.gear Mr Hancher;

I am writing to you about a matter which troubles ae greatly .. As you are aware in 1946 I made a. gi:ft "to yOur University of a g6cond pa Ln trng by Ja.ckson Po LLonk having ~rev1cusly given you a ~maller one:Th1~ was donE "th:uough Mr Lester Longman .wno WB.:-3 at that time cona eo t ed with your art de~artment. f have rec~~tly been informed that there arE rumours in Iowa to the effect that you are about to shlp ~he large Pollock to 3uth~UJ'8 in London to be soli at auction·lf thi3 is tru~ 1t i8 extr~ rnely unpleasant for me that you should S~ll my giftt when "there ar s 90 many 1m.l9 eWIlS in th.e W01" Ld , wt .. o well lc1

be delighted to own th13 wonderful painting.If y~u no

longer wish to have this IT.ural in you r".lUIl!.X19~1'" t"t'9i ty I must a~k ~O~ to return it to merso that I CF;n have it in my IlI&~UJn here in ienitHlror gi\.'~ it to some oOth-e-r museum in the ~ta~ee/

Hoping to hear from yOl..l a 0 071 ~ l am you r s



......... ' .

. I , ..

. '.~

sofA TE. .



17 ~.ay 1953

r was flul"pri~<9d to heve your lettei' ¢f ~y lit at this par-t Lcul.an tin-,s. fo!.' the U[livarsity of Io~ra h3S j~5t enncunced it:s int~ntion of undertaJdng 2. campaign for fUfld:s !:c Lncr eaee its <:lrt gClllery f.ac.ilitiea. If this £ffort i~ ~8cce$~ful~ our pre~ent collectiQ~ will be dlsplayec ~uch IDOse dU~4~tag~Otl~J than we a~e doing ~t present. and t~~ impetus for tbe ~Ae~tak1ng hda be~n the offer of an enti~e collection to the Unlvarsity, as a p~r~~~r.t gift.

The ::l:e:r~l'"8 of the Art De?a!"tiileut havfi! :assured 100 that the!'..; Is flO e~~"Tation or ~anding t~~ Polloek. to which you refG~, to Suthehyt$~ or to di~pq~ of It in any way.

It has 31way~ h~~p. a ~tt~~ of d~ap distres~ to ~e tha~ we hav~ nct h~ci f~~cl3--or gena~ou5 £riEnU$--tc ~ka ~~ collection mor~ sigi.ific~~t •. T~e~ is a unique oppc~unity in this see~lcn of ~he United Sta~es to l?:!'ov"lci€! an outstanding .art :nlU,.$t;!:t.1Ti:!; tc r~ch an audie:nco tlho ....-o' .. di n.ot oth'9'rwis~ ha.V<:l an o'ppo~tuci ty to flee ~ to know 2nu 'to Sh2f'~ firs't-rate painting. We are hopeful that liE- c_re gcing to m;;!ka a long fOr'wal"a ;'1:t~p in this direction.

r am som-y that yot.\ ha_voa bee!:; distT'02S~~d by thi~ unfounded ru~~~. w~ are as ple3se~ to h~vp. ~h~ F8110ck now ~s ~~~ you ~Ye it tc the Unive~sity in l~S.

Sinc~T'ely YOtlI'$,

V il' ~3i 1 rJ. a.;! nc "her Presicent·

Mis s Fe g,~ ~ ggSfi h.ai [~ Pala3~ Venier d~i Leoni 7 01 S. liE' 9 f,o!'io

VenO!!zia.. ltaii<i

bee: Mr. Seiberling

September b\ 1963

Presldent Virgi I M. Honcher Old Capltcl

Dear Pre~ident Hcnchi::r!

McdborO\Jgh of londo.nt Engfond, is en old end respected ert deder. They ora op-e(1inO a branch in -thh country, In New York, and will be by far the large~t degk:f" in modem ort, In the- PrQl;OS1i of moving they have acquired the Gerson Gallery~ which wes one of the best In New York, and they have also ecqulred galJery

speee whfeh wi!! indod~ CI main gallery 100 feel' long - very lavish for Man hClttan ~

As yoo wi II note from the enc 100ed dlJP!kate of a letter from Spencer Samuels, they havE ecqulred the Jdc::ki'ion Pol tock e$tote Qr have made some joint orrongemenr with Mr$, PoUock for its di~p0'5hlcn and ore pkmnjng e JorgE.: exhrbition of this arl'i~trs. pciintinss for Jonucuy, 1964.

