AS Media Studies

Blogging Checklist
Your blog should include the flowing entries. Try to keep your blog as creative as possible with images, film, audio and links. It is essential you keep your blog up to date. The date and time are recorded whenever you make an entry, so your teachers and the examiner can see if you have fallen behind with your work at any time. Username: Password: candimediastudnet Tick on Date TASK completio completed n Definitions of Suspense :RESEARCH List of Thriller sub-genres – which inspires you at the moment and why? :RESEARCH Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip analysed in class :RESEARCH How is suspense created in the film you watched in class? Analyse 3 scenes in detail. :RESEARCH What interests you about intertextuality in film. Post some examples. :RESEARCH Post an analysis of a title sequence which inspires you. :RESEARCH Introduction to cameras: SKILLS EXTENSION EXERCISE: Demos of the type of shots – especially the ‘scary shots’ you learned about last lesson. :PLANNING Introduction to editing: SKILLS Livetype and Sound: SKILLS Practice film 1: Show your planning, screen grabs from editing and the final film. :RESEARCH&PLANNING Font Analysis. :RESEARCH Structure of Openings with examples. :RESEARCH Your response to the ‘Watching’ Documentary :RESEARCH Thriller Audiences. :RESEARCH Preliminary Match Cut exercise planning, storyboard/animatic & on shoot photos. :PLANNING Preliminary Match Cut Exercise – FINAL FILM Evaluation of Prelim Film

THRILLER PLANNING - might include ideas, mood boards, photos. :PLANNING PITCH. :PLANNING Storyboard. :PLANNING Animatic storyboard. :PLANNING On shoot photos to record filming sessions. :PRODUCTION Screengrabs of the editing process. :SKILLS Creation of soundtrack. Include screengrabs - if possible include podcasts of potential sounds. :SKILLS Creation of titles. Include screengrabs. :SKILLS Rough Cut edit Changes to be made in light of feedback from roughcut EVALUATION (including audience feedback) FINAL EDIT

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