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Abraham-Hicks Aphorisms by Nigel Normanton

Abraham-Hicks Aphorisms by Nigel Normanton

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Abraham Aphorisms by Nigel Normanton Copyright Nigel Normanton 2004 mail@nigelnormanton.

com +44 113 260 4052 Based on Abraham Quotes – 19th June - 20th October 2004 27 Oct 2004 Your joy remains constant, in refining your desires each day, Ignore everyone else - get their ideas out of the way. Give them a break - only pay attention to how YOU feel, Then your joy is immediate, and your desires become real. 20 Oct 2004 Because Abraham knows that life's eternal, And we see the grand design, However you choose to make your exit, We grieve not one jot, for all is fine. 19 Oct 2004 The basis of life is your freedom to choose, Your only goal, to make joy your choice. With that perfect combination you will never loose So focus on floating your cork, and rejoice. 18 Oct 2004 If a thought makes you feel uncomfortable, It's clearly something that matters, a strong desire. So your work is to simply feel wonderful; about that, Or, in fact, anything that takes you higher. 17 Oct 2004 Take credit for the important part you play In Universal expansion - appreciate yourself today. List your positive aspects, And those of loved ones, with whom you interact. Count all your blessings, align yourself With the absolute adoration that is You - it's a fact. 16 Oct 2004 If it's true, and it is, that when you ask, it's given, Can't you feel the selfish ego's absolute perfection? Source is answering everyone's individual choosing A balanced world, none winning, none losing. 15 Oct 2004 When you get a craving, for anything, for food, or to invest, The way that you feel will tell you what's best. If the impulse is joyous and feels good, then follow it. If it feels bad or uncomfortable, simply don't swallow it!

Is that you discover the way to achieve. It's working for each individual soul. Don't despair. and expect more. or resist. If you did. 10 Oct 2004 There is no condition that you cannot improve. Your emotions tell you which. 9 Oct 2004 Make the very. Even greater appreciation will bring desires galore Satisfaction where you are. 11 Oct 2004 When you reach a peak. With joy as each individual's ultimate goal. Though what's happening now. but an everyday bore! So savour it. The problems you see. for sure.whatever inspires! Abraham's only desire. you see. very best of wherever you be. Are never problems that need to be fixed Simply co-creation opportunities.just switch! . "You're wrong . 13 Oct 2004 Greater stimulation is at desire's very core. and eagerness for more.14 Oct 2004 Abraham doesn't guide your desires. and better. You can paint over any picture you no longer love And create a new image for you to achieve. 8 Oct 2004 For you. here's a quick trick Get happy right now. You allow good. as a teacher. 12 Oct 2004 There is such a tendency to say. and better. 7 Oct 2004 You have your hand on the switch. it gets better. it wouldn't be a peak. That's for you to decide . please believe. if you can't stay there. Only human limitations of what you believe. Whenever you do." But nothing's wrong.I would do things a different way. If you're not feeling good . is wonderful. then savour it. don't freak.

and you lose. 5 Oct 2004 The only reason for life is joy. You'll achieve them when you vibrate higher. though.6th Oct 2004 Take your Inner Being with you. your joy must be lived. Everywhere you go today. Sep 27 2004 Will you thrive. Sep 30 2004 Feel good about what you want. Then observe.before too long you'll see the transformation. To give it. 4th Oct 2004 Your belief is always key. It's true. We've nothing else to prove.it's the greatest gift you have to give. observe. Simply float your cork and let it flow.they're your desires. of course! 2 Oct 2004 Choose what you want . observe. Sep 29 2004 Whatever you choose is right for you. Self-imposed limitations. . is love. Simply survive. find yourself a role model Something you would like to be. Keep watching . Sep 26 2004 There are no limits! Not got enough? It's your call. What you focus on is what you get. It's only All-That-Is that matters And All-That-Is. try getting back on a different one Without the fear. and it's on it's way. 3 Oct 2004 If you do fall off the horse. or simply survive? You choose. You're pinching it off. That's what "Allowing" is all about Then all will be perfect in every way. That’s all. 1 Oct 2004 Selfishly seek your joy . You'll help others if you thrive. and offer the same vibration. you know.

