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The Christians Are Worshipping the Jews

The Christians Are Worshipping the Jews

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Published by Phishna
A collection of essays exposing the Christian death cultists as Jew worshippers.
A collection of essays exposing the Christian death cultists as Jew worshippers.

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Published by: Phishna on Feb 17, 2011
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The Christians are Worshipping the Jews Christians worship Jesus, their "savior".

What a bad joke, there is no Jesus, just Jews and their power structure. Jesus the Jew reads from the Torah, thus in the mind of Christians authenticating the Jew book of lies:

Christians are actually worshiping Jews, their money and power. What suck ups, dupes, easy marks. It is the stupid Christians, the goy helpers, very useful idiots who are the real problem, they are quite literally Jew whores. The Christians are aiding and abetting the Jews, they are worshiping the parasite that is devouring the planet. We are doomed to Jew totalitarianism, the black boot of Jew fascism stomping on our face forever until we figure out how to get free. The problem is that Christians are completely and total mind lockdown, they can't hear anything outside of the false paradigm they have constructed based on their unwavering belief in the Jew bible.

I call reading and memorizing the Bible spellbinding. If you see this correctly, Christians are helping to create the Apocalypse from their memetic programming, at a subconscious level they are voting for the destruction of the USA all the while claiming to be patriots, you can bet your bank account that the Christians en masse will vote for Sarah Palin. They will keep voting for the perpetrators no matter what, they will never see Sarah Palin or GWB or Obama for what they are, puppets controlled by the same group. Sarah "boobs" Palin has stated she is 100% committed to Israel and wears an Zionist flag and if you point that out to these "nice christians" that won't sway them because at a deep level they can not go against the Jews or Israel of the chosen ones.

They are locked in a duality of conservative vs. liberal not seeing that Obama and Bush are twin evils. Every policy of Obama is exactly the same as GWB but these very stupid and naive conservative Christians think Obama is the antichrist and Bush was ok. The problem with Obama is that he was voted in to change things and didn't, voting for boobs Palin will result also in no change, just a continuation of the Jewish power structure.

This is why we are doomed, it will take a nuclear holocaust, mass genocide, police state, internment camps, to force them out of their programming, but by then it will be to late, we will all be dead. The Christians are the dupes, the marks, patsys in this sad play, they are worshiping a Jewish god while the Jews destroy them. The Jews are laughing all the way to the bank.

Christians are Following Jews into Self Annihilation self-annihilation n. Self-destruction. Loss of selfawareness, as in a mystical state. Worshiping a dead Jew on a cross can not save your soul because Jesus is not real. In fact worshiping Jesus does exactly the opposite of the claim because your soul can not be saved externally. Jesus is the greatest story ever sold, like all marketing campaigns what is claimed and what is real are two different things. You must save yourself, you have to do it, you must become aware of your self. Following Jesus is the path of self annihilation, a downward spiral into confusion, looking for light at the bottom of the Jewish pit. Christian soldier: "I know nothing!"

The positive force is found within, not in some perverted Jewish book. God is within, its your soul, its manifestation is art, music, poetry and stuff like that. Want god? Then find your real self, that which is called your soul is your personal resonance. Warfare is the Jewish way, it is the opposing force to creation, life itself. A Christian is a cog of the Jewish death machine and thus is not the way to salvation but on the highway to hell. A Christian soldier prays to the Jew god and that is why they willingly do they bidding of the Jew-Zionist controlled America. In this propaganda ad which no doubt causes the Christian to have a positive emotional reaction, the real task ahead of you is committing genocide on

Arabs and the power behind you is the Jewish money machine and demented Rabbinic psychopathic thought patterns. It certainly isn't the creator god behind you like the ad implies.

