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Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra


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Published by: Varaha Mihira on Nov 13, 2007
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Ashwini Nakshatra

© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

Ash wini Naksha tr a
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)
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swini nakshatra is the first nakshatra in the zodiac and is situated in the beginning of the sign Aries spanning from 0deg to 13deg 20min Aries. Every entity in the universe is temporal and has to pass through the process of creation, sustenance and dissolution. The zodiac from beginning from Aries to Pisces symbolises this process of evolution and final dissolution. The first set of nine nakshatras among 27 governs the process of creation, Ashwini being the first of them is full of creative impulses. This creative force of the nakshatra manifest in strong creative drive in the native of this nakshatra. Mythologically the nakshatra is ruled by the Ashwini Kumaras, the divine physicians named Dashra and Nasatya. Being divine physicians they are adept in healing, medicine, counselling and all other allied disciplines. They are born from the union of Surya (the Sun) and wife Sanjana, while she was in a hermitage doing penance in the form of horse. Hence the name Ashwini which means, born from a female horse. This makes them adept in horse riding, in many kinds of sports and any activities which require a lot of energy. Being taken birth from Sun, the divine time keeper and protector of righteousness, they are by nature righteous, spiritual and philosophical. The names of the Ashwini Kumaras, Dashra and Nastya imply bringing help and truthfulness respectively and hence the natives of this nakshatra are philanthropic and truthful. Due to their propensity to jump into any kinds of activities, they may be called as hyperactive. Many times, it displays their qualities of initiative, however, at many times it results in failures due to jumping into something without prior evaluation of pros and cons of their action. They are ambitious and has a strong drive to create something on their own such a new thought, attitude, ideology or mundane things like business, enterprise etc. Horse are characterised by nervousness, fidget and always prepared to run and so does the Ashwinis. Astronomically they are two stars, Apha Arietes (Hamal) and Beta-Arietes (Sheratan) which forms a horse head on the sky.

Characteristics Description  Astronomical position: Beta Arietis- 3 starts resembling a Horse Face       
 Meaning: The Twin Horsemen Star of: Healing Symbol : Horse head Deity : Aswini Kumar Gender : Male Quality: Light Guna : Rajas> Rajas> Rajas

Articles o Conveyance o Horse o Profession o Dealing with horses and horse riding o Working in Army o Hunting o Physician o Nursing o Trading o Astrology & Counselling o Poetry & artistic pursuits Body Parts o Knee and Top portion of feet

Key Characteristics  Ayana : Dharma


: Deva

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Ashwini Nakshatra
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

     

Yoni Varna Nadi Rajju Gotra

: Horse : Brahmin : Vata : Pada : Marichi

Vihanga: Bharandhaka


चु चे चो ला
cu ce co lā Key words  Stubborn  Serving, Sacrificing & Social  Humble & Truthful  Jovial & Contented  Active, Enterprising & Ambitious  Clean & Organised  Learned & knowledgeable  Spiritual & god fearing  Philosophical Famous personalities  Celine Dion  Pamela Anderson Lee Nakshatra mantra Gayatri

।ॐ अिििना तेजसा चकुः पाणेन सरििती िीययम् िाचेनदो बलेनदाय दधुिरिनदयम्॥
|om asvinā tejasā dadhurindriyam|| Beeja cakṣuḥ prāṇena sarasvatī vīryam vācendro balendrāya

।ॐ अिििनकुमारभया नमः॥
|om aśvinikumārabhyāṁ namaḥ|| The person born in Ashwini Nakshatra will be scholarly, steady, expert, faithful to duties and an important personage in his family. He will have self-respect and eat little. He will enjoy a high degree of respect and be of medium stature. (Hora Sara) Effect of Padas Following are the effect of the nakshatra on the nature of people born in different pada of the nakshatra  1st pada o Daring o Attracted towards fire o Frugal o Passionate  2nd pada o Religious o Jovial o Money minded  3rd pada o Learned & knowledgeable

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Ashwini Nakshatra
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

o Loves eating o Materialistic o Restless o Logical & Argumentative o Adventurous 4th pada o God fearing o Religious o Loves women’s company o Characteristics o Male Natives

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Ashwini Nakshatra
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

Male Natives
Physical features  Handsome and well proportioned body  Radiance on the face  Large and bright eyes  Broad forehead  Big nose Character and general events  Stubborn: They are extremely stubborn and get their work done quite swiftly even though they appear as very calm and quite. The stubbornness is more predominant in the case of native born during the period when the sun will be transiting his exaltation place in Ashwini and also when the sun will be transiting his debilitation place in Swati. There is a saying that even Yama, the God of Death, cannot change his adamant attitude. Those born in the Ashwini of other months will have stubbornness in a lesser degree.