The magnitude of I'ha exhibitkm sholJ Id be such cs to essure attendance by many thousands of people~ I think if wouJd ~ good pubUc ro'ati(,A'ls for the Utliversity to e;,hibit it.s maier work by the orHst. Since many of fhe paintings will ~e loaned, there need be no jmplicatron that O\Ir painHrl{l h fot 501s, and in vtew of Peggy GU9genhelm·s pOStt~on on the 5ubiact" I befiev~ thl& shoeld be our ofndaf stend,

At the: seme time, our painUflg wi 11 QPpear publi-c ly In a large and important exh]bition, sporesored partly by the artlstJs widow, and this; wW be good bcc;:kgfQ(Jnci if ond when we should in the fuhJ1"8 sesk e blJy.e r • N orme t1v I WOJ Id not t~e you r t 1 me w Hh pTob Ie ms re 1 at i ng

to loens from the Cot lectioflt but in view of the farge tbeeretlcel value of thh particular worlc and the clrcurnstcnce of ito:; being coveted by ;h doner, t fee' there shou ld be consldertrtlen of the mgttar by your office.

. "- __ "

Frank Seiberling

Heed, Departmen~ .of Art


September 25, 1963

r: ...... I::: -<::-1- - ..

!..)o! elf) j_.;~~VJ~y e , ,-.0 I ,

Ltbar.:;J1 Arts Schaeffer H 0' I

DeClO:- D-:!on Stu it!

! mo,! t.e cver",cc'IIJtimr.s in feeling that the enclosed

sheu Id be dedt with at the to?, but P~99Y GU9SenhG!!i11 h<;::; rllreorly mwe two ClHemph to recover the larg6 Pollock, The fr~~ident besidee being the o:hief executive offIcer, Is also a Icwyar end would know wheth,:!f tha exhibition of thl!l work with 0 cemmercicl ~stabnshm;;;lrlt might give PeOgy 0111 cdditi~of th.reads of claim.



October 18~ 1963

Pr~sideot Virgil ~. H4ncher Prasidentte Office

Old Capitol ·~iLding

St~te Univer31ty of lows Iowa City. lowlI!I

In re= Letting the Pollock m~ral 3e to New York.

Your fir.t quastien wag; Was the Gugge~hei~ glft of the Pcllcck mur.l aosolute or conditlcTI~lZ

'the 1 et t er.E . ~1.,jii.ft> .

I am attacbins photocopies of tw~ letterij from M1s~ Guggenheim and one by MI. Longman. Cfhes~ v.ra·f~~·Mr. S~ibarli~g1e filea.)

the firet dated October 31 1948t refers to making a gift. the latter tocites that the P~11ock mural was l~nt tb Y$le and wag no long~r

on ub1bf.t1.on. Miu GugganhE!im th~n statu Ul:f.J:,ou_h!ve brig eneih

(si{:) pla.f. foOr ~t you (-Will be daHshteil to otf!r it td you. I!

. ,

The lette~ of H~~ember 11 fr~ M!8~ Guggenbc1m r.cites again that: the picture 1s no lengor -on exhibit at Y~h aDd says .tif you will be ahle to I!Ih~ it 1 will be del1gh~~d tc giva it to, you ."

. .

7h~ third enclosure is a copy of the letter fr~ Mr, Longman dat~ Octcaer 2B~ 1948. accepting the gift.

There ~y hav@ been other correapondcnce paa~iug bet~aen th6 University and Mias Gugg8nh8i~ which might 1odicat~ that there W3$

• ~ondition upon the gift. A s~ar~h haa not reveal~d any action of the finance c~ittee o~ other cGrreepond9nc@ in the 1948-49 academic y~ar relating to th1~ gift. If there 1~ aueh cO~t~ipond~n~e it ~ight have a bearing on whether the gift ~a8 conditional O~ not.