Unfortunately for the Christian soldier, he is not do the creators work, he is doing the destroying for the evil Jew power that controls America. You can not be serving the creator by destroying creation unless you are destroying the destroyers. Right? Just simple logic. The scam works like this: the Jews managed to convince you that they represent god, so when you are told to destroy life you think you are following god, but what you are really doing is following Jews and committing evil, and being part of a death cult. A soldier who reads the Bible will never figure out the scam because the Bible says the Jews are god's chosen. The Jews being extremely clever have trumped the Christian psyche by getting Christians to believe in their superiority.

The Jew god is a war god who destroys creation, that is why Jews are evil, they follow the path of destruction. In order to live they must first destroy life. The Jews are playing this chameleon game of claiming that they represent the good, the light, the creator god while they secretly destroy everything including your soul. Like any parasite, they must remain cloaked so that the masses don't catch on to their game. For instance, the IDF says its the "most moral army in the world" as they shoot children in the head then harvest their organs for profit. The slogan resonates with the believers but the reality negates the ideas the Jews have of themselves. The intense psychopathic behavior of Jews has lead to the professions of Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry. Often Jewish made comedy films poke fun at the Jewish obsession with shrinks. The Jewish state can only exist so long as it keeps attacking its neighbors and residents. Israel is the state of the Jewish mind, continuous warfare and profiteering all the while claiming divinity. A Torah Jew feels good at someone else's expenses. When a Gaza relief ship is attacked and innocents killed, the Jews chest swells in pride. Zionism is another label of deception, Zionism is the political expression of Judaism, the Israeli flag is a big sign that says "Jews only", and the Mossad slogan "By way of deception, thou shalt do war". War and deception is all the parasite knows because they have killed the real god and serve death.

When a Jew or Christian kills he did so because god "commanded" him to do it, because the Bible are the books of the Torah which are war making documents. Do you think a creator god wants you to blow up innocent civilians or is this a war crime by deranged religious lunatics?

Christianity is the double lane expressway into Jewish mental warfare. Christianity was birthed out of Judaism, it is completely connected to the Jewish memes. You can not separate the two. Christians are indoctrinated into this warfare mentality, ready to help "god" win the battle. What Christians can't see is that since the Jewish god is a fiction and what they are really doing is helping the Jews conquer the planet. Jehovah is not a real being, Jehovah is an outpicturing of the Jewish warfare mind. The proudest thing a young Christian can do is join the army and kill those heathen Muslims.

Christianity is a derivative memeplex of Judaism

Christians love to say "obey the law" and are proud of their obedience to the Jewish legal system. Millions of Christian attorneys assist the Jewish dominated legal system in imposing the Torah, Jewish religious law, over a free society. For instance, until recently many states had blue laws. Christians call the loss of these laws a travesty then secretly visit porn sites. The heaviest users of porn are the Mormon counties around Salt Lake City. http://www.boxturtlebulletin.com/2009/02/28/9226 "It turns out that by every measure, the state of Utah is the highest percapital consumer of online porn. The non chosen ones also suffer a tremendous inferiority complex, many Christian cults claim that thy are the true "Israelites", the "lost tribe" or that Jesus was not Jewish. They just don't get it, when a Christian figures out the true nature of the Jews and the origin of their faith, the only way out is to abandon the Judeo-Christian memeplex, but they are so attached to their ego investment that they were right that they bend the Bible into twisted logic pretzels trying to save garbage that should be thrown out of their mind. Many Christians are trying to emulate Jews, they want the money and lifestyle that war profiteering brings. Jesus is the way into the Jew vision of reality, into the Jewish revision of previous myth and history, with Jesus your mind indoctrinated in Jewish words, phrases, memes, doctrines, the Jewish way of thinking, the god of greed itself. Christians, like Jews, are always calculating their "profit". Such thinking is alien to those who

resonate in love and compassion. And why would you want to worship this needy god anyway? How pathetic are people that voluntarily go to church to praise "an almighty God" who uses threats of eternal punishment for non compliance? What kind of almighty being needs continuous praise and devotion by earthlings? Why would any honest, truthful, compassionate, kind person want to go to church and listen to Jewish Bible filth then sing hymns of praise to this god? What can you say about those that do? They are in the process of self annihilation. Christian Preachers are Keeping their Flocks in Complete Darkness Christians are completely mystified and confused unable to see the Jew enemy even during the total destruction of the United States. So bad is the situation all of the Evangelicals support the destroyers, Jews and Israel.

