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Submitted to Lovely Professional university
( In partial IulIillment oI the requirements Ior the award oI Degree oI Master oI Business Administration


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As a requirement during the two years Iulltime MBA, I Ieel to be greatly honored Ior
having done my proiect work at Bharti Axa liIe insurance company. The sole eIIorts oI any
individual are not suIIicient enough to complete the Proiect. The completion oI a proiect
involves the eIIort and interest oI many people. The guidance and co-operation received during
my training have leIt a indelible imprint in my mind and aIter giving a Iinal shape to my proiect
report, I think it would be unwise iI I don`t acknowledge the help oI rendered to me by several
members oI Bharti Axa liIe Iamily, with whom I came across during my stay here.
First, I thankIully acknowledge the continuous support and inspiration given to me by my proiect
guide Ms. Silky Sehdev who was always there to give my spirits a boost.
I am also indebted to Ms. Meenakshi Koul and Ior giving me the opportunity to carry out my
proiect work at Bharti Axa liIe.
I wish to express my gratitude to my respected teachers Ior their dedicated support and rich
source oI inIormation which made my work much easier and understandable.

Ultimately I am grateIul to my Iamily members, Iriends and all my well wishers whose blessings
constantly guide me through all spheres oI my liIe.

Place: PHAGWARA Signature:

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The proiect is about Recruitment and Selection oI LiIe Advisors. The proiect was undertaken by
me and the entire task was divided into sub-tasks. The process started Irom identiIying the need,
then advertising the same to prospective individuals by distribution oI pamphlets, holding
various activities in residential areas etc. then individuals were surveyed. The questionnaire was
designed in such a manner that it gave a general idea about the ability and capability oI
respondent as a prospective liIe insurance advisor. Certain scores were allotted depending on the
answers given by the respondent. Those who were high on the scores were motivated to visit the
oIIice Ior conduction oI their interview. AIter the successIul completion oI interview individuals
were inIormed iI they were selected Ior training oI LiIe advisors. They were asked to Iill the
NAAF Iorm and a Iee was collected Irom them along with their photographs. AIter successIul
completion oI training an exam was conducted and those who qualiIied the exam were selected
as liIe advisors.

The proiect report submitted here covers theory on recruitment and Selection, Ilowchart oI
activities undertaken Ior recruitment data analysis oI the survey and a list oI suggestions and
recommendations Ior the company at the end oI the entire study.

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Recruitment and Selection
Brief introduction of insurance
- What is insurance?
- Different types of insurance
- Need of life insurance
- History of insurance sector in INDIA
- Role of insurance in economic development

Company background
- About the company
- Strategy
- Board of Directors
- Its organization structure

M Ma aj jo or r p pl la ay ye er rs s i in n t th he e l li if fe e i in ns su ur ra an nc ce e i in nd du us st tr ry y i in n i in nd di ia a
Insurance Products of Bharti AXA
Objective of the project
Research Methodology
Data Presentation. Analysis and Interpretation
Findings. Conclusion and Recommendation

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Recrui tment and Selecti on

Recruitment and selection are two oI the most important Iunctions oI personnel
management. Recruitment precedes selection and helps in selecting a right candidate.
Recruitment is a process to discover the sources oI manpower to meet the requirement oI the
staIIing schedule and to employ eIIective measures Ior attracting that manpower in adequate
numbers to Iacilitate eIIective selection oI eIIicient personnel.
StaIIing is one basic Iunction oI management. All managers have responsibility oI
staIIing Iunction by selecting the chieI executive and even the Ioremen and supervisors have a
staIIing responsibility when they select the rank and Iile workers. However, the personnel
manager and his personnel department is mainly concerned with the staIIing Iunction.
Every organisation needs to look aIter recruitment and selection in the initial period and
thereaIter as and when additional manpower is required due to expansion and development oI
business activities.
Right person Ior the right iob` is the basic principle in recruitment and selection. Ever
organisation should give attention to the selection oI its manpower, especially its managers. The
operative manpower is equally important and essential Ior the orderly working oI an enterprise.
Every business organisation/unit needs manpower Ior carrying diIIerent business activities
smoothly and eIIiciently and Ior this recruitment and selection oI suitable candidates are
essential. Human resource management in an organisation will not be possible iI unsuitable
persons are selected and employment in a business unit.

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Recruitment means to estimate the available vacancies and to make suitable arrangements Ior
their selection and appointment. Recruitment is understood as the process oI searching Ior and
obtaining applicants Ior the iobs, Irom among whom the right people can be selected.
A Iormal deIinition states, 'It is the process oI Iinding and attracting capable applicants
Ior the employment. The process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their
applicants are submitted. The result is a pool oI applicants Irom which new employees are
selected¨. In this, the available vacancies are given wide publicity and suitable candidates are
encouraged to submit applications so as to have a pool oI eligible candidates Ior scientiIic
In recruitment, inIormation is collected Irom interested candidates. For this diIIerent source such
as newspaper advertisement, employment exchanges, internal promotion, etc. are used.
In the recruitment, a pool oI eligible and interested candidates is created Ior selection oI most
suitable candidates. Recruitment represents the Iirst contact that a company makes with potential

According t o EDWIN FLIPPO, 'Recruit ment is t he process oI searching Ior
prospect ive employees and st imulat ing t hem t o apply Ior iobs in t he
organizat ion. ¨

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Recruitment Process

Selection is deIined as the process oI diIIerentiating between applicants in order to identiIy (and
hire) those with a greater likelihood oI success in a iob.

Selection is basically picking an applicant Irom (a pool oI applicants) who has the appropriate
qualiIication and competency to do the iob.

The diIIerence between recruitment and selection:
Recruitment is identiIying and encouraging prospective employees to apply Ior a iob.
And Selection is selecting the right candidate Irom the pool oI applicants.

uevelop a Þroflle
uevelop sources of
Approachlna Lhe
1araeLed recrulLs
lnlLlal screenlna and
8eallLv check

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Insurance industry

Insurance industry is a booming sector. The business oI insurance is related to the protection oI
the economic value oI asset. Every asset has a value. The asset would have been created through
the eIIorts oI the owner, in the expectation that, either through the income generated there Irom
or some other output, some oI his needs would be met. There is a normally expected liIe time Ior
the asset during which time it is expected to perIorm. Insurance is a mechanism that helps to
reduce such as adverse consequences.

Basic aim oI the insurance plan satisIies the Iollowing obiectives:-
O Protection oI economic value oI assets.
O Mechanism to reduce impact oI adverse events on value generating assets.

Types of insurance
Insurance is generally classiIied into three main categories:
1. LiIe Insurance.
2. Health Insurance.
3. General Insurance.
To get insurance an individual or an organization can approach to Insurance Company directly,
through Insurance agent oI the concerned company or through intermediaries.

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

The insurance sector in India has come a Iull circle Irom being an open competitive market to
nationalization and back to a liberalized market again. Tracing the development in the
insurance sector release the 360 degree turn witnessed over a period oI almost two centuries.
In 1993, Malhotra committee, headed by Iormer Iinance secretary and RBI governor R.N
Malhotra was Iormed to evaluate the Indian insurance industry and recommended its Iuture
directions. The Malhotra committee was set up with the obiective oI complementing the
reIorms initiated in the Iinancial sector. The reIorms were aimed at 'creating a more eIIicient
and competitive Iinancial system suitable Ior the requirements oI the economy keeping in mind
the structural changes currently underway and recognizing that insurance is a important part oI
overall Iinancial system so it was necessary to address the need Ior similar reIorms.¨.In 1994,
the committee submitted the report and some oI the key recommendation included:
O Government`s stake in the insurance Companies to be brought down to 50°.
O Government should take over the holding oI GIC and its subsidiaries so that these
subsidiaries can act as Independent Corporation.
O All the insurance companies should be given greater Ireedom to operate
O Private companies with a minimum paid up capital oI Rs 1bn should be allowed to enter
the industry.
O No Company should deal in both liIe and general insurance through a single entity.
O Foreign companies may be allowed to enter the industry in collaboration with the
domestic companies.