and let it in! Sep 19 2004 Don't talk with friends about what's gone wrong. Just feel good. perfect order . Sep 22 2004 Being happy carries no risk. Positive. Grin. Perfect timing. You can't get it wrong. Some will hate you. You can't loose. laughing. loving. Sep 23 2004 Happiness is the natural state of living. to discover your desire. Just follow your bliss. Others can't help you. today? Without living it. . Some will love you. Sep 18 2004 Choose to feel good. or are you thinking right? Your body knows. They choose. Sep 15 2004 Not getting what you thought you would? Try a daily dose of feeling good! Sep 14 2004 Do you let others affect how you feel? Practice feeling good instead . Sep17 2004 Are you thinking wrong.make manifesting a done deal. Discuss the good .that's where you all belong. If you have suffered. so let it go. giving. how can you give it it away? Sep 24 2004 No struggle is required. though . and eager for more. skipping.that's for sure. How does it feel? Heavy.Sep 25 2004 Are you selfish enough to choose joy. Sep 20 2004 Feeling bad pinches off the flow You know that now. or light? Sep 16 2004 I'm happy where I am.focus on going higher.

How you allow. When you feel good.take the fuel from the fire. dictates what happens now.use your imagination. no more. Sep 10 2004 Your ships are always coming in. For all the good that you'll ever receive. depends on changing your vibration. Sep 9 2004 Remove the resistance and bask in the beauty of your now. Sep 5 2004 How fast it happens. and you'll have no cares. and fly! Sep 6 2004 Do your own thing. Do it all with joy. Sep 2 2004 Don't talk about your problems. It's how happily you are doing it. Feel good fast . Instant change . No fight! Sep 12 2004 It's not what you're doing that brings you happiness. depends on how you vibrate.wow! Sep 7 2004 No need to question what happened. Sep 11 2004 No mysteries. so turn towards the light. Answers come with good vibrations. No need to ask why. Let the pleasure cruise begin. let others do theirs. If things are going wrong. Instantaneous healings are possible . . Simply align to your new desire. ever. only the solutions. no less. And mean it.focus on all that's great.instant manifestation! Sep 3 2004 Milk each moment for every pleasure . jump on board. Well-being abounds. look for what is right.Sep 13 2004 No need to argue . Simply state 'You're right'.

Be playful.' Universe.be happy . not serious . Aug 30 2004 Parents .that's the greatest gift to give. that's all you need to know. be easy .it's only an illusion. how can that possibly be? Focus on exactly why you want it . Nothing else matters . Create the truth that serves you best . Aug 27 2004 The truth that you will live. Carefree or worried. Are you allowing your Source to flow? How to allow the real you.it's no big deal.know that's it's alright.activate your choice. That's what makes you whole. Aug 24 2004 Physical discomfort is just negative emotion. Aug 26 2004 You already know all that you need.Sep 1 2004 Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are.money's not the deal. Thrilled or concerned.you choose how you feel. Logic dictates that it leads to creation.live in the mountains and live by the sea. Stay connected to Source and show how to live. So you are in control. is the one that you voice. Aug 28 2004 He who fears most has the strongest vibration. Let it be what it is .you just plant the seed! Aug 25 2004 Lifelong perfection or physical decline You'll get what you expect. The mind will give you what you want If you treat it with respect. And you have the choice over what you think. Aug 29 2004 Only what you think right now is affecting how you feel. Universe will answer .choose to feel good .don't get uptight! Have fun. Release the resistance . please explain. How you think is what you are When will the lesson be learned? Aug 31 2004 'Both of your desires can be fulfilled . .

unwilling to fail. is what you are planning. Leads physical man to an uncomfortable plight. Not working on goals. Aug 22 2004 Concluding that others are wrong. Know them as they truly are. Endless paths. What everyone wants. Worry or appreciation . blazing a trail. and that is the joy. Aug 20 2004 What you are thinking. of being. not right. But they will choose their own vibration.then we'll get along. Don't try so hard to get the happy life.Aug 23 2004 You want to help your offspring. I get what I want. The Universe yields to both at once. When you know them from afar. imagine . Relax. Only brave pioneers. Simply allowing. 'You go along with what I want . Enjoy holding the vision.which flames are you fanning? Aug 19 2004 Move forward. No kow-towing. or some visualisation. What everyone wants. not getting there. So you allow what you want. I allow what I want. bask. No resistance. You get what you want. Reaching out for the new thought Never been happier. So simply hold them in your best light.and hold that vibration. Aug 17 2004 World Peace. Which may be different from your own. . Don't you worry about my want. not to get anywhere. for each girl and boy. That you miss the happy moments. Even when fully grown. World Peace. with joy. all different.' Wrong! I won't worry about your want. Which sometimes may be easier. Aug 21 2004 Never a crowd. All decisions are perfect. Aug 18 2004 A happy life is a string of happy moments. on life's leading edge.