Christians are pathetic whores of Jewish supremacists, complicit in the downfall of the Republic. So blatant is this support there are megachurches and internet organizations

fomenting this treason, loyalty to Israel and her barbaric policies, loyalty to the Neoconservatives butchery. Christianity these days is aligned with murder, racism, torture, illegal weapon use like depleted uranium, exactly the opposite of the New Testament, the phony document in which their religion was formed. notice how the the American flag is displayed backwards

Baffling isn't it? Modern Christianity gives lip service to the Constitution, angered by all of the "liberal policies" of Washington then they dutifully march into church everyday Sunday or Saturday and worship their Jewish god. Washington D.C. is control by Jews, obvious as a heart attack. The politicians on both sides pander slavishly to AIPAC and Jewish money, future presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin try to outdo each other in giving loyalty and support to Jews and Israel. Wall Street Jews have a revolving door policy at the Treasury, the nation is being blatantly looted by tens of trillions of dollars yet Christians can't see or say its the Jews. Jews who are raping America for profit are using Christianity for mind control to keep the sheep passive as they laugh all the way to their Jew banks. Christianity is given tax free status because it is doing the bidding of the Jew controllers, Christianity only exists because it benefits the Jewish

power elite and their goals of looting a nation. Jews are fomenting fascism and the Christians agree "morally bankrupt" and "corrupt" America needs to be controlled. But who installed the Federal Reserve, which caused morals to be loosened as the money was cheapened. Who runs the "liberal" media, Hollywood and the porn industry? Who runs AIPAC, JINSA, SPLC, ADL and all the other numerous organizations who are trying to ban the First Amendment and are fomenting war and say that any dissent against the religion that spawns these wars is hate speech. Who is after your Second Amendment guns? Jews, that's who, and it is obvious and the mind controlled Christians can't see it let alone openly talk about it. Phishna 03 Dec 2010

What Exactly is Faith? What exactly does it mean when someone is in a state of faith? Faith is the state of believing. My friend Bjorn often tells me that faith is the state of not knowing. That is a great insight. Believing means not knowing, for if you know something you don't have to believe it. For instance most people know that 2 + 2 = 4. You don't have to believe since everyone already knows it based on the study of mathematics. When it comes to god, no one knows if god is real so those who say they know it are in a state of faith. If I don't have proof of god neither do you. If you say you do you are a poser as Bill Maher in the movie Religulous says perfectly: "And anyone who tells you they know, they just know what happens when you die, I promise you, you don't. How can I be so sure? Because I don't know, and you do not possess mental powers that I do not." Thus we might conclude from the logic thus far that if something is not generally known then you must believe in it, so long as you have no evidence to back up your faith. Simplifying this logic, a belief is something that cannot be proven. Once you prove something it is no longer and article of faith, it then becomes fact. Christianity, like all religions, have never been proven; that is why Christianity has never become science. It is unlikely that Christianity will ever be proven because it is a religious memeplex, a collection of unproven memes.

What are memes and memeplexes? A meme is a term referring to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another. A memeplex is a set of related memes, a religious memeplex are a set of related but unproven religious memes that strengthen one another. For instance, in the Christian memeplex god is omnipotent and omniscient, yet the most smartest and most powerful being in the Universe can not be seen with the naked eye because god is also invisible. In science every meme must be proven and reproducible, in religion no meme ever has to be proven. Religion constantly creates new unproven memes to "prove" or reinforce older memes that do not face up to logical reasoning. For instance, say a bunch of argumentative cardinals at the Vatican can't agree on what happens to infants that happen to die before being baptized yet have committed no sin, do they go heaven or hell? To heal the schism a new meme, purgatory, is invented. Purgatory is a place between heaven and hell, a solution meme to a bad memeplex. This doesn't mean purgatory is real, it is only a new meme used to reinforce the older memes. If the priests were actually honest and bright, they might have used the schism as proof that the earlier memes were false, but that would mean they would have to get real jobs. Never mind that, belief in Purgatory is mandatory for faithful Catholics. Christians like to pretend their faith is a strength, but it is their greatest weakness in proving their religion. Not one of the Bible memes used to build Christianity have ever been proven, thus even if some are proven correct it is likely the vast majority of memes will stay unproven. Thus