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O Postal liIe insurance should be allowed to operate in the rural market.
O Only one state level liIe insurance company should be allowed to operate in each state.
O The insurance act should be changed
O An insurance regulatory body should be setup.
O Controller oI insurance 'currently a part Irom the Iinance ministry¨. Should be made
O Mandatory investments oI LIC liIe Iund in government security to be reduced Irom 75°
to 50°.
O GIC and its subsidiaries are not to hold more than 5°in any company (There current
holdings to be brought down to this level over a period oI time).
O LIC should pay interest in delays in payments beyond 30 days.
O Insurance company should be encouraged to setup unit linked pension plans.
O Computerization oI operations and updating oI technologies to be carried out in the
insurance industry.
O The committee emphasized that in order to improve the customer services and increase
the coverage oI the insurance industry should be opened up to competition.
O But at the same time, the committee Ielt the need to exercise caution as any Iailure on the
part oI new players could ruin the public conIidence in the industry. Hence, it was
decided to allow competition in a limited.

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Opportunities in Insurance sector
The varieties oI constraints put on it by its owner, viz the government, was both a reason as
well as an alibi Ior the under perIormance oI the nationalized insurance sector. Now that
restrictive government policies are being given up and public sector units are being empowered
to make independent decisions, they should be more Iree to decide their own grown path. it
should also be possible Ior them to prove their potential strength by exploiting the tremendous
opportunities such as the Iollowing substantial potential Ior growth; exploring untapped niche
areas; and Iorming limited ioint ventures with suitable partners .Easy access to developments in
the more advanced markets provide Iurther opportunities to upgrade their working
.Technological, Iinancial or speciIic areas-based avenues oI absorbing improved systems are also
now more easily available.
The expectation that private sector entrants would necessarily take time to secure a
Ioothold in the market was in itselI an opportunity. In practice, Insurance undergone rapid and
massive changes in all aspects: product and services, sectoral structure, market segmentation,
competitive environment. It is believed that the inIormation sharing has not taken its expected
shape in the insurance industry Ior the purposes oI practices, research and education. However,
data is one oI the most needed ingredients in the insurance business development as well as Ior
research and consultancy. There have been regular eIIorts by IRDA Ior collection and sharing oI
the data and other inIormation oI public interest. The industry is Iacing problems in terms oI data
review as parliament need to register this beIorehand. We believe that progress oI the industry
should not be constrained by any extraneous conditions in the interest oI research and
development in the area.
Manpower India today released the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Ior the Iirst quarter
oI 2008 revealing sustained positive hiring intentions oI employers in India. India continues to
lead all 23 countries surveyed this quarter, with a positive overall Net Employment Outlook oI
¹27°. Even though this Iigure represents a decrease oI 13 percentage points Irom the Iourth
quarter oI 2007, the employment outlook remains extremely healthy. For the Iirst time since the
Survey was launched in India, the Finance, Insurance and Retail industry sector emerged as the

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

most optimistic sector Ior a quarter with a Net Employment Outlook oI ¹32°,
surpassing the Services sector.
Privatization oI insurance sector has allowed insurance companies to work in the market by
depositing 100 crore rupees in the reserve oI government. This has encouraged many overseas
insurance companies, having a required amount in their reserve, to open their branch in our
country. Introduction oI the sector has changed the employment pattern, but people must know
how to make proIit Irom it. To be in the global market and have advantage oI it, capital and skill
as per the demand and knowledge oI market is the requirement. It is necessary that institutions,
which Iorm a part oI this Iinancial system, have internal management, governance and
accountability structures, which measure up to the highest standards.

Threats in insurance sector
These opportunities will oI course be accompanied by some threats in the competitive market,
and maybe oI the Iollowing nature.
Private entrants are naturally targeting the more proIitable and the more lucrative
segments, by providing better service, new products and Ilexibility .They are targeting the bigger
corporate and other clients in the well established metropolitan centers. These new entrants have
succeeded in eating into share oI the existing entities. This share will increase substantially, iI
not in the immediate Iuture, but in the long run, iI the existing incumbents do not radically alter
marketing structure and practices.

No doubt complaints have been voiced that the means Iollowed by atleast some oI them been
less than Iair. Some oI these may well be true, but such practices can produce only short term
gains .Ultimately, the services provided will decide whether the threat oI losing the market share
will come true, and in a competitive market, mere complaining does not help.

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

ReIorms in the insurance sector were initiated with the passage oI the IRDA bill in parliament in
December 1999.The IRDA since it`s incorporation as a statuary body in April 2000 has
Iastidiously stuck to its schedule oI Iraming regulation and registering the private sector
insurance companies.
The other decisions taken simultaneously to provide the supporting systems to the insurance
sector and in particular the liIe insurance companies were the launch oI IRDA`s online service
Ior issue and renewal oI licenses to agents. The approval oI institutions Ior imparting training to
agents has also insured that the insurance companies would have a trained workIorce oI trained
insurance agents in place to sell their products, which are expected to introduce by early next
Since being setup as an independent statutory body the IRDA has put in a Iramework oI globally
compatible regulations. In the private sector 13 liIe insurance and 9 general insurance companies
have been registered.

Composition of Authority under IRDA Act. 1999
As per the section 4 oI IRDA Act' 1999, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
(IRDA, which was constituted by an act oI parliament) speciIy the composition oI
Authority. The Authority is a ten member team consisting oI:-
(a) A Chairman
(b) Iive whole-time members
(c) Iour part-time members
(all appointed by the Government oI India)

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Insurance directly or indirectly plays a vital role in the economic development oI the country
through the Iollowing means:-
O LiIe insurance is a maior instrument in mobilizing the savings oI the people. These
savings are channeled into investments Ior economic groups.
O The strength oI liIe insurance is in the Iact that huge amounts are collected and pooled
together Ior the beneIit oI the policy holders.
O The insurance company is in the role oI Iiduciary- that all decision be made Ior the
beneIit oI the

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd

O Bharti AXA Life Insurance is a ioint venture between Bharti, one oI India`s leading
business groups with interests in telecom, agri business and retail, and AXA, world leader
in Iinancial protection and wealth management. The ioint venture company has a 74°
stake Irom Bharti and 26° stake oI AXA.
O The company launched national operations in December 2006. Today, it has over 5200
employees across over 12 states in the country. Our business philosophy is built around
the promise oI making people "LiIe ConIident".
As we expand our presence across the country to cater to your insurance and wealth
management needs with our product and service oIIerings, we continue to bring 'liIe
conIidence' to customers spread across India. Whatever your plans in liIe, you can be
conIident that Bharti AXA LiIe will oIIer the right Iinancial solutions to help you achieve
The 1oint Venture BHARTI and AXA
Bharti Enterprises is one oI India`s leading business groups with interests in telecom, agri
business, insurance and retail. Bharti has been a pioneering Iorce in the telecom sector with
many Iirsts and innovations to its credit. Bharti Airtel Limited, a group company, is one oI
India`s leading private sector providers oI telecommunications services with an aggregate oI 60
million customers, spanning mobile, Iixed line, broadband and enterprise services. BhartiAirtel
was ranked amongst the best perIorming companies in the world in the Business Week IT 100
list 2007. Bharti Teletech is the country`s largest manuIacturer and exporter oI telephone
terminals. Bharti has a ioint venture with ELRo Holdings India Ltd. FieldFresh Foods Pvt.
Ltd` - Ior global distribution oI Iresh Iruits and vegetables. Bharti also has a ioint venture -

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Bharti AXA LiIe Insurance Company Ltd.` - with AXA, world leader in Iinancial
protection and wealth management. Bharti has recently Iorayed into the retail business under a
company called Bharti Retail Pvt. Ltd. It also has a ioint venture Bharti Wal-Mart Private
Limited` with Wal-Mart, Ior wholesale cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management

AXA Group
AXA Group is a worldwide leader in Financial Protection. AXA's operations are diverse
geographically, with maior operations in Western Europe, North America and the Asia/PaciIic
area. AXA had Euro 1,315 billion in assets under management as oI December 31, 2006. For Iull
year 2006, IFRS revenues amounted to Euro 79 billion, IFRS underlying earnings amounted to
Euro 4,010 million and IFRS adiusted earnings to Euro 5,140 million.

