XMAS 1) What is Christmas? 2) Is Christmas the same today as it was 100 years ago?

3) What’s the best Christmas you’ve ever had? 4) Is there anything stressful about Christmas? 5) Is Christmas better in the cold Northern Hemisphere or on a beach in the Southern Hemisphere? 6) Have your feelings towards Xmas changed since you were a child? 7) What do you usually do on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? 8) What is your favourite Christmas song? 9) What do you know about Santa Claus? 10) How do you feel when Christmas is over for another year? 11) What does Christmas mean to you? 12) Is Christmas too commercial nowadays? 13) Should people go to church at Christmas? 14) Is it important to buy presents at Christmas? 15) What do you usually eat at Christmas? 16) Do you think Christmas is the best holiday of the year? 17) How should a very traditional Christmas be spent? 18) What do you want for Christmas? 19) What do you dislike about Christmas? 20) Would you like to spend Christmas in another country? DREAMS 1) Do you dream often? 2) Do you remember your dreams? 3) Do you dream in colour or in English? 4) Do you like having dreams? 5) Do you believe dreams have a special meaning? 6) Do you have the same dreams again and again? 7) Has something you’ve dreamt about ever come true? 8) Have you ever been woken up by a nightmare? 9) What kind of people do you meet in your dreams? 10) Do you tell other people about the dreams you have? 11) Do you talk in your sleep when you dream? 12) Have you ever woken up and believed you’re still in your dream? 13) Do you think animals dream? 14) Does having a dream affect the way you feel when you wake up? 15) Do you think dreams can be explained scientifically? 16) Would you like to stop having dreams or have more dreams? 17) Do you have the same dreams you had when you were a child? 18) Do you ever want to live in the world of your dreams? 19) Do you daydream? 20) Why do you think some people remember their dreams and others don’t?

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