PLANNING Responsibility Matrix. It is the next step in the WBS.

Work packages are the elements of the matrix. Please refer to the book about the chart seen in class. Follow the RM codes. It explains who does what and in what order. It is the representation of the chain of command. You can then take the WBS and Responsibility Matrix into Gantt charts. GANTT CHARTS 1. aka Bar Vharts 2. Typically do not show the relationships between activities 3. Most project management software show interdependencies with arros

Please refer to the book about the GANTT charts.

Network diagrams Which tasks my be completed before the others ? Which activities cannot start until this one is complete? Which tasks can be done at the same time? There

2 types of diagrams Precedence diagram method P 124 of the book Activity in a box Activity on the node

Arrow Diagramming Method Activity on the arrow

Each activity is represented by an arrow rew Should always flow left to right Not drawn to time scale Can varying detail PDM or AOA is a matter of personal preference PDM is the most commonly used diagram method Network diagrams help you schedule and plan things of a project. Failure to plan. Planning is not a onetime event. Failure to keep plan current. Failure to plan in detail. Failure to know when to stop planning. There are 6 planning failures 1. 4. Failure to reflect risk and uncertainties. Failure to involve team. 2. 5. 3. Think in terms of the 4 constraints. . Project objective Planning is a roadmap to the project. task or job. 6.

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