The AXA ordinary share is listed and trades under the symbol AXA on the Paris Stock
Exchange. The AXA American Depository Share is also listed on the NYSE under the ticker
symbol AXA.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance
To be a leader and the preIerred company Ior Iinancial protection and wealth management in
O ProIessionalism
O Innovation

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

O Team Spirit
O Pragmatism
O Integrity

O Professionalism:-A proIessional is a collegial discipline that regulates itselI by means oI
mandatory, systematic training. It has a base in a body oI technical and specialized
knowledge that it both teaches and advances it sets and enIorces its own standards and it
has a service rather than a proIit orientation, enshrined in a code oI ethics.

O Innovation: -Innovation . . . is generally understood as the successIul introduction oI a
new thing or method . . . Innovation is the embodiment, combination, or synthesis oI
knowledge in original, relevant, valued new products, processes, or services.
O Team Spirit :-team spirit is the spirit oI a group that makes the members want the group
to succeed
O Pragmatism:-Pragmatism is the philosophy oI considering practical consequences and
real eIIects to be vital components oI meaning and truth.
O Integrity: -Integrity is consistency oI actions, values, methods, measures, principles,
expectations and outcome. As a holistic concept, it iudges the quality oI a system in terms
oI its ability to achieve its own goals.

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

O To achieve a top 5 market position in India through a multi-distribution, multi-product
O To adapt AXA's best practice blueprints as a sound platIorm Ior proIitable growth
O To leverage Bharti's local knowledge, inIrastructure and customer base
O To deliver high levels oI shareholder return
O To build long term value with our business partners by enhancing the proposition to their
O To be the employer oI choice to attract and retain the best talent in India
O To be recognized as being close and qualiIied by our customers
vALuL Cl
8PA81l AxA LllL
Integrity 1eam Spirit

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


O LiIe Insurance Corporation oI India (LIC)
LiIe Insurance Corporation oI India (LIC) was established on 1 September 1956 to spread the
message oI liIe insurance in the country and mobilise people`s savings Ior nation-building
activities. LIC with its central oIIice in Mumbai and seven zonal oIIices at Mumbai, Calcutta,
Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kanpur and Bhopal, operates through 100 divisional oIIices in
important cities and 2,048 branch oIIices. LIC has 5.59 lakh active agents spread over the
The Corporation also transacts business abroad and has oIIices in Fiii, Mauritius and United
Kingdom. LIC is associated with ioint ventures abroad in the Iield oI insurance, namely, Ken-
India Assurance Company Limited, Nairobi; United Oriental Assurance Company Limited,
Kuala Lumpur; and LiIe Insurance Corporation (International), E.C. Bahrain. It has also entered
into an agreement with the Sun LiIe (UK) Ior marketing unit linked liIe insurance and pension
policies in U.K.
In 1995-96, LIC had a total income Irom premium and investments oI $ 5 Billion while GIC
recorded a net premium oI $ 1.3 Billion. During the last 15 years, LIC's income grew at a healthy
average oI 10 per cent as against the industry's 6.7 per cent growth in the rest oI Asia (3.4 per
cent in Europe, 1.4 per cent in the US).
LIC has even provided insurance cover to Iive million people living below the poverty
line, with 50 per cent subsidy in the premium rates. LIC's claims settlement ratio at 95
per cent and GIC's at 74 per cent are higher than that oI global average oI 40 per cent.
Compounded annual growth rate Ior LiIe insurance business has been 19.22 per cent per

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
Birla Sun Life Insurance Co Ltd
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co Ltd
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co Ltd
ING Vysya Life Insurance Company Ltd
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Max New York Life Insurance Co Ltd
Met Life India Insurance Company Ltd
Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Limited
SBI Life Insurance Co Ltd
Tata AIG Life Insurance Company Limited
Reliance Life Insurance Company Limited
Aviva Life Insurance Company India Limited
Sahara India Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Shriram Life Insurance Co. Ltd
Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd
Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited
IDBI Fortis Life Insurance Company Ltd
Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Ltd
AegonReligare Life Insurance Company Limited
DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Limited
Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company Limited

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Insurance Products of Bharti AXA
Individual Plans :
Bharti AXA Life Guarantee Builder
A Unit Linked Guarantee Plan
Guarantee Builder provides you with a comIort Iactor on your investments and you can be sure
that this comIort Iactor keeps building year-on-year. It's a solid investment plan that lets you
achieve your long-term goals by investing in a mix oI debt and equities, while providing a
Guaranteed Maturity Value over 15 years. What's more, you need not worry about your Iamily's
security as it has a strong liIe insurance protection embedded.
Bharti AXA Life Bright Stars
A Unit Linked Child product.
Bharti AXA LiIe Bright Stars provides a launch pad Ior your child`s bright Iuture. What else,
You also have Jumpstart beneIit which is paid out at maturity along with Policy Fund Value,
which enables your child to explore more career options.
Bharti AXA Life Spot Suraksha
Spot Suraksha helps you create a pool oI wealth to meet your long-term needs, with an added
advantage oI simpliIied buying process
Bharti AXA Dream Life Pension
A Unit Linked Pension Product
Dream LiIe Pension, Bharti AXA LiIe Insurance's unique pension product ensures that your
retirement liIe is your Dream LiIe.
Live your Dreams! Be LiIe ConIident.!
Bharti AXA Life AspireLife
Unit Linked Endowment Product.
Aspire LiIe helps you create a pool oI wealth to meet your long-term needs, while also providing
you adequate protection in case the need arises.

24 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Bharti AXA Life InvestConfident
Unit Linked Single Premium Product.
You have always strived hard to achieve the best Ior you and your loved ones, so when it comes
to making an investment decision, we know that you would expect the best Irom it too.
Bharti AXA Life WealthConfident
A unit-linked investment cum protection policy.
Your wealth, your status ensures that you get preIerential status wherever you go. So why
shouldn't your money get the same?
Bharti AXA Life FutureConfident
A unit-linked policy which oIIers comprehensive protection along with wealth creation in the
long term.
Bharti AXA Life FutureConfident II
A unit-linked product which oIIers enhanced protection along with wealth creation in the long
Bharti AXA Life SaveConfident
Traditional money back insurance product Ior long term savings.
Your changing liIe stages decide your Iinancial milestone planning. When you Ioresee
intermittent Iinancial requirements in the years to come, like regular expenses related to your
child`s education, liquidity becomes a key aspect oI your planning along with long term savings,
and protection Ior your Iamily.
Bharti AXA Life SecureConfident
A Long Term LiIe Insurance.
All oI us desire to maximize the happiness Ior our Iamily at all times, irrespective oI the
circumstances. The thought oI unIortunate events beIalling us may cause us anxiety about
providing a secured happiness to our loved ones.