Sacrificing: He is of sacrificing nature. He shall always remain faithful to those who love him and will not hesitate to sacrifice anything for such persons. Their faithfulness and the helping nature make them a trustworthy friend. Patience: He keeps his patience even at most difficult times or even when he is pushed to the extremes. However, when they lose it sometimes, it becomes a extremely difficult task to soothe them. Counselling: They naturally gifted with counselling abilities. He is a very good advisor to the persons in agony. Afraid of manipulation: Since they are immediately moved by difficult circumstances, agony and misery, they are always ready to extend their helping hand to those who need them. However, there is an inherent fear inside that they could be manipulated. Organised: He takes his own sweet time to do any work. However even though his actions may be slow, it will be well thought. Planning: He will not jump upon any matter without examining pros and corns of each activity he undertakes and is extremely cautious in choosing his activities. Rigid: He is quite rigid in his opinions on anything and do not easily get influenced by other. He always sticks to whatever he has done whether the outcome is positive or negative. God fearing: He is spiritual and a is a firm believer of God, however he does not have any place for ritualism and other religious sentiments. He is broad minded and treats people of all religion equally well. In a way, he can be treated as orthodox, but he doesn’t mind incorporating newer ideas to his beliefs. Finicky: Sometimes he can be extremely finicky about small matters causes’ mental unrest and lack of peace. Unless he solves the matter which is troubling he would be in a desperate mood. Cleanliness: He is always interested in keeping the entire surroundings neat and clean. Frugal: He shall be frugal in the matters of finances; however that does not reduce his expenses, since he spends quite heavily on pomp and show. He tries to fulfil his desires at any cost.

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Ashwini Nakshatra
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

Education & Profession  They are well versed in many forms of art and are inclined towards artistic and literary pursuits.  Period up to his 30th years of age will be full of struggle. He has to face obstacles even for small matters. From the 30th year of age, there will be steady and continuous progress which will continue up to 55 years of age.

Family life  He is quite sincere in his responsibilities towards the family. However, he is subjected to hatred and misunderstanding by his family due to his stubbornness.  He does not get enough affection from his father, however he shall be taken care of and be affectionate towards by his maternal uncle. Most of the time he shall be helped by those who are outside the family circle. There is high possibility of their having more male child than girl child. Normally marriage takes place between 26 to 30 years of age.

  

Female Natives
Physical features  Meena-nayani: Extremely beautiful eyes.  Magnetic look: They capture the attention of people with their looks and appearence. Character and general events  Sweet spoken: She can attract anyone with her sweet speech and get her things done. However, she is of pure heart and good nature and hence she will get many people, who would help her out in need.

Passionate: She is extremely passionate and would have the tendency of having conjugal relations with many. The tendencies would not mean actual sexual encounters, however this can cause internal turmoil of unsatisfied sexual instincts. Traditional: She shall have an amicable behaviour and shall be respectful to everyone, specifically to the elders and preceptors.

Education & Profession  If employed she may either be not interested in the work after 50 years of age and may quit the job or seek voluntary retirement. Thereafter she will devote herself to the welfare of the family.  They shall also be interested in social work and charity and take up such vocation, whenever the circumstances permit. They are good in administration kind of activities and do well as civil servants.

Family life  She shall be quite concerned with the welfare and needs of her children and be quick to respond to such needs.

Normally marriage takes place between the periods of 23 years to 26 years of age. However if the marriage takes place at young age, i.e., before 23 years, they might end up with divorce or separation.

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Ashwini Nakshatra
© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore (2006)

There is high possibility of their having more girl child than male child.

Health  Even though her health will generally be good she will suffer mostly due to anxiety.  She shall be susceptible to fire hazards and hence should be extremely cautious while handling items related to fire. In the modern context this can also translate to motor accidents also.

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