Project 4a: Standalone Community

Site Analysis Presentation

• 1.0 – Introduction
– 1.1 Master Plan of Proposed Site for Development

2.0 - Scope
– – – – – – – 2.1 Vegetation Spread 2.2 Circulation Map 2.3 Building Context 2.4 Demarcation: Human Activities (Functional) 2.5 Climatic Data (Sun Path and Wind Path) 2.6 Lighting Area Coverage 2.7 Biodiversity (Animal Species)

3.0 Problems and Issues
– 3.1 Pollution – 3.2 Lighting (Security)

• Introducing the man-made engineering landscape, Tasik Aman and Tasik Harapan.

• Both lakes, which completed in1990 are freshwater pond located behind the student hostel, Desasiswa Harapan.

• At highest water level, it covers a surface area of 7,607 m2 with maximum-recorded depth and shoreline length are 3.66 m and 430 m, respectively.

Master Plan of Proposed Site for Development

2.1: Vegetation Spread

• Trees and plants fill the surrounding region of both lakes

• Most trees stand at the lake side, and less trees at the edge of proposed site.

• The density of trees is highest at the centre bottom area of the site.

2.2: Circulation Map

• Consists of walkway circuit, route and stream.

• Walkway circuit - for people to walk around the lakes

• Route – for land transportation and the site area is bounded by the route

• Stream – the flow of storm water from Sungai Gambir into the lakes and downstream

2.3: Building Context

Buildings in the site

D e sa si a Fa j r sw a H a ra p a n

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