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l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Group Plans :
Bharti AXA Life - CreditSecure
Bharti AXA LiIe CreditSecure is a group product, oIIering liIe insurance coverage to customers
oI Iinancial institutions who have availed oI a loan. CreditSecure is comprehensive solution that
helps protect your customer`s assets and savings in the unIortunate event oI death.
Bharti AXA Life - Sanjeevani
Sanieevani is a single premium group term liIe insurance product, oIIering protection to your
Bharti AXA Life - Swasthya Sanjeevani
SwasthyaSanieevani is a single premium group critical illness product, providing comprehensive
protection against 6 critical illnesses.
Bharti AXA Life - Sanjeevani
Sanieevani is a single premium group term liIe insurance product, oIIering protection to your
Bharti AXA Life Mortgage Credit Shield
Mortgage Credit Shield is a Group Product that provides coverage to people who have availed oI
a Mortgage\ Home loan\ Home equity loan Irom an Institution/Bank.
Bharti AXA Life Credit Shield
Credit Shield is a Group Product that provides coverage to people who have availed oI a loan Ior
1 to 5 years Irom Group Policyholder.
Bharti AXA Life Life Shield
LiIe Shield is a single premium group term liIe insurance product.

26 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

O How to recruit agents Ior Bharti-AXA LiIe Insurance Company.
O To understand the process oI recruitment and selection oI agents in Bharti Axa LiIe Insurance
O To identiIy various sources oI Recruitment used by Bharti Axa and compare their eIIectiveness to
the organisation in terms oI cost and value.
O To critically evaluate the various products oI Bharti Axa and their beneIits to customers.
O To know the level oI awareness about Bharti Axa among people/iob applicants.

27 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Meaning of Recruitment

Finding the right people is a make-or-break Iactor Ior success in business today. Recruiting the
top talent Ior a iob takes time and you have to attract quality candidates who have the knowledge
and skills needed to help your company grow.
The Iact is, your success with recruitment depends on how well you prepare your iob ad, and use
source oI recruitment, and your interviewing skills.
Prepare a iob ad that works to start, you want to be sure that your potential candidate truly
understands the iob. The clearer you are with the task description, working conditions and
advantages, the less time you will waste examining and reiecting applications

The essentials oI any iob description are:
A brieI description oI your company
Detailed outline oI the tasks involved
"ualiIications and experience required
Equipment and resources used to do the work
Skills required using them.
However, you should also include work beneIits (e.g., vacation, travel and perks), general
working conditions (e.g., scheduling, outside work) and the speciIic traits required (e.g.,
teambuilding and communications skills). Ultimately, you want to be perceived as an attractive
employer in a competitive market.
Find the right recruitment vehicle choose the vehicle that best works Ior your company,
depending on your budget and resources.
Word of mouth, or simply telling your employees, Iriends and colleagues about a iob opening,
is a less expensive strategy but generates Iewer candidates. The advantage is that you already
know something about your recruiters and their skills, knowledge and achievements. This is a
preIerred method with companies that have a Iinder's Iee program Ior their employees.

28 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Advertising is a toss oI the dice. II it goes well, it can help you Iind ideal candidates
in a regional, national, or international pool. II not, it's a costly investment yielding Iew results.
Make sure to Iactor in the time it takes to go through a large number oI resumes.
Employment agencies cost more but generally provide a good range oI candidates. The
employment advisors look at your needs, screen a number oI candidates, and only send you the
applications that meet your requirements. Bear in mind that the largest employment agencies do
not necessarily oIIer the best choice oI candidates. There are numerous agencies that specialize
in recruitment in speciIic sectors.
Recruiting online such as monster.com, naukri.com & timesiob.com. These can provide
inexpensive, worldwide access to employees. In Iact, 65° oI iob seekers now have access to
these types oI services. Using the Internet Ior recruiting usually involves regular visits to
specialized recruitment sites, ioining newsgroups, and posting your iob openings on recruitment
sites, electronic publications and on your own Web site.

29 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

30 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

31 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

32 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

After recruitment the next part is selection of best candidates
Make the interview deliver
Since the purpose oI an interview is to identiIy and veriIy the candidate's potential, it should be
structured to bring out all the desired competencies and aptitudes. Remember that you have to
decide between the candidates: you could create a point system or analysis grid Ior comparing
their strengths and weaknesses.
Here are a Iew points to consider when structuring an interview:
Make a list in advance oI the points Ior discussion and corresponding questions.
Present the candidates with a situation they could Iace on the iob and ask them how they
would react. This will enable you to evaluate the candidates' knowledge, skills and work
Ask the candidates to describe some diIIicult situations encountered in previous iobs and
to explain the way in which they were resolved. This will give you the chance to gauge
the candidates' selI-conIidence, creativity and problem-solving skills.
Ask the candidates to describe a diIIicult situation involving colleagues and how it was
resolved. This will enable you to test their aptitude Ior teamwork.
Ask the candidates about their ambitions and plans to ensure they Iit your company
Beware oI asking questions about personal interests. They can get the interview oII track
or annoy people who want to keep their work and private lives separate.

33 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Definition of Agent
According to section 182 oI Indian contracts Act, an 'agent¨ is a person employed to do
any act Ior another or to represent another in dealing with a third person. In the insurance
industry, the term 'agent¨ is ordinarily applied to a person engaged by the insurer to procure
new business. The insurance Act deIiners and insurance agent as one who is licensed under
Section 42 oI that Act and is paid by way oI commission or otherwise, in consideration oI his
soliciting oI procuring insurance business, including business relating to the continuance,
renewal or revival oI policies oI insurance. He is, Ior all purposes, an authorized salesman Ior
insurance and needs a license.

An agent is one who acts on behalI oI another. The 'another¨ on whose behalI the agent
acts, is called the principal in this case. The insurance company is the principal in this case.
The lawyer is the agent oI the client, when he argues the case in court. An ambassador is an
agent oI his country. The agent represents the principal and acts on his behalI. Some insurers
designate their agents as advisers¨,¨ consultants¨ etc. as iI they are independent advisor or
consultant would not be appointed by an insurance company. He would be knowledgeable
enough as a person to be approached Ior advice or consultation. Some insurance agents may
acquire that status. All insurance agents should strive to attain that status.

Procedure for becoming an Agent

The insurance Act, 1938 lays down that an insurance agent must possess a licence under Section
42 oI that Act. The licence is to be issued by the IRDA. The IRDA has authorized designated
persons, in each insurance company, to issue the licences on behalI oI the IRDA.

In terms oI the Insurance Act, a licences will not be given iI the person is
(a) minor,
(b) Iound to be oI unsound mind,

34 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

(c) Iound guilty oI criminal misappropriation or criminal misappropriation or
criminal breach oI trust or cheating or Iorgery or an abetment oI or attempt to commit
any such oIIence
(d) Iound guilty oI or knowingly participation in or conniving at any Iraud, dishonesty or
misrepresentation against an insurer or an insured,
(e) not possessing the requisite qualiIications and speciIied training,
(I) Found violating the code oI conduct as speciIied in the regulations.