Is the very best place that you could be.you'll see Though incomplete. It's all affected by your vibration. And the vibrations matched.. reflected. right now! Aug 10 2004 The beasts understand that well-being abounds. For the joy of your interaction Depends on Law of Attraction. And you will never get it done. Aug 12 2004 Just love everyone you meet. You can only ever enjoy it now. unfolding. So if it's lost.Aug 16 2004 What you want and why you want it Is the purest form of your vibration The easiest way to let it in Is to talk about its manifestation. Aug 11 2004 Your life is right now. life is fun. no how... When new desires are hatched. It can only get better If you let it be better. perfectly.no way. You can't go back ." It's been that way since we were born. Aug 9 2004 You cannot be less than you are now. Aug 13 2004 Take heed of The Law of Attraction "That which is like unto itself is drawn. No matter how fleet. If an empire's created. Never satisfied. Not later. not when. You've achieved that vibration. We humans. You will receive to your satisfaction. Everything. or destroyed. right where you stand. You can rebuild that nation. . And pinch off the good that is placed in our hand. Not later. Aug 15 2004 All is well. And accept it with grace as they live off the land. wanting more . can't believe what we've found. not then. however.

wherever it's found. so launch your rockets of desire. taking you higher. Isn't things. . Aug 1 2004 Your world needs no laws. So don't face that reality. or make a single home run. To decide what's best. Well-being abounds . Your position on the meter Dictates your abundance. Aug 5 2004 Negative emotion indicates resistance. or keep you protected. Appreciative thoughts are the ones that count. stop resistant thought. The world is getting better. Before you were taught that's what you create. A 55% average of feeling good. they'll tell you. Source will always answer. if it's not where you want to be.Aug 7 2004 You were taught to face reality. July 30 2004 Unless you pinch off. It's absolutely the amount of joy you feel. Aug 2 2004 Meditate. Face the facts. or money. And there will always be enough. or governments elected. And then you'll start feeling good . Aug 4 2004 How much of your day is happy and glad? How much of your day is frustrated or sad. That vibration is what you've selected. let abundance in. But why face any fact at all.the way you want to be. or stuff. Aug 6 2004 The standard of your success in life. Face reality. So your thoughts can get better each day.the truth you want to see. Unless you want it to be your fate. The thoughts that always win. They don't have instant power. well-being knows no end. will make life a whole lot more fun! Aug 3 2004 Beat the drums of truth . Positive emotion indicates allowance. You don't need to shoot 100%. anyway So there's always the chance to amend.

Don't try to explain why you should It's all wasted effort . Only a path you believe is wrong. It's a fact.and the finish Is as satisfying as you could believe. You're a joyful being. When you truly understand well-being. is always an indication. Only you need align with your desire. Relax. whatever you choose. Jul 26 2004 There are always those who thrive. or justify How you could feel differently. And the processes you need to help you thrive. Jul 25 2004 There is no risk for you. So line up with every idea. and correct your vibration. Enjoy the adventure. Jul 22 2004 No matter what the issue is. and on the way .Jul 29 2004 Negative emotion. You are born with that sense of feeling good. It matters not.just feel good! . Jul 24 2004 You are born knowing all that you need to know To feel good about being alive. Jul 28 2004 As long as you believe in the path you take. In harmonious vibration with your desire. By some other thought. Feel it. Then it's joy at the start. to what others aspire. When others struggle to survive. is for the joy you receive. Will land you in the ditch. Jul 23 2004 Everything you do. Of the contradiction of your desire. You can't get it wrong. It really doesn't matter which. don't try To lay the blame.

