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::::::::::~~ (AS on October 1, 2010)

Shri V.S. Rathore Executive Director

Small Industries Development Bank ofIndia

Chairman and Mauaging Director IDBI Bank Ltd.


Dr. Yogindler K. Alagh

Vi'ce Chairman & Professor Emeritus Sardar Pate! Institute of

Economic & Social Research Ahmedabad

Sh1'1 D.P. Bagchi, lAS (Retd.) Ex-Chief Secretary, Orissa

Mrs. K. Rama Devi


Association of Lady Entrepreneurs of Andhra Pradesh


Shri Anand T. KlJSre

Nominee Member of ICICI Bank Ltd., Mumbai

Shn M.K. Nag

Chief General Manager (SME) State Bank of India


Dr. Sailendra N arain Chairman

Centre for SME Growth & Development Finance Navi Mumbai

Shri Atul Kumar Rai

Chief Executi ve Officer &. Managing Director IFCI Limited

New Delhi

Vice Chairman & Director,

Adani Institute of Infrasrructurelvlanagement, Ahmedabad

Shri Gaurav Nanavatv, Managing Director, Anup Industries Lrd., Ahmedabad

Shri Jay Rupard,

Chief Operating Officer,

AZURE Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad

Shri Pranav Adani, Managing Director, Adani Wilmar Ltd., Ahmedabad

Shri Kaushal Mehta,

Chairman and Managing Director,

India Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

SME Development Centre Mumbai

Shri B. Ravindranath Executive Director IDEl Bank Ltd. Mumbai

Shri Meheshwar Sahu, lAS Principal Secretary

Industries & Mines Department Govt.ofGujarat


Shri Umesh Chandra Sarangi, lAS Chairman

National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development


Shr] Udav Kumar Varma, lAS Secretary (MSME)

Ministry of Micro,

Small & Medium Enterprises Government of India

New Delhi

Dr. Dinesh Awasthi Director

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Indica


Shri Praful Contractor, Trustee, Dahvabhai Chhotalal Charity Foundation, Ahmedabad

Sbd Sagar Patel, Director, Planet Health, Ahmecabad

Shri Yatindra Sharma, Joint Managing Director,

KHS Machinery Pvc Ltd. & Vice Chairman, Cll-Gujarat Council, Ahmedabad

Shri Sunil Parekh, Corporate Advisor, Zydus Group, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., Ahmedabad

Dr. Dinesh Awasthi, Director, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Ahmedabad

Director's Message

Greetings from ED! !!!

The challenges of the business world are getting increasingly complex. An entrepreneur's turf is as much global as local, and requires him/her to wield strategic entrepreneurial skills to surge. The course, 'Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Business Entrepreneurship' has been launched to prepare a cadre of entrepreneurial managers, besides competent and competitive entrepreneurs who achieve the optimum beyond the resources they control. It is their positive entrepreneurial mindset that sets result- giving goals and takes the organisation that they work for, to the zenith of success.

The specialization options offered to students are Family Business Management; New Enterprise Creation: Agri-Entrepreneurship, EntrepreneuriaL Education and Services Management. Over these two years the students have developed entrepreneurial creativity, and look forward to apply their knowledge across a variety of settings and sectors. Entrepreneurship, Organisation Management, Business Policy and Strategy, Marketing, Business Opportunity and Project Formulation and Economics and Finance are areas in which they have developed intense insights. The past experiences indicate their enormous usefulness particularly in implementing 'Green Field Projects'.

I am happy to present 17 fervent entrepreneurial-managers before you, keen to showcase their capabilities, resolve and commitment level. We invite corporates to give a platform to them to exhibit their skills.

- Dr. Dinesh Awasthi

Chairman's Message

The Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Business Entrepreneurship is a course which is contemporary in terms of the coverage of its curriculum. This 'futuristic course', as I would like to put it, imparts specialized traits and knowledge to its students and grooms them in a way to take up the role ofinrra-preneurs or entrepreneurial managers. For any organisation to flourish, it is important that its employees nurture an entrepreneurial attitude towards work. The students of this course possess the tight kind of skills, attitude and knowledge to make meaningful contribution to the organisation that they work for.