The "ualiIications necessary beIore a licence can be given are that the person must be
(a) Not a minor.
(b) Have passed at least Graduation or equivalent examination, iI he is to be appointed in a
place with a population oI 5,000 or more.
(c) Have undergone practical training Ior at least 50 hours in liIe or general insurance
business, as the case may be, Iorm an institution, approved and notiIied by the IRDA. IN
the case oI a person wanting to become a composite insurance agent, the applicant
should have completed at least 75 hours practical training in liIe and general insurance
business, which may be spread over six to eight weeks.
(d) Have passed the pre-recruitment examination conducted by the insurance institute oI
India or any other examination body authorized by the IRDA.

The licence once issued, can be cancelled whenever the person acquires a disqualiIication.
Applications Ior renewal have to make at least thirty days beIore the expiry oI the licence, along
either the renewal Iee oI Rs.250. II the application is not made at least thirty days beIore the
expiry, but is made beIore the date oI expiry oI licence, an additional Iee oI Rs.100 is payable . II
the application is made aIter the date oI expiry, it would be normally being reIused.
Prior to renewal oI the licence, the agent should have completed at least 25 hours practical
training in liIe or general insurance business or at least 50 hours practical training in liIe and
general insurance business in the case oI a composite insurance agent.
Insures who select agents Ior appointment, make arrangements Ior training, Ior appearing in the
prescribed examinations, and obtaining the licence.

35 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


Understanding the prospect`s needs and persuade him to buy a plan oI liIe insurance that
suits his interests best.
Complete the Iormalities:- paper work, medical examination, which are necessary to get
the policy expeditiously.
Keep in touch to ensure that changing circumstances are reIlected in the arrangements
relating to premium payments, nomination and other necessary alterations.
Facilitate quick settlement oI claims.
Be totally honest with both the prospect and the insurer.
Not to induce prospects to submit wrong inIormation.

Career with Bharti AXA

Opportunity to earn unlimited income.
Career Growth.
Be your own boss.
High quality training & Support to improve productivity.
Compensation amongst the best.
Club member beneIits.
Payout structured to Iacilitate your cash Ilows better.
Best in class & competitive products.
Pension Ior liIe.

36 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Recruitment Process

uevelop a Þroflle
uevelop sources of
Approachlna Lhe
1araeLed recrulLs
lnlLlal screenlna and
8eallLv check

37 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


WALk ln

38 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`



Internal Recruitment is a recruitment which takes place within the concern or
organization. Internal sources oI recruitment are readily available to an organization.
Internal sources are primarily three TransIers, promotions and Re-employment oI ex-
employees. Re-employment oI ex-employees is one oI the internal sources oI recruitment
in which employees can be invited and appointed to Iill vacancies in the concern. There
are situations when ex-employees provide unsolicited applications also.
The employees are transIerred Irom one department to another according to their eIIiciency and
The employees are promoted Irom one department to another with more beneIits and greater
responsibility based on eIIiciency and experience.
Upgrading and Demotion oI present employees according to their perIormance.
Retired and Retrenched employees may also be recruited once again in case oI
shortage oI qualiIied personnel or increase in load oI work. Recruitment oI such people saves
time and costs oI the organizations as the people are already aware oI the organizational culture
and the policies and procedures.
The dependents and relatives oI Deceased employees and Disabled employees are also done by
many companies so that the members oI the Iamily do not become dependent on the mercy oI

39 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

External recruitment seeks applicants Ior positions Irom sources outside the company. The
various external sources include:
Several private consultancy Iirms perIorm recruitment Iunctions on behalI oI client companies
by charging a Iee. These agencies are particularly suitable Ior recruitment oI executives and
specialists. It is also known as RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
Many organizations have structured system where the current employees oI the organisation can
reIer their Iriends and relatives Ior some position in their organisation. Also, the oIIice bearers oI
trade unions are oIten aware oI the suitability oI candidates. Recruitment Management can
inquire these leaders Ior suitable iobs. In some organizations these are Iormal agreements to give
priority in recruitment to the candidates recommended by the trade union.
Many iob seekers visit the oIIice oI well-known companies on their own. Such callers are
considered nuisance to the daily work routine oI the enterprise. But can help in creating the talent
pool or the database oI the probable candidates Ior the organisation.
Various management institutes, engineering colleges etc. are a good source oI recruiting well
qualiIied executives, engineers etc. They provide Iacilities Ior campus interviews and
placements. This source is known as Campus Recruitment.
With the advent oI the Internet, searching Ior candidates has acquired a whole new dimension.
Web portals dedicated to Iinding iobs have been setup. The candidates key in their details and
post their resumes. Employers have to iust browse through these resumes or use the site search
engine to list out people with speciIic skills. Bharti Axa mostly uses timesjobcom Ior recruiting

40 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

A call is made directly to the concerned candidate and aIter that they are asked whether they
have any work experience or not. AIter knowing whether a candidate is Iresher or experienced an
interview call is oIIered to him/her accordingly Ior various posts such as F.E, F.O & M.O.A.

One thing which I observed when I was under training that Bharti Axa depends
heavily on Recruitment Agencies i.e Consultancies Ior the recruitment oI candidates.
Consultancies contribute maximum percentage oI share in recruiting candidates. A
call is made Irom the company side to an individual working in a consultancy then
he/she is asked Ior the line-up Ior that particular day.
II a candidate is selected through a consultancy then that particular consultancy gets
a Iixed amount oI money. In case oI Financial Executive, consultancy gets Rs 7,500
and in the case oI Financial OIIicer it gets Rs 10,000.
A consultant acts as a very important external source oI recruitment providing
Candidates who will be Iuture employees oI the organisation and will help it in
establishment and growth. They do primary screening oI candidates as they are well
aware oI the requirements oI the client companies thereby saving time.
Generally, maximum Ioot Iall is on monday and least on sat urday oI
ever y week.


Here it can be seen clear ly t hat Consult ant is t he most eIIect ive source oI
recruit ment in Bhart i Axa. It is one oI t he most expensive source but st ill
Bhart i Axa rely heavily on consult ancies Ior t he recruit ment oI agent s.

CONSULTANCY:- 64°, 105
JOB PORTALS:- 22°, 36
WALK INS:- 7°, 11
OTHERS:- 4°, 7

41 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

4 Mean|ng of methodo|ogy
4 5amp|eţ
4 1ypes of data
4 ata co||ect|on method


Data Collection Method
Data was collected by Primary as well as Secondary method.
Primary Data Sources
Primary data was collected through a well structured questionnaire designed separately Ior
candidates. A pilot survey was conducted to test the utility oI the questionnaire and necessary
changes being made.
Questionnaire Designed: Questionnaire was used for the survey
Secondary Data Sources
The secondary data was collected Irom the company manuals, handbooks, and management
books and are edited to suite the purpose.

42 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Exploratory type oI research designs adopted because sources oI inIormation are relatively Iew
and the purpose is merely to Iind and to understand the possible actions. The maior purposes oI
exploratory study are:
IdentiIication oI problem
The precise Iormulation oI problems including the identiIication oI variables
Formulation oI alternative course oI action
An exploratory research is oIten the Iirst in the series oI proiects that culminates in one
concerned with the drawing oI inIerences that are used as a basis oI monetary action. Exploratory
study is oIten used as an introductory phase oI a larger study and results are used in developing
speciIic technique Ior larger study. OI the study the relevant questionnaire was prepared and
circulated among a stratiIied sample oI 50 employees oI BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURANCE
COMPANY LTD.. This questionnaire Iormed the basis Ior the views on each oI the points raised
in the questionnaire. The data thus obtained Iormed the basis oI inIormation regarding the
existing recruitment and selection processes at BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY
LTD. and the same is analyzed and interIerence is drawn regarding the various aspects oI
recruitment and the entire process oI selection at BHARTI AXA LIFE INSURANCE

43 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Analysis 1
Age of respondents: The following is the distribution of age of the respondents
Age ·25 Years 25-30 years 31-40 years ~40 years
Numbers oI
4 73 45 27

47.3° oI the total sample size comes Irom 20-25 age groups
Where individual less than 20 and more than 35years is 11.4°
Interpretation: The maiority oI interest during the survey was shown Irom the age group 20-25

44 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Analysis 2: Number of years stayed in Pune
No. oI years
·3 years 3-5 years 6-10 years 10-20 years ~20 years
No. oI
41 44 18 26 33

The people belonging Irom 3-5 years presence in Pune mainly come Irom student community
Whereas 6-10 years and 11-20 years oI presence in Pune were the most perIect candidate Ior
insurance company.
Interpretation: Though the interest was shown by candidates belonging to 3-5 years oI presence
in Pune but the maiority conversion rate was Irom people coming Irom 6-20 years oI bracket.

