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Through the use of our product realization process, we specialize in the development of a wide range of tailor made prototypes based on our client's design scope.

Below is a step-by-step description of our Product Realization Process. The Product Realization Process is used for New Product Development. After the initial feasibility study is conducted, a written proposal is submitted which outlines the planned schedule and other relevant issues. Upon customer acceptance we then move into the planning design phase.


To initiate the confidentiality process, please e-mail your nondisclosure/confidentiality document to the contact engineer. Daedaltec will review information and make potential revisions to the document. The revision process, if necessary, will occur between the customer and Daedaltec. Daedaltec will sign the final document once revisions are agreed upon. This process typically lasts from 3 to 10 working days depending upon revisions required.
There are six major phases – feasibility, design,

The initial meeting with a potential customer will be scheduled after a brief telephone conversation with a Daedaltec contact engineer. The initial meeting typically lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 hours and includes full disclosure of the product concept to the Daedaltec engineering staff. A customer should come to the meeting prepared to discuss the product concept, what has been accomplished to date, end use environment, etc. A customer should also bring any sketches, drawings, or hand-made prototypes that apply.

prototyping, first article, sourcing, and production.

Daedaltec works with the customer to gain a complete understanding of the application in order to identify its potential requirements. These requirements could come from the customer, could be mandated by law or could be generally accepted standards within industry. Requirements should address the marketability of the product to consider its customer.



New design features http://daedaltec. etc. PRODUCT DESIGN The product design and development phase will begin once the feasibility of Phase One has been jointly determined. ENGINEERING CHANGES Product designs are typically not complete after the initial computer model is developed or even sometimes after the first prototype is built. fabricated. and assembled. tooling quotes. possible manufacturing methods. Some of the prototype’s elements may be missing or different. The testbed provides a development environment that is shielded from the hazards of testing in a live or production environment. This phase includes the generation of 3D solid models as necessary for the development of the product. A prototype system will be redesigned based on the Test-bed design. Daedaltec continues to work with the customer through possible changes to develop the best possible product. The 3D solid model is also used because of the ease of visualization of the product. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT An early system (called a test-bed) is produced which has the same internal components as indicated in the Design Document.html 13/2/2011 . TEST & CHECKOUT The prototype is tested against high level requirements (HLR) and specifications (a work instruction based on HLR and specification may be used to test the prototype). These can then be applied to a business plan and used to evaluate if the project should proceed and what target costs should be achieved.net/process.Daedaltec Page 2 of 3 FEASIBILITY STUDY Initial feasibility is a crucial step in the process that can better define the product design and development path. components. However. Feasibility reviews the design concept. analysis work. the goal is to get early verification and validation of the system's performance using a test-bed. The prototype will be tested under supervision of Daedaltec engineers and approved by the customer before phase exit. The feasibility study serves as the roadmap for your product. PROTOTYPE CONSTRUCTION New design solutions may come to light once the test-bed is in place. A 3D solid model is created using SolidWorks because it can be used directly for future prototyping. The computer model can be viewed at anytime by the customer using eDrawings – eDrawings is a free viewing and publishing application for sharing 2D and 3D product design data. and also can provide valuable ballpark tooling and piece price estimates. Needed components for the prototype will then be procured.

com does not in any way constitute legal or professional advice and Daedaltec. The information at Daedaltec. FIRST ARTICLE & FINALIZE DESIGN After the prototype is accepted. Daedaltec. Daedaltec. If your project is determined to be compatible with our process.html 13/2/2011 . the customer is required to commit to an increased level of capital infusion to continue their commitment to the project.Daedaltec Page 3 of 3 can come to light once a prototype is in hand. Daedaltec continues to work with the customer through possible changes to develop the best possible product. then you will be extremely satisfied with the end result. In addition. This allows any issues to be resolved before a larger quantity is produced.com cannot be held responsible for the contents of any externally linked pages. the product moves into the production phase where Daedaltec completes development and delivers the first article for final verification and acceptance. the project’s commitment level increases with each phase. At each phase.C.net/process.com seeks to ensure that all content and information published at this Web site is current and accurate. All content and information atdaedaltec. budget. Contact Us © Copyright 2008 Daedaltec L. tooling quality. from concept to production. and compatibility with our product realization process. FULL SCALE PRODUCTION At this phase.com might be changed or updated without notice. http://daedaltec. COMMITMENT LEVEL Daedaltec can provide assistance during all phases of the product realization process. INITIAL PRODUCTION Initial production allows for a sampling of parts to be manufactured and evaluated by a customer before the entire required run is produced. Daedaltec. We would be happy to talk with you about your needs. the customer has verified the parts are satisfactory and the full number of parts can be produced via the contracted amount.com cannot be held liable for actions arising from its use. Daedaltec engineers can provide a valuable technical link and keep communication lines open to both ends. Throughout the process Daedaltec’s phased approach allows the customer to evaluate if the project should proceed.L. and even project deadlines. By working with both the customer and the source together. SOURCING Daedaltec engineers will be able to locate resources for the production of the customer's product and obtain competitive quotes. This will allow all expectations to be listed and discussed with both parties. Daedaltec can assist the customer to insure part quality.com might also make changes or improvements at any time without notice. the first article is representative of the first production run of a new product. However. A final design must be approved by the customer and by the tooling source before tooling is attempted.

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