based on probability alone, Christianity, a memeplex of greater than a thousand memes, will likely have a a greater chance of 99.99% of staying false. In other words Christianity has less than .01% chance of being true, rounded off to the nearest decimal it has zero chance of ever being proved correct. But believers insist what they believe is true. When questioned, most Christians use circular logic to defend their faith. Circular logic is faulty logic and not valid, often Christians say the Bible is true based on the claim that the Bible says its true. They are unable to find a logic proof to validate their faith scientifically because of the very nature of how their faith was constructed. Unproved meme one added to unproven meme two and so on makes for an unprovable system of thought. All faiths are constructed this way, they are complex, require study and memorization and have remained unproven even with huge efforts within archeology to prove them correct. For instance, many recent digs have shown that Biblical historical events were completely fabricated. If the Hebrew tribe lost the battle the Rabbis could respin the event into a moral lesson from god or change the outcome to a victory. What is true in religion is true if the propagandist says its true. Such methodology is now being used with the Holocaust, legal enforcement of a memeplex that is not holding up to scientific inquiry. As many commentators have noted, the Holocaust is a new religion used to extort money from the Western world.

Circular reasoning means your belief is based on faulty reasoning and thus has a high probability to be wrong.

Humans are often wrong about their beliefs, even in visible natural phenomenon like the shape of the earth or the trajectory of the planets. Everyone believed in something now proven wrong. What chance do religions have when the faith based memes were constructed from the unseen? So what evidence do Christians have for the existence of Jesus? None! They have absolutely no historical proof for the existence in the miracle man who could walk on water and raise himself from the dead. If such a man really existed you would think that at least one rabbi, scholar, scribe, historian, politician would have at least made a footnote. How do you like that? People base their entire lives on something with no proof. Politicians and their masters love that, if people can be motivated without proof then the government can stage 9112001, say Muslims did it, then send millions to their deaths. How do they get away with it? Faith. They insist you believe that they have the evidence of Saddam's nukes when in fact they can offer no proof. If they had proof why would they fake it? The government say Muslims did 911 except there is absolutely no proof of any Muslim being involved in 911.

Muslims are being carpet bombed based on your faith. Faith as a political weapon works on America because so much of America exists in a state of religious faith. America is gullible primarily because of Christianity, faithful Christians are easily duped into wars. I often hear from my Christian friends that the President wouldn't of been involved in 911 based on their religious indoctrination and public school brainwashing belief in the credibility of the President. Facts don't matter to the faithful and that is why we are fucked. Phishna 11 December 2010

Jews are Waging War on America Judea has declared war on America, they just haven't publicized it yet.

The Jews are waging all out war on America, yet most of America doesn't know it. America, the land of the free and the home of the brave is neither free nor brave, and without a clue. The reason for this is the very nature of this crisis, America is wall to wall Christians, 33,000 denominations all committed to the Jew Bible, and because of this, this belief in Jesus and the Bible, America can't come to grips with reality. So off they go to Jewish controlled airports, sexually assaulted and humiliated by TSA thugs, that is those who are still permitted to fly. Can't buy a car without being checked as a terrorist first, or buy a gun, etc. All of this is being done by Jews just as it is being done to Palestinians, America is the new occupied territory.