45 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Analysis 3: Occupation of individuals surveyed
Govt. Employee Pvt. Employee Students Unemployed HousewiIe
17 86 50 06 04

Here in this chart it shows that maximum numbers oI people surveyed come Irom Private
Company background and student community.
Interpretation: Sample which has been surveyed is dominated by younger individual like
student and recently ioined private employee.

Analysis : Qualification of individuals
"ualiIication 10
or below Intermediate Graduate P.G.
No. oI individual 18 15 80 50
CovLŦ Lmplovee
ÞvLŦ Lmplovee


46 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Interpretation :- The maiority people surveyed came Irom graduate and post graduate
groups and they IulIils our requirement.

Analysis : Biggest concern for future
Career Income Job
50 64 49

Interpretation:- Though all the three choices were equally preIerred but the income was
most preIerred.

47 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Analysis 6: Were they prepared for their future planning
Result YES NO
No. oI individual 77 86

Interpretation: - It shows that maiority oI them were still having no planning Ior Iuture.

Analysis 7: Interested for extra income

48 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Interpretation: - A very high response was shown Ior earning extra income.
The people who were interested Ior more income were the one who show more interest
towards insurance.

Analysis 8: Preferred amount as extra income by different people
Result 0k-5k 5k-10k 10k-20k ~20k No Answer
No. oI
28 51 29 7 48

Interpretation: -Most people needed around 5-10 thousand in the Iorm oI extra income.

Analysis 9: Interested for part time or full time
Full Time Part Time
77 86

49 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Interpretation: - Though it is an equal distribution but maiority people wanted to work as part
time employee in insurance.

Analysis 10: Awareness of Bharti AXA in Pune market
8ealon LAS1 WLS1 nC81P SCu1P CLn18AL lnS1l11u1lCn
?LS 20 18 21 7 20 14
nC 10 12 9 13 10 9
1C1AL 30 30 30 20 30 23

50 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


8ealon LAS1 WLS1 nC81P SCu1P CLn18AL lnS1l11u1lCn 1C1AL
?LS 20 18 21 7 20 14 100
nC 10 12 9 13 10 9 63
1C1AL 30 30 30 20 30 23 163
÷ (2-1) * (6-1)

51 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


CONCLUSION: -As the calculated value is less than the tabulated value. we can conclude
that our null hypothesis is accepted
So. we came to know from above calculation that there is a good brand awareness of

20 18Ŧ40490798 1Ŧ393092023 2Ŧ344318367 0Ŧ138241309
10 11Ŧ39309202 Ŵ1Ŧ393092023 2Ŧ344318367 0Ŧ219430649
18 18Ŧ40490798 Ŵ0Ŧ404907973 0Ŧ163930469 0Ŧ008907973
12 11Ŧ39309202 0Ŧ404907973 0Ŧ163930469 0Ŧ014139644
21 18Ŧ40490798 2Ŧ393092023 6Ŧ734302616 0Ŧ363907973
9 11Ŧ39309202 Ŵ2Ŧ393092023 6Ŧ734302616 0Ŧ38080631
7 12Ŧ26993863 Ŵ3Ŧ26993863 27Ŧ77223338 2Ŧ26343863
13 7Ŧ73006133 3Ŧ26993863 27Ŧ77223338 3Ŧ392739762
20 18Ŧ40490798 1Ŧ393092023 2Ŧ344318367 0Ŧ138241309
10 11Ŧ39309202 Ŵ1Ŧ393092023 2Ŧ344318367 0Ŧ219430649
14 14Ŧ11042943 Ŵ0Ŧ110429448 0Ŧ012194663 0Ŧ00086423
9 8Ŧ889370332 0Ŧ110429448 0Ŧ012194663 0Ŧ001371794

ï(CŴL)²/Lƹ 7Ŧ543540258

52 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

The Iindings are based on the survey undertaken and interview oI individuals Ior the
procurement oI liIe advisors.

The maior Iindings are:
1. The Individuals Iinally selected as LiIe advisors constitute 1.23° oI Sample size.

2. 1.840° oI the individuals who wanted to make extra money could Iinally be selected Ior
the Job.

3. Recruitment Agencies are the most eIIective source oI recruitment Ior Bharti Axa.
1oLal number of lndlvlduals surveved Ŵ163
Amona Lhe lndlvlduals survevedţ Lhe lndlvlduals who were wllllna Lo make
exLra monevŴ116
Amona Lhe lndlvlduals who were wllllna Lo make exLra
monevţ Lhose wlLh C score areaLer Lhan 3Ŵ 43
Amona Lhe lndlvlduals wlLh scores ƽ Lhan
C3ţ Lhose lnLervlewedŴ 19
lndlvlduals selecLed for
l8uA Lralnlna 5
llnallv selecLed
Llfe advlsors

53 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

As we know that 7.5° oI the peoples are insured that means rest 92.5° oI the people are still
living without insured. It means insurance industry is still in growth stage. But when we go to
recruit liIe advisors oI Bharti AXA most oI the people did not agree because their view was that
nobody is ready to invest in insurance. It is totally wrong perception oI some oI the people. One
important question arises in my mind is that iI more than 90° oI the Indian People are not
insured so why people are not interested to be an advisors? The reason is that 70° oI the people
oI India are living in rural areas and the awareness oI private insurance company in rural market
is very poor. But, it was Iound that the questionnaire and interview questions, employee manual
were suIIicient to obtain the inIormation required to analyze the process oI requirement within
the organization. It has been found that the organization has a sound understanding of what
process need to be used in order to achieve effective recruitment of Life advisors. In
addition to this, there are several recommendations Ior the organization.
For any Iirm to be successIul the main obiectives should be:
O Sustainable long-term growth,
O Stable income and
O Asset preservation;
O Need to emphasize quality and diversiIication in both equity and Iixed income asset
O Focus should be on long-term consistent investment perIormance.
O Emphasis towards training and enhancing skills oI recruiters needs to be more.
O Invest more in current staII than in Recruitment:
O Conduct internal audit.
O Be Creative
O Understand and manage salary:
The general perception of life insurance has to change in India before progress is made in
this field

54 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


1: In the 4 years oI existence in the market it has created a sensation by introducing its most
proIitable Unit-Linked Plans and products. The insurer needs to concentrate to make its products
and company much more aware among the public to change the mindset oI the people and attract
them towards insurance sector. This can make the recruitment oI the potential advisors very well.
To create the awareness among the people, the Iollowing methods could be adopted:
O It needs to conduct awareness programmers, campaigns and publish news about the
company, products and attributes to position it in the customer`s mind. The company
should timely communicate through media to make the relationship stronger.
O Another way oI creating awareness about the presence oI insurer is by placing hoardings
and posters in the traIIic areas and market complexes to attract the attention oI the people.
O The awareness through the Television is another medium. Though it advertises its product
but it should Iorecast itselI on the channel which the maximum oI people use or
advertising through regional channels.
O More awareness can be created by establishing more branch and subsidiaries in the urban
as well as rural areas. It can create much more awareness among the common people also.

