A story of Regeneration

using holistic cell grazing, soil conservation, a water retention system and grass farming.

Prepared for Starfish Enterprises by Irene Lemon, Storyteller. Special Thanks to Elspeth and Richard Belfield and their boys, and to Dr. Michael O’Loughlin, for being the ears to my eyes.

‘We have the potential in the New England for the biggest, grass fed feedlot in Australia’. (Richard)

‘We were drought stricken but I felt rain was coming so I bought 35 beautiful shorthorns…3 days later it rained’. (Elspeth)

‘We don’t see them so we don’t value them…the little people under the ground, microbes and dung beetles…its about giving them what they need…’ (Richard)

‘We have to ask permission…of the all empowering woman who runs this place….mother nature’

‘Holistic grazing is changing the old red grass from producing 1 tiller to 5 and 6’, (Richard).

‘It’s not about following regimented set ideas, it’s about evolving’