Its the same as Israel because Jews control both areas. GWB surrounded by Rabbis

Christian conspiracy theorists say this was "prophecised in the Bible" or that is a New World Order, others say its aliens or shapeshifting lizards. It's anything but what it really is, Jews who follow the code in Jewish books. The Jews are doing exactly what their holy books instruct them to do, that is rule by deceit and create chaos and war for profit, using all of humanity as toilet paper because their "god" commands it. Christians are also following their code, being slaves and sheep, forgiving the Jews as they transgress against them. The Christards just can't figure out that the very people that wrote their holy book did it with the very intent of making them a slave and passive in the face of aggression. This is exactly why you are not allowed to defend yourself, Jews are making the laws that force you into obedience with Jewish will. A Christian can not face the Jew. When confronted with the facts, they make up some round about lie to cover their own weak mindedness that they call faith. They make the absurd statement that Jesus will return and take care of things. They can not confront reality, that they are doomed because of their subordinate position that they themselves have allowed themselves to be emotionally blackmailed. There is no Jesus, never was, no one is going to come and save you. Jesus is the hope dope you accepted into your heart when you subconsciously realized that your life was nothing more than a wage slave to the Jewish monied overlords. Christians that read this will laugh and think I lack faith or that I'm deceived

by the devil. There is no "devil", you have absolutely no proof in the existence of a devil or hell and ridicule me for my lack of belief in your imbecile myth. So strong is the memetic possession, we are in the Apocalypse caused by the very believers who warn us of the end times. Why can't people see that their beliefs are causing this? I hope the unraptured believers are roasted in Chertoff ovens, crying out in agony of why they were foresaken. If you believe in in the Jew savior Jesus you are already dead awaiting your execution by Jew demons. 9112001 was an attack on America by Jews, 911 was an opening salvo of Jewish intent to subjugate and destroy America and her freedoms

Jesus is the Path Straight to Hell Shocked by the title of this post? In a few short sentences I will logically prove that following Jesus leads to hell. First of all, as shown in previous posts on this and other blogs of mine, I clearly show that Jesus was Paul's invented Jewish character inserted into the popular myth of his day Mithraism. Jesus is the Jew Zeus so to speak. Whether there was an actual historical Jesus is not being debated here, the god like Jesus is an invented character so that Jews could psychically overcome the Roman occupation of Judea. So if Jesus doesn't really exist what exactly are those Christians actually doing when they go to Sunday church and sing praises to the fictional Jewish god? They are in actuality worshiping the Jews. There has been a huge metaphysical understanding that has been dawning on me recently, if Jesus is myth then where is all that worship (whore)ship energy going? Since the Jews are evil practically beyond description, Jew worship would be a path straight to hell because you would be giving your personal power and energy to the Jews. So its not just the Jews, the Christians are feeding the evil beast by their belief system, making them complicit in the Jewish world crime scene. Why are the Jews evil? Because they kill, rape, plunder, lie, cheat, manipulate the good for their profit. They destroy life, that which destroys life or what is aLIVE is EVIL. Within the Jewish mythos, their angry jealous god Jehovah judges then destroys, the prime trait of the Jewish culture. Judaism is a cult of judgment. In order to have a great harvest the Jews have cultivated flocks of Christians that are willingly taxed and sent to die fighting Jewish enemies, which is everything non Jewish. Not just Palestinians or other Arabs, anyone not under the thumb of the Jewish central bank and money or commercial legal system. Plus anything that is alive like plants and animals, even the planet itself. To a Jew, a tree or a cow is not a living thing, it is dollars to be profited. I got news for you Christians reading this, you are Jew cattle if you follow Jesus. If you believe anything Jewish you are completely doomed. AND DON"T TRY TO GET OUT OF YOUR PREDICAMENT BY SAYING JESUS WASN'T A JEW! Now the Jews do not want just to tax you, which is a usage fee for using

