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Attending the NCEA Convention?

Plan to attend this interactive workshop

Dr. Beverly Ann Chin Senior Series Consultant,
Grammar Workshop,
Gr. 3-5, Grammar for

Teaching Sentence Fluency and Grammar

Writing, Gr. 6-12, and
Writing Workshop, Gr. 6-12.

to Help Students Become Competent Professor of English,

Director of the English
Teaching Program, and
and Confident Writers former Director of Montana
Writing Project at the
University of Montana.

D uring this interactive workshop, you will learn how three Senior Project Consultant
for the 2011 Writing
revising strategies—sentence combining, sentence Framework for National
Assessment of Educational
expansion, and sentence imitation—help students write Progress (NAEP).
effective and correct sentences. These strategies also enable Past president of
students to learn grammar in natural, creative way. By the time the National Council of
Teachers of English.
this session is over, you will know how to differentiate these
Using best practices and
instructional strategies to meet the needs of all your students, active pedagogy, Dr. Chin
including English language learners and proficient writers. conducts writing workshops
that align curriculum and
instruction with standards

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 and assessments.

during NCEA Convention
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