Exploring and exploiting business opportunities, developing and using networks, taking initiatives and calculated risks so as to achieve a goal are the niche areas of these passing out students. Their skills will immensely benefit the organization that they workfor,

On the part of the student, I can see a distinct enthusiasm to prove themselves. They are determined to make a difference to the organisation that they work for by becoming resultoriented professionals.

We invite corporates to give them an opportunity to showcase their unique skills .

. Dr. Sunil Shukla


For the past few years, I have been interacting with you in capacity of Faculty- In-Charge of the Placement Cell ofEDI's Post Graduate Programmes. Like in the past, this year too I feel privileged to present this Placement Brochure of the students of Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE) 2009-2011 batch, passing out in the month ofMarch-2011.

For the past 27 years, EDI has been developing young minds to take up the challenges of entrepreneurship to strengthen and shape the economy of India. Over last 11 years 616 students have successfully completed the programme from EDI and are actively contributing to different sectors of the industry. They are highly motivated and trained entrepreneurs and intra-preneurs, who possess the vision to innovate and implement projects with excellent commitment levels.

I am confident that the students of our Institute will live-up to your expectations as they have been doing so far.

The Placement Brochure will give you an insight into our course and the students. It will, I am confident, give you reasons to visit EDI and meet our students.

Once again, I welcome you to our Institute for Campus Placement from 1 December 2010 to gauge our would be catalysts' foresightedness and depth.

Ramkrishna Mistry Faculty-In-Charge of Placement Cell

The Institute

An acknowledged National Resource Institute for Entrepreneurship education, research & training

The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (ED1) is an autonomous and not-for-profit Institute, set up in 1983 with the support ofleading financial institutions like; the IDBI Bank Ltd., ICICI Ltd., IFCI Ltd. and the State Bank of India with active support of Government ofGujarat.

EDI's pioneering activities in entrepreneurship development training and education have established that people from all walks of Iife can become business owners and entrepreneurial managers provided they are trained in a focused manner. It has demolished the myth that entrepreneurs are born, and not made.

Through well conceived training interventions and capacity building activities, over the last 26 years, ED1 has equipped a few thousand people with entrepreneurial skills. EDl has been spearheading entrepreneurship movement throughout the nation, by organising various training programs, workshops and research projects under strategic thrust areas, thereby advancing the frontiers of theories and practices of entrepreneurship and effectively contributing to the nation's economic vitality.

To pursue its mission further, EDI has helped set up fourteen state-level exclusive entrepreneurship development centers and institutes. One of the more satisfying achievements, however, was taking entrepreneurship to a large number of schools, colleges, science and technology institutions and management schools in several states by incorporating entrepreneurship inputs in their curricula. In view of EDI's expertise in Entrepreneurship, the University Grants Commission had also assigned EDl the task of developing curriculum on Entrepreneurship, and Gujarat Textbook Board assigned to it the task of developing textbooks on Entrepreneurship for 11 th & 12 th standards.

EDl has also established linkages with a nationwide network of organizations and institutions committed to entrepreneurship development. Even though much has been realized, far more remains to be done and EDI continues with its mission of augmenting manifold the nation's aggregate capacity to develop entrepreneurial potential.

EDI has been spearheading entrepreneurship movement throughout the nation with a belief that entrepreneurs need not necessarily be born, but can be developed through well-conceived and well-directed activities.

In consonance with this belief, ED I aims at;

• creating a multiplier effect on opportunities for self-employment;

• augmenting the supply of competent entrepreneurs through training; augmenting the supply of entrepreneur trainer-motivators; participating in institution building efforts;

inculcating the spirit of'Entrepreneurship' in youth;

promoting micro enterprises in rural areas of the country;

• developing and disseminating new knowledge and insights in entrepreneurial theory and practice through research;


facilitating corporate excellence by creating entrepreneurial managers, known as intrapreneurs;

improving managerial capabilities of small scale ind ustries;

sensitizing the support system to facilitate potential and existing entrepreneurs establish and manage their enterprises; and

Collaborating with similar organisations in India and other developing countries to accomplish the above objectives.

The Institute's basic strategy to realize its mission has been to concentrate on some broad areas to achieve its objectives. The areas so selected have to satisfy the twin criteria of social relevance and the institute's capability.

EDI has earned a great deal of national and international recognition for its pioneering work as reflected in the support it has received from the World Bank, International Labor Organization, UNIDO, Commonwealth Secretariat and several other international agencies. EDI is one of the panel Institutes of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India's Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Program, popularly known as "ITEC", which was launched in 1954 as a bilateral programme for technical and economic assistance to under-developed and developing countries.

