Appearance and Essence

Appearance is in unity. Essence is in unity.

Essence is full. Appearance is empty.

Everything has its appearance. But its appearance is not its essence. Everything has its essence. But its essence is not its appearance.

Appearance is the manifestation of essence. Essence is an idealization of appearance. Appearance is instance. Essence is meaning. Appearance is thing or action. Essence is symbol and relation. 1

Appearance is mind. Essence is God. And being nowhere is everywhere. Essence gives unity to appearance. Essence is soul. Essence is body. Appearance is heart. Essence is nowhere.4 Appearance conceals the essence. 5 Appearance is garment. Essence is mind. Essence is heart. Appearance is body. And being somewhere is separated. Appearance is somewhere. Appearance gives existence to essence. Essence reveals through appearance. 2 . Appearance is soul.

3 . Appearance can be tasted. Essence is formless. Appearance is heard. Appearance has form. Essence is not tastable. Essence is beyond physical existence. Essence is silent.6 Appearance is in physical existence. Essence is untouchable. Essence is without boundary. Appearance has boundary. Appearance is temporal. Appearance can be touched. Essence has no place. Essence is eternal. Essence is unseen. Appearance is in motion. Appearance has place. 7 Appearance is seen. Essence is motionless.

1994 4 . Essence is the One. Appearance is physical. Essence is spiritual. 8 Appearance is transitory and changeable. Appearance is the Many.tex July 20. Essence is simple. Appearance is finite.Appearance can be smelled. Essence is ascended appearance. Essence is infinite. Essence is not dividable. Appearance is descended essence. Appearance is what receives. Appearance is outer observed. Appearance is compound. Essence is inner grasped. Essence is not smellable. Essence is what gives. appearessence. Appearance is divided. Essence is permanent and changeless. Essence is not thinkable. Appearance can be thought.

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