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Efficient use of Google

Efficient use of Google

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Published by Sarvesh Pandey

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Published by: Sarvesh Pandey on Feb 18, 2011
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Using Google Efficiently

Mr. Harshal A Arolkar Associate Professor
GLS Institute of Computer Technology http://www.glsict.org

Do not just enter what you're looking for in the search box and hope for the best
harshal@glsict.org 2

Help Google better understand what you're looking for. harshal@glsict.org 3 .

Basics of Google searching ‡ Wildcards ± Conference on Effective Teaching ‡ Phrase searches ± "Conference on Effective Teaching harshal@glsict.org 4 .

org 5 .Basics of Google searching ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Syntax for special cases Mixing syntax elements Advanced search techniques Specialized vocabularies harshal@glsict.

org 6 .Phrase Search and Basic Booleans ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Activa Honda Apex Honda Activa OR Honda OR "Apex Honda Activa (Honda OR Apex Honda ) Activa (Honda | Apex Honda") harshal@glsict.

" "a. school etc harshal@glsict. are stop words ‡ +the king ‡ "the Jumping" Jitu.Explicit Inclusion and synonyms ‡ I. Software.net." "the. etc. Anu Malik +the Indian Idol ‡ the who (the exception!) ‡ ~network is synonym of .org 7 ." and "of. TV. LAN. etc ‡ ~teacher is synonym of Education. Technology.

.150 harshal@glsict.Number Range ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ mobile Rs 500.1000 yards Mumbai ~apartment 100..5 megapixel $800. Yards Mumbai ~flat .....11 slr digital camera 3.1000 Shoes size 9.org 8 .

is used for exclusion ± ICC awards .org 9 .Wild Cards and negation ‡ Wild card replaces one word ± The atomic * of India ± Cricket * India ‡ .cricket harshal@glsict.

. it ignores link text. and titles). harshal@glsict. URLs.e.org 10 .of "parent directory ‡ intext: searches only body text (i.Special Syntax using operator ‡ intitle: restricts your search to the titles of web pages ‡ intitle:Indian Idol -inurl:youtube ‡ intitle:index.

allinurl used for every item typed being part of URL ‡ inurl:admin backup ‡ inurl:passwd harshal@glsict.inurl ‡ inurl Searches in the URL of the page.org 11 .

com" intext:html ‡ inanchor: searches for text in a page's link anchors.org 12 . ‡ inanchor: GLS" harshal@glsict.Special Syntax ‡ intext:"yahoo.

gov ‡ site:edu ‡ site:nic.org 13 .Site ‡ site: allows you to narrow your search by a site or by a top-level domain.gov ‡ Site:. ‡ Site:.in harshal@glsict.

org 14 .Link. cache and filetype ‡ link: returns a list of pages that link to the specified URL.com lists all pages containing link to Oxford University Press web site harshal@glsict. ‡ link:www.oup.

Link.glsict.org harshal@glsict.org 15 . cache and filetype ‡ cache: finds a copy of the page that Google indexed even if that page is no longer available at its original URL or has since changed its content completely: ‡ Cache:www.

cache and filetype ‡ filetype: searches the suffixes or filename extensions (total around 1000 such extensions) ‡ filetype:doc and view as html ‡ Stocks:cs (a valid ticker symbol) harshal@glsict.Link.org 16 .

finds pages that are related to the specified page.related. ‡ Phonebook: looks up phone numbers harshal@glsict. as you might expect. ‡ info: provides a page of links to more information about a specified URL. info and phonebook ‡ related: .org 17 .

org 18 . info and phonebook ‡ rphonebook for residential bphonebook for business ‡ define: gives you a page full of definitions of a word from around the Web: harshal@glsict.Related.

‡ Google Imitate how people think and to approximate their behavior.org 19 . ‡ query [ for better or for worse ] will not be interpreted by Google as an OR query ‡ Google will show calculator results for the query [ 34 * 87 ] harshal@glsict.Exceptions ‡ Search is rarely absolute. ‡ Most rules have exceptions.

C#.Exceptions ‡ Synonyms might replace some words in your original query.) ‡ overhead view of the Bellagio pool will give you nice overhead pictures from pages that do not include the word 'overhead. quick_sort are examples where punctuation is not ignored harshal@glsict.org 20 . ‡ C++. (Adding + before a word disables synonyms. Nikon $400.

How not to mix ‡ site:glsict.org 21 .org -inurl:GLS ‡ site:com site:edu harshal@glsict.

org ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ harshal@glsict.com -inurl:book -inurl:products ‡ inurl:glsict -site:glsict.org 22 .Combining Queries perl (site:edu | site:com) intitle:search intitle:records site:in intitle:neurosurgery inurl:help education intitle:"encyclopedia of" site:amazon.

in ‡ intext:password intext:username|userid filetype:log|txt harshal@glsict.com -site:com site:icicibank.co.Combining Queries ‡ "what's new" "what's cool" directory education site:edu ‡ inanchor:icici -inurl:icicibank -inurlicicidirect site:edu ‡ inanchor:icici -site:icicibank.org 23 .

com/search?q=%22Harsha l%20Arolkar%22 ‡ http://www.google.com/search is the script ‡ ?variable1=value1&variable2=value2&variable 3=value3 ‡ http://www.com/search?q= Anu Malik harshal@glsict.google.URL ‡ http://www.org 24 .google.

Calculator and Conversions ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ 365/12 9*3 12 ounces in pounds 3 meters in yards 12 USD in Euros 137 kilometers in miles 88 miles in km harshal@glsict.org 25 .

dogpile. ‡ The Twingine site (http://twingine.Other The Advanced Search Option Preferences directory.langreiter.com/exec/yahoo-vsgoogle.org 26 .com http://www.google.com) ‡ Dogpile (http://www.html.com) ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ harshal@glsict.

Latest ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Brand Refinement Virtual Keyboard for 35 languages Similar links Video Episodes desperate housewives Updates on twitter harshal@glsict.org 27 .

Thank You for further queries mail at harshal@glsict.org 28 .org harshal@glsict.

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