Students interacting with participants of an International Training Programme

Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM~BE)

Globalization and liberalization of the Indian economy along with integration of world markets have opened up avenues of prosperity and growth for business. The fast pace of changes has brought out the need to innovate newer ways of establishing and managing enterprises. To address these needs, the Institute pioneered a full time entrepreneurship education course in 1998. The programme is offered as two year Post Graduate Diploma in Management -Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE), approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Ministry ofHRD, Government ofIndia.


The objectives of this accelerated, rigorous and application-oriented programme are to:

• Identify and evaluate new venture opportunities by interpreting the customer needs and then initiate the capital investment process in new up-coming areas, including tourism, agriculture and services sectors.

• Enhance & expand the ventures both geographically and culturally by leveraging the science and technology to magnify the value proposition.

• Develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners of the business of their fore fa thers.

• Create cadres of educators and researchers in the field of Entrepreneurship Development.

Structure of the Programme

PGDM-BE is a two year, full-time programme offered through six trimesters. Curriculum offers a strong mix of quantitative, analytical and strategic skins that form the basis of progressive theories and concepts in business and management practices. It aims at preparing the students for all aspects of modern day business. It also aims at promoting an inquisitive mind, which proactively seeks the right knowledge, acquires appropriate skills and the right attitude to develop capabilities needed to manage enterprises ill the twenty-first century. As business ventures demand a strong foundation in key functional areas, the programme offers courses under foundation, perspective, management and application module in six academic areas distributed throughout the programme duration. The areas focussed upon are; Entrepreneurship, Organization Management, Business Policy & Strategy, Marketing, Business Opportunity & Project Formulation and Economics & Finance. The programme also offers dual specialization, that helps the students specialize in a key funtional area besides his/her selected specialization stream in entrepreneurship.

Specializations offered in Entrepreneurship

New Enterprise Creation:

The objective of this specialization is to provide knowledge and develop competencies to start and manage own independent business. Students opting for this specialization are guided to work on a detailed project report and emerge with a bankable business plan after completion of classroom training.

Family Business Management:

This specialization aims at developing family business successors into enterprising and ,knowledgeable owners of the business of their forefathers. Issues, problems and unique concerns of


family business management are dealt with in great detail so as to enable the students to come outwith a five-year growth plan.

Agri- Entrepreneurship:

The primary objective of this specialization is to develop agri-preneurs who can operate in the agriculture sector, understand its nuances, exploit opportunities galore in this field and benefit from the latest schemes of the government to promote the sector

Services Management:

The objective is to facilitate conceptual understanding of the fast emerging services sector and its significance to the economy. The stream provides an in-depth analysis of the environment that leads to recognition of opportunities in the services sector. Students are able to benefit from such opportunities and create and manage new ventures in this sector.

Specializations offered in Key Functional Areas

The unique feature of the PGDM-BE is its dual specialization. Entrepreneurial Managers need to address various issues concerning higher productivity, greater efficiency and effectiveness of new/family business organizations and for this they must be well equipped with competencies in different functional areas. To provide these inputs, PGDM-BE programme offers dual specialization which, apart from imparting knowledge on creating and managing business, enhances the knowledge in key functional areas viz Marketing, Finance and HRM, so that students can contribute to various functions of an organisation with equal efficiency.

Trimester II

Trimester TIl

Entrepreneurship Theatre

Creativity & Innovation for Entrepreneurial Excellence

Entrepreneurial Effectiveness

Entrepreneurial Lab


Theory & Practice

Business Opportunity Identification

Organization Behavior

Business Finance-I

Marketing Management

Management Accounting-I

Business Economics:Macro

Business Environment Analysis

Business Economics: Micro

Human Resource Management

Strategic Management

Information & Communication Technology for Entrepreneurs

Management Accounting-Il

Research Methodology & Quantitative Techniques

Business Communication

Production & Operations Management

Business Taxation

Business Opportunity Guidance

Business Finance-Il

Second Year

1I·m ster V

Project; Formulation, Appraisal & Implementation

Business Policy

Social Entrepreneurship

E, Processes for Effective Business

ri ester VI

Project Report Preparation

Negotiation Skills for Entrepreneurs

Business Law

lnrernational Business-I

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

International Busmess-Il

Leadership & Change Management

Organization Development

SpecializatiOn in. Anyon Area

Conflict, Competition & Collaborations

Specialization in Anyone Funtional Area

Specialization Streams ecialization

Project Preparation:

