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Want Free Wind Power?

Construct Your Own Home Wind

Turbine For Only Few Hundred Dollars

For centuries now, wind has been a source of clean and free energy used by humans all
across the globe. In the early days wind was used mainly to pump water or power mills.
In the twentieth century when electric power become the main power source for
households and industry, the wind turbines were made mainly for producing electricity.
Wind is one of the cleanest green types of energy since it creates zero pollution and has
no negative effect on global warming. Many cities across the glob are already use wind
turbines as a supplemental source of energy to their growing urban needs

With many new and innovative designs and with the reduced costs of the major
components making up the wind generator, it is now possible for you to build your own
wind generator. With proven and tested instructions it is now possible to access sources
of low cost parts and components to build it yourself at a fraction of the cost of buying a
readily available commercial unit. These well written guides and instruction show you
how to get used or surplus parts, make others from readily available parts from general
suppliers. The instructions can guide you step by step in building the generator in a short
period of time.

In order to be able to use wind energy you need to live in an area where the average
wind is high enough to drive the turbine. In general the spinning turbine is driving an
electric generator that generates the electricity. In contrast to the solar energy that is
available almost everywhere, but only during the day, in the places that wind energy can
be used, it can be used usually day and night. The use of this clean resource will not only
save and protect the environment by creating no pollution; it will save you significant
amounts of money at the same time.

By most state laws these days, if you can produce more electricity than you need for
your own need and wish to connect to the power grid, your local power company have to
buy the electricity from you at much higher price than you are paying for the electricity
you are buying from them. Connecting the wind generator to the power grid takes a bit
more advanced system, but many DIY people are earning thousands of dollars by selling
the electricity they produce to their local power company.

There are many commercial vendors of wind generators and a household system can
cost thousands of dollars. On the other hand by locating the right source of the main
components of a system like the batteries, DC motors, tower, hub and other components
they can be bought at a significantly lower price. With these much lower cost
components a complete system can be built for several hundreds of dollars. The return
on the investment is than very quick and after that its all free power and money in the
bank. Once the system is up and running, you can slowly upgrade it to bigger and better
components and even than still be at a price significantly lower than the cost of a
commercial system.

It is not hard to construct a home made wind turbine and use it as a wind generator. The
average DIY handy person can complete such project in few free weekends with simple
tools. Detailed manuals with clear instructions and plans are available to build a wind
generator in your workshop or home. So in order for you to build your wind generator
today and start enjoying free clean wind energy get a recommended e-book on the
subject. Once done with the constructions don't forget to thank the breeze and a
domestic wind turbine.