:EI":J:'@_,,:1ru,nt Virgil M. Haneaer O~tfJIbe:t. 17} 1963

Page '1'Wo~

There nu!lr _h.@ ~!&u:ta I!I.b~t the ta:tcls· Q!,&tlWi aUt ..

on:·: t.h~.·\f~~~.··:o·f·.·.~th$ ~l:~~ltid ~9rre.~Jn~~ b~tweiln M~ .. Lo1'lg$8l1 .And Nhs -GuggenhEim .: it·~,appe..aJ:$II··.t.'h.a..t ·M,iiii~ au88eab~ _ •. eonc:erned th..at the Poll-ock· 1l1-uraL b!!-_ .t.h()1fA f,I~re~ In t.he .lett~l'"$ :to Mr .. · LQngman. the l~n.iuaie .ci.·g_ift foP,~. ~ 8tStemat:it tbat'·'·i"f You ,,;iil :be. abh to show itU ·:or '~i:L"y()'U; ha,'V.e. ~ plao{llj -. fo:r It.u. 14.1 t.hongb. 1 wo~.d C8t-tainly

a 't'gua t~ t the .l.an.gll:4u.El: Q f the Si i t i & unc.oD.d~ t~1. 1'. t:l~e::II e p("ov b Imla can b.I! aee.n .:w .~ ~i~a etJoush to. give colQl" ·to an ar~nt that

the gift :w.a.s..·made .o:n c:Cll:d:.l~~Ot.l .. that t,he mural h~ .. '11~ ;1nd that the Vnivaraity b~e a .1!I"Uit~bLe: Fla~ .. t~ .. show it. Lepl. CI'Uppo-rt: fot" slJch an argunent . could ,b~. ~d in Li~~~ _v~ LiU4~l' .131 CClmi .. ·. 307. 39 At!. 2d 894 (1944)., in ~icll. tM . ccar t, II t:..ates. ,. ~ • •. III gift .expre~BE!d to b@ ah~olute may be eu~ do~ to ~ 1.se@r e.tate by eub~equeue prov18ion~ couched .in ·lansua.&~ -c\:eady . iildicating 1nt$nt,. ~d equivillent to a

po!!i"iti\?'!i!· p·(OV'Uion.I" , .. _, .... . ._,. -, ,. - ..... _ .. ~ .. . .. - .... ,.

. PaE;l ~.~ ._t;l.no~~jini ~;he ,1 ce ~:Vil hEl ea . r~l~·t~d .J:O me:. b·Y p r~ fea 8 ot' . 5eibet'~.1ng "Who. :Stay~ t1:tat. ~t.. ~ -t:ini.e. ;0£ tN! .~i ft .the: Poil~ck. pa1ndng:. wa.:a m.aUe~ an~ ~Q,lIiIur~d .fo:!:' qlily . .$l00._Q~.,:SOi ,.tM.t Pol1o~ .~ DO.t ..... vell :kn.nn t~n .,.8 .~OWi ~d. - thilt. Mls_s._Gupen.he.im "'_s .. n:dou. .~ '~e gl,fts .1n o,rder: .... :0·. m:a~. Pol~~clc.·.'lf:woTk .' knOlM.~ .: ·TM:se .facts ~~ah~ 8Q.ed . 9{)!l'IuiL.l ieh.~ ~P9n ~i .•.. B qng~ha~.~ •. .int.e1lt~ ·.RQ'WaY'~i"~· 1· h.e~i~e:· .. t~. ·-c;-~l)' .. 4ns~.r I :ca:n,~ :~~. ycm:r; 'luesti~n. al?out ·:Whether tllG gift.ci.A .. ~Qndl.~,tonal is ttu;t.1. t de.p,e,nds .. UpOll_ ,.,the : in.tel:p~ ta ~i-on. a ~ . th:e la~.9lJ.'.p. ·which ,.if; .. 8rpably .Ambi~ •. My parsoila,\. opinion i$ that. ~h6 gift ·v.tL 'Dot CQ:Ilditional •. bu.t ·e~ q~i:·tion cmt1d b~ ·1:.4-a4d~ .. If ·ther~ ".~ .a. cO::O'd1tiOn.J I do not h3"li"e· ·the. ltlformali:.1on Wh:lch ·1iOuld . enabfe . me ·~o .nave"t'. the .... , .

queu.icn of .Wba·th.s.r. ·,it;.·;",.ii ·Alid '.~~. :b·';ini ._.t:~..... .. ... , ": .. : .

ibvoC*cion ~f Conditi~l G1fts~

Even thouSh Mis:J GuMenheim. ~i3ht €IS tol ish· that th~ gift -wa.1I canditional) the Sn1vero1ty ~1ght still be entit14~ to have an opportun i ty to .compl y wi tb the cond i tion. and to ·s"h01J tM t: i t has C C)QlP 1 h d

w1th the condition~ .

lhe general rul~D as to ~evocatiori Qf conditional 8irt~ i$ set

out in I 54 ~ Vol. 2<) of .Ara.arican Juriapru~e.n.cc~ ...

nconditiond Gifts .... -Ie is well settled that if a ·valirl gift intBT vivos i~ made upon certain con4ieionG. th~ donor may revDke the gift if ~he donee fails to comply uith the ¢onditions or r~fuses to perfo~ them~ and th~

President Virgil M~ Ra~~he~ Octo~ey 17. 1963

Page Three.