Concepts & Compenents

New Enterprise Creation (NEC)

Family Business Management (FBM)



Enterprise Establishment Entrepreneurship:

Management Sustenance and Growth

New Enterprise:

Identificatioll & Selection

Family Business Management

Agri- Entrepreneurship Environmenr and Trend

Entrepreneurial Management

Agri- Enterprise:

Selectioll and Management

Venture Growth Plans & Formulation

Agri- Business Marketing

Services Management (SM)

Service Sector Enterprise:

Selection and Management

Customer Relationship Management

Retail Business Management


International Marketing

Sales and Distribution Management

Strategic Financial Management: Contemporary issues Banking & Financial Services: SME Perspective

Branding, Advertising and Corporate Communication


Investment Banking & Wealth Management

The interactive nature of learning distinguishes EDI from many other institutions. The emphasis is on expetientiallearning. The curriculum is a mix of lectures, simulation games, case studies, and project-based seminars which create a truly dynamic learning experience and develop entrepreneurial mindset and skills.


Teaching and guidance are principally provided by EDT Faculty and selectively supported by a host of experts from Leading educational institutions, consultancy firms and entrepreneurs. Students get exposed to the entrepreneurial community on the campus and get a good understanding about the theoretical approach as wen as its application. Between finishing the programme and starting a business, students gain hands-on experience by working on a related project in the sector of their choice. The program relies extensively on unique leadership-building exercises, integrative simulations and real ~ life projects.

At the end of the first year, students ate exposed to applied aspects of managing an enterprise through Summer Internship Placements. A Placement Cell has been set up by the Institute to facilitate the interaction between students and the industry. Students are placed in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as per their specialization / area of interest, for a period of8- 10 weeks after completion of the first year,

Students are also encouraged to undertake data collection and prepare Preliminary Project Report for their own venture/family business. Faculty members guide the students on how to collect data, analyze it and prepare the report. This is the first step in the direction of their Detailed Project Report

At the end of the second year, Detailed Project Report (DPR), a critical element of Project Preparation & Management, is prepared by the students after careful secondary research and market scanning with IT based applications. This forms an important part of the programme. The students apply the tools, techniques and the tactics learned during the programme while preparing the DPR. The students of Family Business specialization alternatively prepare Family Business Perspective Plan (FBPP) for their family firms. The students appear for the viva-voce examination on the same topic, For DPR or FBPp, each student is attached to a faculty member for seeking necessary guidance and supervision. Students submit a copy of their project report to the Institute and it is graded.



Area of Specialisation

Dinesh Awasthi, Director

Ph.D. (Economics)

Policy Research & Rural Entrepreneurship

Sunil Shukla, Ph. D. (Psychology)

Chairperson- POPs

Entrepreneurship, OB&HR

Satya Ranjan Acharva M.Sc. (Ag) , MFC, PGDBA

Agriculture and Finance

Ganapathi Batthini M.LLSc., Net Qualified

library and Information Science

Tarun Bedi B.E. (Civil), M.A. (Sociology)

Entrepreneurship & Cluster Development

Pankaj Bharti Ph.D. (Psychology)


Meena Bilgi

M. Phil. (Social Work)

Binod Das

Ph.D. (Political SOciology) B.Sc., MSW, Dip. TO, PGDIP. Psy. Counseling




NGO Management OB&HR

Hemang Desai

Ajay Dixit Raman Gujaral

Rajesh Gupta

Thimmappa K. Kumar Mukul


Manoj Mishra

Sasi Misra Ramkrishna Mistry, Faculty-In-Charge of Placements

V Padmanand

Sanjay Pal

D. M. Parikh

]. B. Patel

Ph.D. (Agriculture Economics)

M. A. aNU)

M.Com, MBA (Finance), Grad. C.WA.


Ph.D. (Psychology) M.Com.

M. Phil CRENIEO, M. Phil., Cambridge, UK, PGDMM

M.Sc. (Economics),

MBA (Marketing)

B.E. (Mechanical),

M.Tech. (Ind. Mgt; lIT, KGP)

B.Se. (Chern.), B.Se. (Tech.)

Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Development

Cluster Development

Agribusiness Marketing


Finance & Accounts

Agri- Business, Micro Enterprise & Micro Finance


NGO Management

Entrepreneurship & Cluster Development

Rural Marketing

C. R. Patnaik A. B. Raju

N. Rarnesh

K. Nagaraj a Rao

S. B. Sareen

Bipin Shah

Vivek Shah

K. K. Shaw

B. B. Siddiqui



B.Tech (Mech}, PGDRM (IRMA)

M. Sc. (Chemistry)

M.A. (Political Science) AIII

Diploma in Textile Technology, D.I.M, D.I.M.O,(Hon.}, D.M.M.

B.Sc. (Chem.) , MBA (Finance)


B.E. (Hon.) Mechanical, PGBEM

Ph.D. (Psychology)

Project Finance

Project Formulation & Management

Entrepreneurship Development Operations &

Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship Development Insurance & Risk Management

Entrepreneurship Development

Project Formulation & Management


Technology & Cluster Development


B.Sc. (Chem.), PGDPPl; PGDBM, PGDRD (IGNOU), LL.M., M.A. (Sociology)

Pramod Srivastava

M.A. (Economics)

Entrepreneurship & Cluster Development

P. N. Srivastava

Entrepreneurship Development


v S. Sukumaran


Entrepreneurship Development

Subhransu Tripathy

M. A. (Sociology), Ph D (Economics)

Development Economics

D. D. Trivedi



Mayank Upadhyay



[ignasu Yagnik

Information Technology, Research Methods



Area of S ecialisation

Archana Dholakia, Former Dean, Ph.D. (Economics)

School of Social Science,

Gujarar University, Ahmedabad

Economics & Research Methodology

Mahesh Gupta, Consultant, MBA, CS, LLM


Business law

Easwaran Iyer, Ph. D (Finance)

Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer

Jain College, Bangalore


B. P. Murali, PGDM (lIM-A)

Former Chief Faculty, EDI


Rasanand Panda, Ph. D (Economics)

Pandit Deen Dayal Petroleum

University, Gandhinagar


V G. Patel, Former Vice Chairman Ph.D. (Economics)

and Founder Director, EDI

Entrepreneurship Development

Deepak Srivastava, MBA, Ph.D.

Nirma Institute of

Management, Ahmedabad

International Business

Mini Mathur, MICA Ph. D (Retail Management)

Retail Business

Subrat Sahu, Pandit Deen Dayal Ph. D (Management)

Petroleum University, Gandhinagar

Marketing Management

Nikhil Vaswani, Co-Founder & PGDM (lIM-A)

Director, Wellocity

Service sector

Hemant Trivedi, Facutlv, MICA Ph. D (Retail Management)

Retail Business

Arif Bazi, SBU Head, Prakash Chemicals

Shiv Kothari

Pranav Sanghvi

Nilesh Suchak Consultant, Ahmedabad

S K Datta

Faculty, IBS, Ahmedabad

Rakesh Bhavsar Consultant, Ahmedabad

Victor Anthony Saldanha Consultant, Ahmedabad

K Rajasekaran, Fonner AGM Global Trust Bank

Devang Sanghavi, President & Director, Atlas Dye-Chern

Archit Patel, Sr. Manager-Hlc, Z vdus Cadila

Bindi Mehta

K G K Wartier,

Deputy Director, NIIST Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CA, Ph. D (Corporate Finance)


Corporate Finance

Operations and Marketing

D Clashi

B PShah

Ph. D (Management)

Marketing Management


International Business

B. Com., CAIIB

Banking and Financial Services

MBA, Marketing

International Marketing


Human Resources Management

Corporate Governance & Ethics

Nano Technology



Chemical Engineering


Food Processing

Ph.D. (Dairy Eng.)

Dairy Technology


Chemical Trading

c.A. MBA

New Enterprise Creation Business Simulation

Entrepreneurs & Mentors Associated with PGDM-BE

Shri Alpesh Parikh, Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club Ltd. Shri Archit Patel, Zydus Cadila

Shri Badri Mahapatra, Director, Sanguine Consultants Shri Chandubhai Virani, Director, Balaji Wafers Ltd. Shri Chenraj Jain, Chairman, Jain Group ofInstitutions

Shri Dushyantjoshi, CEO, Azure Knowledge Corporation Pvt. Ltd Shri Gaurav Nanavaty, Anup Industries Ltd.