The above discussed methods could be helpIul to create awareness and thus can attract more
people to be its customers as well as to be a good liIe advisor. But Ior this the recruitment
standard and the recruitment policy should be a good one.

2: The strict training schedule should be made Ilexible. For a person who is "4 or "5 on
score it is diIIicult Ior him/ her to be able to come Ior training especially in case when he/ she
is already working.

55 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

3: The incentive system should be more attractive to motivate more and more
people Ior becoming LiIe Advisors.

: There is need to have in place a properly managed perIormance appraisal system even Ior
liIe advisors that would contribute to eIIective retention oI personnel.

: The organization should use E- Recruitment in the process oI recruiting liIe advisors. It is
the use oI technology to assist the recruitment process. They advertise iob vacancies through
worldwide web. The iob seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.e. CV through e
mail using the Internet. Alternatively iob seekers place their CV`s in worldwide web, which
can be drawn by prospective employers depending upon their requirements.
6: The organization should use POACHING/Reading methods oI recruitment. It means
employing a competent and experienced person already working with another reputed
company in the same or diIIerent industry; the organization might be a competitor in the
Bharti AXA liIe insurance has innovative Unit Linked Plans with more Ilexible options
which diIIerentiates it Irom other insurer. But due to the lack oI awareness it does not penetrate
easily into the market. To ensure success at the local and national level, it is vital to create
awareness about its product and the beneIits provided by the respective products. Hence the
above recommendations would help the company to create the awareness. This will bring the
company higher visibility, and that will bring more success to the company.

56 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

Kotler, P.(2006), 'Marketing Management¨, 12
edition New Delhi: Pearson Publishers
Cooper DR, 'Business Research Methods¨, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi, 2006,pg-143-147
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Dionne (1984), "Search and Insurance", International Economic Review, Vol 25(2), 357-367

Broachers of Bharti AXA products


O www.irdaindia.org
O www.bharti-axaliIe.com
O www.wikipedia.org
O www.ibeI.org(Indian brand equity Iorum)
O www.selling-well.com
O www.insureme.com
O www.advisortoday.com
O www.unlockthegame.com

57 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

O Questionnaires


58 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`


YOUR PRESENT IN CITY:__________________
MARRED: YES______ NO__________





ARE YOU INTERESTED FOR PART TIME:¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸FULL TIME:¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸¸




59 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

CONTACT NUMBER:_________________________

kŦÞA1kA 3 N 8A 23 CAkLLk ¥ 51ULN1 ¥ 6Ŵ7k part ¥
2 n 8A 22
!C8 ?
n Ŵ l ?
lnCCML ? unLMÞLC?Lu ? 3Ŵ6k l n
5ŦÞkAnAN 4 n M8A 23 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n 3Ŵ6k l ?
5ŦkA1n 2 ? 8SC 28 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ l ?
8ŦknUN1IA 23 n 8ŦCCM 26 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? Ŵ parL ?
ÞŦ8InAk 3 n 8SC 27 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3Ŵ6k parL ?
5ŦNA¥Ak 3 n MA 24 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
n MA 23 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
5ŦMI5nkA 2 n MA 23 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL ?
ÞŦ5AnCC 23 n M8A 23 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 ? Ŵ parL ?
5Ŧ5AnCC 13 n 8ŦCCM 23 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 13k luLL n
5Ŧ5ULAMAN 3 n 8A 24 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
ÞŦNA¥Ak 46 ? 8SC 46 lnCCML ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
AŦkUMAk 23 n 8ŦCCM 24 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦÞAnI 3 n 8A 23 lnCCML ? S1uuLn1 ? 13k luLL ?
MŦÞANA 3 ? lA 28 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k luLL ?
GŦ8LnLkA 4 n MA 24 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦA5 11 n 8A 27 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?

60 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

ÞŦÞAkIA 13 ? LL8 32 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k parL n
LŦÞA1LL 1 ? lA 32 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL n
5ŦMAInI 23 n lA 26 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 6k parL n
AŦ8LnLkA 22
? 81P
23 lnCCML n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
MŦ1AU 6 ? 8A 33 !C8 n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
IŦ5ING 20 ? 8SC 38 lnCCML n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
GŦMCnAN1¥ 8 n 8A 23 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 4k parL n
5Ŧ1kIÞA1n¥ 20 ?
40 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
5ŦkCU1 8 ? MA 33 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
kŦGC¥AL 24 n 8ŦCCM 24 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
AŦ8ALA 10 n lA 32 lnCCML n unLMÞLC?Lu ? 13k luLL n


5Ŧ5WAkCCÞ 2 N 8Ŧ1LCn 25 IC8 N ÞV1 LMÞŦ ¥ 20k part ¥
ŦÞANA 2 n 8A 26 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
ÞŦ5AnCC 30 n 8A 30 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k luLL n
8Ŧ8AkIk 20 n 8A 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
5Ŧ5WAIN 7 n lA 27 lnCCML n unLMÞLC?Lu ? 3k parL n
kŦ5AnCC 2 n M8A 26 CA8LL8 n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 8k parL ?
5Ŧ5AnCC 4 n M8A 22 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 20k parL ?
8Ŧ5WAIN 1 n 8A 26 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
MŦA5 30 ? 101P 34 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
AŦA5 2 ? lA 38 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
MŦ8LnLkA 1 n MA 23 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?

61 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

1Ŧ5ING 2 n M88S 23 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
kŦkA1n 4 n 8ŦCCM 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
AŦkCU1 30 ? 8A 30 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
kŦkC1 23 n MCA 23 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
5ŦkAk 2 ? lA 29 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
5ŦnAkICnA 3 n M8A 23 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
kŦ1kIVL¥ 1 n MCA 28 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
kŦÞkAnAN 20 ? 101P 43 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
MŦkA1n 4 n MCA 23 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 10k luLL ?
kA1AN 2 n 8CA 22 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 10k luLL n
ÞŦA5 23 n M8A 23 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL ?
kŦÞANA 13 ? 101P 33 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
IŦknAN 23 ? 8A 26 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
ŦkANA 20 n 8A 28 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
UŦGAMANGC 4 n MA 26 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦILNA 2 n 8ŦCCM 24 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
AŦ5AnCC 12 n 8Ŧ1LCP 27 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?
5Ŧ5AnCC 3 n M8A 26 !C8 ? unLMÞLC?Lu ? 20k luLL ?
kŦkUMAkI 10 ? 8A 32 !C8 n PCuSLWllL ? 10k luLL n

ILIÞ 4 N 8ŦCCM 24 CAkLLk N 51ULN1 ¥ 10k part ¥

62 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

ÞŦkCU1kA¥ 3 n 8ŦCCM 23 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 10k parL ?
CŦ5AnCC 4 ? 101P 30 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
ŦMCnAN1¥ 23 n M8A 24 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 60k luLL ?
kA5nMI 6 ? 101P 24 lnCCML n PCuSLWllL ? 3k parL ?
LŦÞA1kA 7 n CS 26 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
kŦ5nAkMA 4 n 8ŦCCM 23 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 23k luLL ?
NŦ5AnCC 3 n M8A 23 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k luLL n
ÞŦMCnAN1¥ 1 ? 101P 32 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
5ŦMCnAN1U¥ 1 n MA 24 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 10k luLL ?
ÞŦA1I¥A 9 n MA 26 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 30k parL ?
MŦ¥AAV 8 ? lA 33 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL ?
Ŧ5AnCC 2 n M88S 23 lnCCML ? S1uuLn1 ? 10k parL ?
8ŦNA¥Ak 20 n
27 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k luLL n
1Ŧ5ING 10 ? 8A 34 CA8LL8 ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 30k parL ?
GŦA5 40 ? 101P 40 lnCCML ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
AŦ5AnCC 13 ? 8ŦCCM 36 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 30k parL n
kŦ8LnLkA 10 ?
38 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 30k parL ?
AŦ8LnLkA 7 n 8A 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
MŦ5AnCC 13 ? 101P 32 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
CŦkCU1kA¥ 12 ? 8A 30 lnCCML ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k luLL n
AŦÞANA 8 ? MA 36 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
ÞŦ8LnLkA 1
lA 26 CA8LL8 ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
ÞŦ5WAIN 14 ? lA 29 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
GŦ5AANGI 1 n 8SC 23 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 6k parL ?
5ŦMAII1 ALI 2 ? lA 34 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?