~nor may recovB4 the gift or tha v&lu~ the~eo£~ The fact., however, that tp.e donee faU..!, tg._do what t:.h~donor haR*~ and expects of htu, bX %~aaon of the gif!. doe,,,, no.!. .!'Jlr.!~.D~ wS reVocAtL:m. .;2_i ...!..h_! 81 ft. While tha donor ~y ~oka his slit ~t ~y time be£o~e compliance by the opposite. pAtty wttb the ~onditions on which it is delivered~ yet when the rlonee ba8 pa~tially complisd with ·stich 'CoJ:ldltion"·~ the donQT i=1$£UlQt [hen witbd"1"~w his g~ft Vithout g!y1ng t~e donee an o?PQxtunity to coolply fttUt. It :has heen held that So gift of l.aIl:ds. iot" a special put90Se may b'l: r.(lvokfl:4· i.f . .the",fe .l.8 ., ~ .. noncompliance with the condielm18 ~1n.:: t~.··,,gt"f~,:: .. ~d: .: .,. that a gift may be revoked WheTe th~r~ is a ~aserva· ti~ of the right to revok~. ~ 7 ~n [£mpba~ia Adde~]

Woul d there· be. any rJ.!k_ iJl.. sj!;J),s!ipg .the :R! in t in_g .;tQ New 'prj:: 1

". ~

The answer to this questiOt:l. of COUl'I'Je, wolll..;l be there: is a rbk.

and. it m~ght b~ argued that the painting has not bean 8ho~ in compliance with· t~·· cQad"i"iion ... A-pp,:r.ais.al of. thte risk. in· doll.$r5 and ~t8 h very

difficult, _.A, i:!-.:;l!iiit q_,.;e.Lio:Q WO\l.l? be ·.whethe,F ~r. n.~t MiRa .. ~_g8i~1.m. ~s likely ,tq .file, aueh a 8U~t,., . He~. ,l='I!C::.lI!ilt. ~Ol'r~8.p-o.p.de:nce ah:cw.i.iig '·the -p-wbabilit.y of h$r ·filfnt a 81jit. vo.ul.d,· :rutye .t,o .b~ .. , ~ighed: 1£ fihe,· pit;~t:ltins 1a se.nt to He ... :r9r~: ~d. :~$. be,·in..g sbGwn by. the St4.t8, Vnivez:e.:ltY' Q·t·lowa any condition of the: gift ·1s. being'.,~, .. but· ih$~ .de~finua. enY·:· suit in Ne~ YClrl~ WGuld .(:Og·t. t.he l1~iv~rtility6·.· ·.Asains.i· th~se·.~rie~·t:1,v;~:·.·£act~.r~·· I .am. eertafn 'the.re··a.ie bene"iit"s"to- be :·~bt.a·ini;io·by' lendlhg ·t1-o·.'p8:lnt.ing. I canno t say. ~eth~:r· thl2:8E: .ben&fit$ ou.t:-vei~ .tlU! .:ri·sk,.. All I can ,~i!l.y is

. that .smns riH~S- woul d . rnllo1i!!. stm.d;tri.·S the· mi:H!'Ai to· New Y;:t"k," ·ii~ka' .~ic:h aN. pzppably. not present ,he.rG becaua.a· ;it. -.auld be.. 1e·~B· 4;Qnv~leD·t; for M:L.9:!!1 t~-U~get..hftiin t'-e-· borin·s· ·l!Iuit ·iu···loW:--th4Z(:it···wotii"d··b-$_ in New York and

her attorneys 'W9uld l>roh4.bly adviae. h~T that: the .chanca o..£: s~u:E:ess asai[l9 t the 'Dn.ive.u i ty 'WQul d, be 1 e,as ;Ln Iowa .tha..": th.ey· ~1 d be iri· N~w Y~Hk ..

CD:ldr Ene.

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