Shri HarenShah, Peach Computers Ltd.

Shri KSubramaniam, Managing Director, Masibus Process Instruments Ltd.



Shri M. A. Suryanarayana, Vice President (HRCC), Zvdus Cadila Shri Madhur Todi, Mera Money Advisors (P) Ltd

Shri Manoj Somani, Managing Director, Gopala Polyplast Ltd. ShriN, G. Mavalankar, Advisor, Genest Engineering Ltd. ShriNadeem jafri, Hearty Mart Ltd

ShriN aushad Forbes, Managing Director, Forbes Marshall Shri Pivush Palkhiwala, Maps (India) Ltd.

Shri Rajiv Vastupal, VP, AlMA & Chairman, Rajiv Petrochemicals Pvc Ltd. Shri Shriya Damani, Founder and CEO, Skyquest labs

Shri Sunil Parekh, Advisor, CRISIL & Zydus Cadila

Shri Yatindra Sharma, Vice Chairman, Cll-Gujarat Council

Life at EDI

Extracurricular activities

The Institute offers its students a wide range of high-quality sports and cultural activities which enhances and completes the student's academic experience. Students are involved in many extracurricular activities and organize cultural and sports events regularly. They also participate in industry seminars and exhibitions.

Volleyball Premier League (VPL): A unique fusion of business and sports has been designed by Students of 12d\ (2009-11) batch. Every semester begins with a VPL week. Auctions are held and teams compete against each other for the rolling VPL trophy. So far 2 seasons have been played and has been quite a success. Preparations are on for extending the format to other forms of sports.

Finance Friday: The students of 12'11 batch have started a unique discussion and brainstorming forum for discussing and understanding the current trends among start-ups and corporates pertaining to managing finance and its long term implications.

Barcamp Ahmedabad: Chapter 3 of Barcamp (http://www.barcampahmedabad.org) was held at EDI on 4th April 2010. The event was organised and conducted by students of 12th batch ED!. Industrialists, Entrepreneurs and Students from across the country were part of this event which focuses on sharing ideas.

Workshops, OuestLectures, Industrial Visits, Live Projects

Discussion on latest developments through workshops, seminars, guest lectures and industrial visits complement the class room learning. Every year students organize seminars on a subject of topical interest. Students work on live projects to get first hand experience in different enterprises on various current topics. Industrial visits are regularly arranged for students with a view to enhance their knowledge and exposure towards the practical side of the industry: As such, these company visits remain dialogue-driven events, allowing the students to discuss ideas and viewpoints that are directly related to their needs and interests.

The EDI Library & Information Centre (EDILIC)

EDILlC is a state-of-the-art information centre, enriched with updated information sources in the held of Entrepreneurship and related subjects. It has a rich, rapidly growing book collection, which is mainly focused on the curricula of PO Programmes. Besides, the library subscribes to about 130 national and international periodicals and magazines. Another special feature of the center is the video and CD collection in the area of Entrepreneurship. Theresources and facilities help students in accessing the latest and relevant information and other literature to supplement quality entrepreneurship education at EDt EDILIC subscribes to KOMPASS, one of the world's leading business-to-business information of 75 countries and indiastat.com which gives socio economic statistical data on India. It also has 'PROWESS,' a financial data base from Centre of Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), besides 24 online journals including Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Entrepreneurship, Small Business Economics, etc.

Entrepreneur Interaction

Institute seeks to create a more focused conversion of the student's ideas and knowledge into a realizable business and, therefore, organizes face-to-face interactions with successful entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are involved in mentoring students interested in taking up an entrepreneurial career. These are mentoring session with tremendous tangible impact. The students put ail their learning theory, practice, experience and talent into sharp focus and reach a decision that gives a definite direction to their entrepreneurial career.

EDI Alumni Association (EDIAA)

The alumni association is rich in diversity. Each member represents different culture & geography, education & social background, managing businesses in different sectors from manufacturing to services and not-for-profit enterprises. The members, apart from acknowLedging and celebrating their differences, harness the benefits accuring out of their commonality of entrepreneurial passion. The strength of ED I Alumni Association is about 900 members spread across different regions, and steadily growing. The alumni, who are the brand ambassadors of the Institute, share their experiences with the students regularly through various programmes like -

• Entre-Plexus: It is the annual EDT alumni meet, wherein effervescent minds meet to discuss the progress of successful enterprise.