If it doesn't feel good. All-That-Is still benefits. Jul 15 2004 Just like the beasts. then it doesn't serve. But it's not for you to do. Is happiness. Was first a vibration. before manifestation. Are you aligning To start receiving? Jul 20 2004 Everything that has ever been. To protect yourself from the "evil source" That never existed to begin with.that's the notion. Joyously watch it unfold. Decide what you want. or not. Law of Attraction runs it all. Freedom from negative emotion. Whether it's fact. of course! Jul16 2004 Feeling your hands in the clay. they say. or at least begin To develop whole bodies of information. Jul 18 2004 By exposing yourself to contrast. And believe that it's real. Freedom from being told just what to do. or real. Life Force will be summoned by your desire. And achieve it. Before you perceive it. define it. . You may suffer illness and deprivation. Let the feeling take hold. Jul 17 2004 As you don't allow the Well-Being in. A sense of Well-Being . it's freedom you want. So you can be what pleases you. and moves higher. So vibrate differently and the "truth" will move. You can't stop wanting What's in question is. or true Should really hold no weight with you. Whether you allow it in. Jul 19 2004 Everything is possible.Jul 21 2004 Every particle of everything Has its own preferences.

To know what you want. Jul 7 2004 Are you in receiving mode? How do you know? If you're feeling good. Whether you're in a receiving mode. Jul 12 2004 You are the creator of your own experience. Something simple you can see. and help yours on it's way. You empathize with peoples' manifestations. Jul 6 2004 Enlightenment is only aligning to the Energy of Source. Jul 10 2004 You literally teach each other your vibrations. we are complete. Or if you locked it off. Jul 11 2004 To understand the hugeness of the Universe. with every beat. until you quell your fear of death. There is much love here.doesn't that makes sense? Lighten up. have fun. Your thoughts direct the Energy. that is real. aligned Which is lending you a helping hand. Jul 13 2004 How can you live. Know it. Bring it back to something you understand. and then you'll find. and laugh and play. Is required. every day. It's only the result of some Energy. including you and me. back up the road. . Until you embrace the idea of life's eternal breath. Just practice feeling good. Life's supposed to be fun . Or the magnitude of all eternity. and feel The adventure that is life. Will make you feel good. is better.Jul 14 2004 Don't be frightened of this place where you stand. for sure. Make more decisions. And receive. No effort or struggle. And understand that death is unreal. Watching wellness. then it's certainly so. Jul 8 2004 Applauding the success of others today. You are Eternal Consciousness. or abundance. as many believe. Empathize with sickness or poverty and you'll be sick or poor. For everything that's true of the Whole Is true of individuals.

But unless the journey feels good. We are focalized Consciousness. The Nonphysical . responding to the vibration. You don't have to go through a pre-defined process. is for the joy you'll achieve. Jul 2 2004 "There will always be turmoil. Jul 1 2004 The reason you want it. into creation. That I'm free. or not at all. carefully choose your fixation. It's not really about a perfect age.fully aligned. To hurry the things you don't want. there will always be war. Inner Being. Jun 30 2004 The focus of your attention. Allow Connection to Source to fulfil your desires. June 28 2004 You can't watch bad things and expect good things to hatch. So be happy with what's in store. God or Angel. It's not possible. of course. The vibrations don't match. Use any excuse to justify your way. June 27 2004 To worry is to use your imagination. or war . So we might just mention. It's about being in a perfect state.whatever your label. Jul 4 2004 The perfect age is when I understand." Two statements both true. Jun 29 2004 Your evolution Is bringing desires to a conclusion. Well-Being. That's as good as it gets. . while reaching for more. activates the same vibration." And "Well being will always abound.And genius is only about being focused. You can decide anytime which part to play. And the speed of it depends How fast the old thoughts end. Personal power is at the heart of it all. it won't be received. is what we've found. and I'm free to create. That you achieve in your asking for a manifestation. Stream. Jul 3 2004 Source Energy.

when you let the Energy flow. You will benefit it most by receiving what you're demanding. Jun 23 2004 Align precisely with your own desire. or a glutton? Jun 20 2004 Choose what feels good to you. If others' desires are your inclination. Jun 22 2004 Work is neither good or bad. and the Universe conspires to take you higher. And those thoughts that you keep practicing Become beliefs. which attracts yet more. and it is given. Any task will be fulfilling. Are you're focused on being a churl. and answer it with deference. Jun 21 2004 It is as easy to create a castle. Don't try to decide what they should do. remove your attention. Jun 25 2004 The Universe doesn't need saving. some will hate you. Nonphysical Energy will rush forth. Raise your vibration and uplift the nation . Jun 24 2004 Ask.you're not affected. high or low. means that whatever is your preference. or expanding. Some will adore you. for sure. as a button. Jun 19 2004 If it's not harmonious.June 26 2004 You think a thought. Stay connected -. you might cause confusion in your vibrations.

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