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WebSphere Administrative Console - LTPA Settings

WebSphere Administrative Console - LTPA Settings

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Published by: zzkiwi on Feb 17, 2011
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W e lco m e pclark e
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WebSphere Administrative Console
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Global security
Global security Global security > LTPA

Guide d Activitie s Se rve rs
A pplic ation s ervers G eneric s ervers J M S Servers Web s ervers C lus ters C lus ter topology

Spe cifie s the Lightwe ight Third Pa rty Authe ntication (LTPA) configuration se ttings. W he n se curity is enable d and any of the se prope rtie s are change d, go to the Glo bal Se curity pane l, locate d unde r Se curity in the le ft navigation m e nu. C lick Apply or O K to validate the change s. The LTPA k e ys are a utom a tica lly ge ne rate d the first tim e tha t you e nable se curity. Afte r you e nable se curity, W e bSphe re Application Se rve r can ge ne rate a ne w se t o f k e ys in two ways. If yo u ne e d to change the password, m a k e the change a nd click O K or Apply to ge ne rate the k e ys. You do not ne e d to click Ge ne rate Ke ys. If yo u do not ne e d to change the password, click Ge ne rate Ke ys. T he ne w se t of k e ys are not use d until the y are save d. C onfiguratio n

Field help For fie ld he lp inform atio se le ct a fie ld labe l o r lis m ark e r whe n the he lp cursor appe ars.

Page help More inform ation about this page

C ore groups Applications R e source s Se curity
G lobal s ec urity SSL Web s ervic es

Ge ne rate Ke ys

Im port k e ys

Ex port Ke ys

General Properties Password ••••••• Confirm password ••••••• Tim e out 120 Ke y file nam e

A dditional Properties Single signon (SSO ) Trust association

Enviro nm e nt Syste m adm inistration Monitoring a nd Tuning Trouble shoo ting Se rvice inte gration UDDI



R e se t

Cance l…/securelogon.d…


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