• Networking Summit: A networking eventfor EDI alumni. The summit aims at generating a forum where the alumni can network with each other by way of sharing their current and fu ture business/career plans.

Refreshing Interactions and Guests Lectures: Periodically ED1AA organises interactive session with dynamic entrepreneurs from varied sectors so as to learn from their experiences.

• EDlAA Premier League: A night cricket tournament organised by and for EDr alumni. The sport brings the alumni together in a non-formal fashion and brings out the winning spirit of the participants.

Picnics and Dinners: Regularly EDIAA organises social events to provide an opportuni.ty for the alumni's family's to interact and know each other.


Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area ofInterest Internship Theme Internship Organisation Contact Information Specialization Stream




Area of Interest Internship 111eme Internship Organization Contact Information

Specialization Stream

Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area ofInterest Internship Theme Internship Organisation Contact Information

Specialization Stream

Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information

Specialization Stream

: Abhishek Goenka : 2Z Years

; B.B.M., Certificate in Capital Market &

Derivatives Market from NSE ; Finance

: Floor management of the company

; Greystone Ispat Pvt. Ltd., Guwahati

: (M) 09687934555, Email: abhishekgoenka@live.com : 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Finance

: Alisha Makhijani : 21 Years

: B.Com.

: Marketing and Human Resources

: Market Analysis of three different sectors

: Opulence Business Solutions, Ahmedabad : (M) 09998681940

E-mail: alisha.makhijaniojigmail.com

: 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Marketing

; Alok Kumar Rai : 23 Years

; B.RA. (Marketing) : Marketing, FMCG

: Marketing Strategy for Ceramic product : Ganpati Industries Pvt. Ltd., Pune

: (M) 09601620644

Email: alokrai87@gmail.eom

: 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Marketing

: Anvit Awasthee : 23 Years

: B.B.A. (Marketing) : Marketing

: Overview of Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd. : Ruehi Soya Industries Ltd.

: (M) 09537340560

Email: anvitawasthee@yahoo.co.in

; 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Marketing

: Asher Ben : 28 Years

: B.Tech. (IT)

: 3.8 Years with Aspire Systems (2008-09) (www.aspiresvs.com) & Collabnet (www.collah.net] Ivesia Solutions (2007 -08) (www.ivesia.com)

Virtusa India Pvt. Ltd (2006-2007)(www.virtusa.com) Proton web Solutions (2005 -2006) (www.protonweb.com)

: Marketing of IT & IYES

: Marketing Strategy for Corona Business Solutions : Corona Business Solutions L.L.c.

: (M) 09601620252, Email: asherisfine@gmail.com : l. Service Management 2. Marketing



Age Qualifications Experience

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream




Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream


Age Qualifications Experience

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organisation Contact Information

Specialization Stream




Area of Interesr Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream

: Binal Deopura : 21 Years

: B.B.A (Marketing & Finance) : Marketing and HRM

: Export Marketing & New Business Idea Development : Kissan Brothers Pvt. Lrd., Ahmedabad

: (M) 099091 03033, E-mail: deopurabinal@gmail.com : l. New Enterprise Creation 2. Marketing

: Gaurav Vyas : 26 Years

: B.BA (Marketing)

: 8 months (4.5 Months Neptune Staffing Solution, 2.5

months with Aegis and 2 months with Osiris (BPO). : Finance

: Understanding Opportunities in Commodity Market : Waris Consultancy Services, Ahmedabad

: (M) 099988 10545

E-luai.1: gauravskvvasrg'gmail.com

: l. New Enterprise Creation 2. Finance

: Heena Rohra : 22 Years

: B.B.A. (Finance & HR)

: Marketing and Human Resource

: Comparative Analysis of Reliance Fresh Ltd. : Reliance Retail Ltd., Ahmedabad

: (M) 097252 55896, E-mail: rohraheenatgigmail.com : 1. Services Management 2. Marketing

Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialiaation Stream


Age Qualifications Experience

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information

Specialization Stream




Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream




Area ofInterest Internship Theme Internship Organisation Contact Information Specialization Stream

: ]anvi Gohil : 22 Years

: B.B.A. (Finance & Export)

; Finance & Human Resource Management

: Working Capital Management & Business Related Results : Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union : (M) 09879557626, E-mail: ghljanvi@gmail.com

: l. Service Management 2. Finance

: Kuldtp Patel : 21 Years

; B.E. (Electronics & Communication]

: 15 months of part time experience as a Team Leader and Trainer in GISH Online and Tele Shopping, 4 months with Multispan Automation as a Marketing Engineer.