their no reserve debt created paper notes, they want you to fight their wars, and most of all they want your total subservience and obedience. They want to control your mind through the media (especially the jewtube) and what they really want to do is break your spirit and make you a willing slave. Christianity a slave religion for non Jews, to be a Christian you first have to give yourself to something other than yourself, another Jew trick of deception. Thus I am showing you that following any religion born of Judaism, like Christianity, is a death sentence for the individual and the planet. Since there is no judging god, hell, or devil, believing in these ideas creates an outpicturing of that thoughtform, a living hell on planet earth. Christianity, plain and simple, is a death cult. Look at what is happening to our planet and look who is willingly following the orders of Jew money controllers, and I might add there is nothing on the horizon that is going to stop this juggernaut except a nuclear holocaust. Worshiping a dead Jew can not save anyone's soul, period. The way out, the door out of hell, is to simple stop beLIEving the Jew lies, burn the Bible and Torah, and rid your mind of all the memeplex and get in touch with your spirit and creative self. If you are a Christian you need to be saved alright, saved from your Jewish mentality. Jesus is the way into the Jew vision of reality, the Jewish revision of previous myth and history, with Jesus your mind indoctrinated in Jewish words, phrases, memes, doctrines, the Jewish way of thinking, the mind of the Jew god of greed itself.

No Way Out for Christianity Many Christians dislike Jews but they believe in the Old Testament thus validating Judaism.

Christianity is doomed because it is inextricably linked to its origin, Judaism, and Judaism is being exposed as the most racist, vile, death cult the world has every seen. The best summary of this condition was in a private email that John Kaminski published here (spelling corrected): http://johnkaminski.info/pages/the_next_chapter/three_sides_of_the_same_c oin.htm

World Changer: "The only thing about your below comments is that Judaism and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judaism is to destroy Christianity. You cannot put the cart before the horse. The Christian cannot divest himself of the influence of the Jew without throwing out the dogma of the Bible. If you rally around Christianity you circle the wagons around the Jew." Christian commentators that disagree with Jews then rally their listeners around Christ are severely deluded and can never win. My comments in that email string are worth repeating: Phishna: "Once again I agree with World Changer's comments: "Judiasm and Christianity are JOINED AT THE HIP SEAMLESSLY ALL THE WAY UP TO THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS in an inoperable Siamese twin condition. The only way you can destroy Jews and Judiasm is to destroy Christianity." The Jews are a tiny minority, they only have power because we give them our power, and nobody can force you to give up you own personal authority. That's why religion is used, to con you out of your own self. Christianity is all about "turning yourself over to the Lord", "obey authority", "do what you are told", etc. What you are not told is "the Lord" is actually the Jews. It's filled with hocus pocus rituals to make sure you never figure that out. What if we all just stopped believing, the Jew thieves would be fully exposed. There are millions of Americans waking up right now, the Universe or whatever has laid the truth bare at our feet.

We see plain as day that the Zionist Christians are evil warmongers. We see that the Neocons are a Jewish subversive movement. We see that the Federal Reserve and Wall Street Banks are Jewish racketerring. Everything is right in plain sight, the plain as day, laid bare, exposed. Federal laws like the RICO Act prohibit all of this criminal behavior yet the Jews walk free. Why? Because of the myth. But that is ending fast. The revolution will be about many things, but one primary theme, the overturning of the reigning myths that keep us bonded." Jews are only 2% of the USA yet they rule over Christians with impunity. That begs the question why Christianity is unable to defend itself against Jewish terror and despotism.

So are you a revolutionary, a thought leader that wants to change the world? Then first of all you must overcome any myth that bonds you to the Jews. If you are a believing Christian you must overcome your childish faith and grow up; there is no judging god, hell, devil, eternal punishment and the like, those are unproven memes used to control the masses. So if you want to escape control you must first overcome the superstitious memes. Freedom starts in the soul as a feeling then works into the mind as concepts and eventually manifests into the physical realm. I agree with the conservative Christian commentators about the Jew

wrecking of America but there is no Jesus coming back to save you. That's a fanciful myth that keeps you disempowered. If Jesus was real then why would you have to do anything? A being with god powers could sweep away the Jews in a blink of an eye. Jesus is myth that keeps you from doing anything about your servitude to Jews. Examining the myth closely we learn that every amazing attribute of the Jew man god was plagiarized from previous myth. He didn't rise from the dead, that is the personified astrological myth of the sun rising after the winter solstice. So really there is no reason to take any of it seriously, go to church, or believe. Christmas, December 25th, is when the "sun" "rises from the dead".