63 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

ÞŦMCnAÞA1kA 3 n 8SC 23 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 10k luLL n
ÞŦMCnAÞA1kA 2 n 8SC 24 lnCCML ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
kŦMCnAN1¥ 3 n 8Ŧ1LCP 23 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 20k luLL ?
kŦ5AnCC 1 n 8ŦCCM 23 lnCCML ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k luLL ?

ŦÞAnI 21 n 8A 23 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
kŦkCU1kA¥ 33 ? lA 37 !C8 n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
5ŦMCnALA 20 n 8A 23 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 13k luLL n
AŦA5 1 n 8A 24 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL ?
8Ŧ8LnLkA 1 n 8A 24 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
5Ŧ5WAIN 22 ? 101P 32 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
5U8nLNU 3 ? 8A 30 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
ÞŦÞA1kA 2 ? 8A 32 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL n
M knAN 26 ? 101P 37 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k parL ?
ÞŦÞANA 4 n 101P 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ parL n
NŦknAN 13 ? 8A 38 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
AŦMCnAÞA1kA 3 n M8A 27 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k parL ?
AŦNA¥Ak 23 ? 101P 29 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k luLL n
Ŧ5AnCC 24 ? 101P 34 lnCCML n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 20k parL n
NŦ8nAk1I 4 ? MA 31 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL n
ŦkANUNGC 33 ? 8A 33 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
kŦMUkMU 22 ? 8A 31 lnCCML n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
ÞŦkAk 13 ? 8SC 37 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 7k parL n
ÞŦ5U8UnI 3 ? LL8 32 !C8 ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 73k parL n

64 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

AŦ5AnCC 1 ? 101P 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL ?

kŦÞkAnAN 3 n 8SC 26 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL ?
ÞŦÞkAnAN 3 n M8A 24 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k luLL ?
kŦ5WAIN 3 n 8A 22 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 10k luLL n
5ŦÞANA 3 n 8CA 24 !C8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
5ŦÞANA 6 n M8A 24 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL n
ÞŦMCnAkANA 3 n 8SC 23 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
ÞŦÞUnAN 13 ? MSC 32 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦILNA 23 n M8A 23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 ? 13k luLL ?
ÞŦMCnAÞA1kA 1 n M8A 23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 ? 13k parL ?
IŦMCnAÞA1kA 23 ? M8A 23 !C8 ? PCuSLWllL n Ŵ luLL ?
AŦ5nAkMA 26 n MCA 26 !C8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k parL ?
ÞŦÞkAnAN 18 n
26 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
AŦkA1n 0 n MA 24 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
8Ŧ5AnCC 4 n 8A 23 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦÞkU51I 2 n 8A 26 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
5Ŧ5WAIN 1 n
23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 ? 16k luLL ?
IŦA5 0 n MA 23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 ? 4k parL ?
5Ŧ5WAIN 3 n 8A 23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 n 6k parL ?
IŦMCnAÞA1kA 10 n
23 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 10k parL ?
5Ŧ8nANIA 13 n M8A 23 !C8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
kŦNANA 23 ? 8A 32 !C8 ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
MŦÞA1I 3 n 8A 22 CA8LL8 ? S1uuLn1 ? 3k luLL ?

65 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

LŦÞAkIA 11 ? MCA 29 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 3k parL n
ŦÞkAnAkAI 23 ? MA 26 CA8LL8 n PCuSLWllL ? 4k parL n
AŦ5A1ÞA1n¥ 3 n LL8 26 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
8ŦILNA 0 n M8A 27 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k luLL ?
AŦÞANA 3 n lA 19 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
1ŦA5 19 n lA 19 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
5ŦÞA1kA 3 n 8ŦCCM 23 lnCCML n S1uuLn1 ? 6k parL n
ÞŦ5AnCC 3 ? M8A 28 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?

8ŦA5 17 ? 8A 31 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL ?
ÞŦkCU1 30 ? 8ŦCCM 30 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
AŦ5AnCC 23 n 101P 23 CA8LL8 n unLMÞLC?Lu n Ŵ luLL n
GŦNA¥Ak 23 n MCA 23 CA8LL8 n S1uuLn1 ? 3k parL n
ÞŦNA¥Ak 2 ? 8Ŧ1LCP 26 CA8LL8 n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 10k parL n
LŦ5WAIN 30 n 8A 30 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 9k parL ?
CŦ5WAIN 7 n M8A 16 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
5ŦCInA 1 ? M8A 29 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL ?
CŦÞkAnAN 3 n 101P 20 !C8 n S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
MŦ5LNAÞA1¥ 3 n 8Ŧ1LCP 28 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?
CŦÞkAnAN 1 ? 101P 30 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k parL n
? 8Ŧ1LCP 36 lnCCML ? Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
ŦNA¥Ak 10 n M8A 23 CA8LL8 n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL ?
8Ŧ8nANIA 1 n 8A 23 CA8LL8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 10k parL ?

66 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

nŦÞA1kA 2 n 8SC 24 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL n
5Ŧ8LnLkA 4 n 8A 24 !C8 ? S1uuLn1 n Ŵ luLL ?
VŦMALLIk 3 ? 8A 34 lnCCML n CCv1ŦLMÞŦ ? 20k luLL ?
MŦMI5nkA 1 ? 8A 32 !C8 ? Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k luLL n
kŦ5AnCC 1 n 8A 21 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 20k luLL ?
kŦNA¥Ak 0 ? lA 32 !C8 ? CCv1ŦLMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL v
8ŦkCU1 28 n 8SC 28 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ n Ŵ luLL n
IŦMCnAÞA1kA 20 n 8Ŧ1LCP 24 !C8 ? unLMÞLC?Lu ? 10k luLL ?
5ŦÞAkIA 3 ? 8A 32 lnCCML n Þv1 LMÞŦ ? 13k parL ?

Co|um 1ŴName
Co|um 2ŴNoŦ of years stayed |n ÞuneŦ
Co|um 3ŴMarr|ed or not
Co|um 4ŴCua||f|cat|on
Co|um 5ŴAge
Co|um 6Ŵ8|ggest concern for future
Co|um 7ŴÞrov|s|on for future concern
Co|um 8ŴÞresent profess|on
Co|um 9ŴInterested for extra |ncome or not
Co|um 10ŴÞreferance amount of extra |ncome
Co|um 11ŴInterested for part t|me or fu|| t|me [ob
Co|um 12Ŵknow|edge about 8hart| AkA

67 ' P a g e
l´`!l` I!´!!I´`.l ¹`I`!!I¯`

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