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Hearsay chart

Hearsay chart

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For example: Say the claimant was fired for calling the manager an "Asshole". At the unemployment hearing, she Ch admits she was angry at him, but says she quietly uttered W the word to herself. Al
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Georgia Hearsay


Three people complained to management when they overheard her. However, none of these witnesses testified at the hearing. So Are Their Statements Hearsay? Answer: It depends. These statements are hearsay to prove she said the word "Asshole" (This is not an issue as she already admitted to it). These statements are not hearsay when used to show it's not what she said but how loudly she said it. In other words, it's non-hearsay to show her motive or intent was for others to hear her. These statements may also be admitted as an excited utterance. Back To Top Hearsay Exceptions Some statements would otherwise be hearsay but the law has carved out an exception for them. Hearsay Exceptions Include: Admissions, Excited Utterances, Statements Against Interest and the facts contained in Business Records. Other exceptions include impeachment and acts falling under the res gestae, See Hearsay Statutes and Case Law Back To Top

Chart Of Non-Hearsay and Hearsay Exceptions (Each Topic May Include Examples, Statutes and Case Law)


Admissions Explain Conduct Show Notice or Knowledge

Business Recor Excited Utteran Impeaching Or 6


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