Circuit I

GEEN 2311

Chapter one

Who the course for
All engineering majors Electrical Mechanical Civil Computer engineering

Required Prerequisites Successful completion of: MATH 1324: Calculus III PHYS 1422: Physics for Engineers II Concurrent registration in: COEN 2111: Circuits Lab (electrical engineering) Completion of or concurrent registration in: MATH 2332: Differential Equations .

Who I am The majority know me from the course introduction to engineering If not my detail is Dr Samir El-Nakla ElOffice S028 Office Tel 8499229 Mobile 0556810874 .

Course contents See Syllabus Microsoft Word Document .

Lectures pace See course outline ¤ Micro o oc ¢© ¥ ¨§¦ ¢ £ ¡   or .

Circuit A Circuit is a path between two or more points along which an electrical current can be carried. .

Circuit .

Circuit .

Circuit .

Circuit .

Circuit .

Circuit elements Source (power supply) Resistor Capacitor Inductor Switch Meter Diode Transistor Transformer etc .

Source DC (direct current) Batteries. adaptors current 0 time .

Source AC (alternating Current) 110/220V. . power station generators. portable generators etc.

Circuit Circuit uses DC source called DC circuit Circuit uses AC source called AC circuit Circuit I : covers DC circuits (all engineering majors) Circuit II : covers AC circuits( electrical engineering only) .

amplifier circuit Digital circuit: uses digital elements and digital signal e. . digital gates.g.Electronic Circuit Analog circuit: uses analog elements and analog signal e. etc. microprocessor. decoder.g.

Design is the process by which we synthesize something new as part of the solution to a problem. obtain the information required to understand it and compute parameters of interest. In design usually no unique solution whereas the analysis typically will .Analysis and design Analysis is the process through which we determine the scope of a problem.

Multisim. etc.Computer aided analysis Powerful tool Allows to vary parameters values quickly Time saving Many packages available. . Tina.

Successful problem-solving strategies problem- .

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