There is no way out for Christianity, Christianity requires belief in the self chosen status of the Jews. From the moment you buy into the Jewish superiority meme the Jews have trumped your psyche. Even worse, Jesus, the central character of the Christian myth is a made up invented character of Paul (the real founder of the new derivative memeplex) is formed out of Old Testament memes. It wasn't prophecy fulfilled like the Christian apologists claim, it is myth rewritten. Jesus is myth and believing in Jesus makes you beholden to the Jews who are destroying America and the rest of the Western world, thus Christians are nothing more than deluded Jew whores. There is no way out for Christianity, if you are upset with the Jews you must first overcome your indoctrination and brainwashing. Phishna 10 December 2010

Note: this is the 10th essay of this blog created just a few weeks ago, the other posts are all connected and worth reading: 1. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/only-reasonchristianity-exists-is-to.html 2. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/christiansare-worshipping-jews.html 3. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/jews-arewaging-war-on-america.html 4. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/on-sundayschristians-worship-jews-as.html 5. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/why-dochristians-love-war-criminals.html 6. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/11/christianshate-america-just-as-much-as.html 7. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/12/christianpreachers-are-keeping-their.html 8. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/12/jesus-is-pathstraight-to-hell.html 9. http://christians-are-jew-whores.blogspot.com/2010/12/christiansare-following-jews-into-self.html

The Only Reason Christianity Exists is to Allow the Jews to Rule Whatever the origins of Christianity or its original purpose of shifting consciousness, its current purpose is to serve Judaism. The only real reason Christianity exists now is to allow Jews to rule the Western world without any organized resistance. Christianity is completely encapsulated in Jewish darkness Why aren't the preachers screaming bloody murder from every pulpit in America? Because they completely agree with the Zionist Neoconservative agenda or they are too cowardly to protest. Because modern day Christian Churches are licensed Jew brothels, begging for Jew owned paper reserve notes, intellectually unable to defend themselves from Jewish despotism. Looking at the pathetic situation, Christian sheep are lining up to be slaughtered as part of "god's will". Conservative Christians love watching Fox (Jew Murdoch) News:

Christians are the collared dogs of the Jews, when the Jews openly kill Americans in the 9112001 false flag, Christians wag their cowardly tails and are willingly shipped to their deaths in the Middle East killing fields. The military sworn to uphold the Constitution does nothing to stop or expose the criminality, the military is just an extension of the Christian death cult. All of this is happening because the dominant religion, Christianity, reads and believes the Jew written Holy Bible. In this fake document, the Jews

claim their divinity over all others and Christians believe it because they believe god wrote the Jew written Bible. Laughably insane. What is really going on is that if you believe this nonsense then you are making the Jews your god. Think about it for awhile and you'll see it for what it is. What is "god's will" but "Jewish will"? See it for what it is. Let me state the obvious, the Christians are worshiping the Jews as their god. The poster on the left is exactly correct, Zionism is modern Christianity:

Christianity is Paul's religion, Jesus an invented Jew hero, a savior from Jew insanity. Christianity was a way out for ego controlled trapped Jewish minds during Roman occupation of Judea. You will never understand why Christianity was formed until you understand that the supremacist Jews were going crazy when Roman troops patrolled their streets with impunity. So bad was this experience the Zealots revolted and suicided themselves. Read the history of this and you will get a glimpse of the Jewish mind. Can someone save you? Can their even be a savior of humanity? Do you need to be saved? What is with this Jesus as savior myth? Is there a judging god, sin, devils, heaven and hell? Is there any proof of these concepts? No? Can't name proof of any of these outside of the Bible? So go to church, read the Bible, BELIEVE, tell yourself you need a savior, enjoy your whore doom. The Jews thank you for your stupidity.

Christian megachurch

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