: Finance

; Promotional Strategy for New Products : Food Division, lTC Ltd., Ahmedabad

: (M) 09276832182,

E-mail: ec.mba.kuldippatel@gmaLl.com : 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Finance

: Neha Bhardwaj : 22 Years

; B.CA.

: Human Resource, Training & Development

: Training Need Analysis of Reliance Retail Ltd. : Reliance Retail Ltd., Ahmedabad

: (M) 09724342340,. E-mail: nehabh.28@gmaiLcom : 1. Service Management 2. Marketing

: Pratik Mistry ; 24 Years

: B.Sc.

: Marketing

: Study of Key issue in Family Business

: Mistry [ayram [ethalal & Sons, Khedbrahma

; (M) 094281 98886, Email: pratik.1626@gmail.com ; 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Marketing





Area ofInterest Internship Theme Internship Organiaation Contact Information Specialization Stream

Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organisation Contact Informa tion Specialization Stream

Name Age

Qualifica tions

Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream

Name Age

Qualifica tions Area of Interest Internship Theme

: Priyanka Oza : 23 Years

: B.Com.

: Marketing & Human Resource Management : Recruitment & Selection

: India Infoline Ltd. (Premia Division}, Ahmedabad

: (M) 09974761736, Email: priyanka.oza1711@gmail.com : 1. Service Management 2. Marketing

: Punit Ahir : 21 Years

: B.B.A. (Marketing & Finance) : International Business/Exports

: Export Potential of Micro Irrigation System : Abhigam Agency, Ahmedabad

: (M) 094295 16764, E-mail punitahir@gmail.com : 1. New Enterprise Creation 2, Marketing

: Raghav Periwa] : 22 Years

: B.B.A (Marketing & Finance) : Finance

: Export Potential of Castor Seeds & Castor Oil : Abhigam Agency, Ahmedabad

: (M) 09825038985, E-mail: periwalraghav@gmail.com : 1. New Enterprise Creation 2. Finance

: Saurabh Baranwal : 23 Years

: B.Sc. (IT) : Finance

: Analyzing ERP & Integrating Module (for PCB Industry)

Internship Organization : Peach Computers, Ahmedahad

Contact Information : (M) 09558035995,

Email: saurabh.baranwal3@gmail.com : 1. New Enterprise Creation 2, Finance

: Vandana Bordia : 22 Years


: Finance

: Store Management

: RSWM Ltd" KharigramUnit, Bhilwara

: (M) 09662841195, E-mail: vandanabordial@gmail.com : 1. Service Management 2, Finance

Specialization Stream




Area of Interest Internship Theme Internship Organization Contact Information Specialization Stream

Orgnaisation Details:

Company: __

Contact Person:



Tel No.: (0) (M) _

Fax: _




Address for Correspondence: __

Date & Time'

Proposed Da te & Time for Pre - Placement Talk (PPT) : ~

Proposed Date & Time for Campus Visit: _

Vacancy & Profile:

No. of Vacancies:


Job Description:



Gross Annual Package (INR): __

'Orgamsations are requested to suggest a date from 1 December 2010 onwards

Selection Process:

Selection process to be adopted (please tick)

Written Test ( )
Group Discussion ( )
Interview ( )
Others (Specify) ( ) (Company may request for online interviews/interaction with students using SKYFE)

Travel Plans of the Official/s

Date and Time of Arrival at ED!:


Date and Time of Return:




Accommodation Required: Yes INo

If, 'Yes', number of persons: Budget (Rs.) _

Local Transport Required": Yes INo



'Local transport and hospitality would be taken care of by the Institute


Ramkrishna Mistry Faculty-In-Charge ofPlacement

at EDI Head Office address mentioned below Mobile: 09924441370

E-mail: rmistry@ediindia.org



ghl janvl@gmail.com




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