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Toddler Penguin Backpack

Toddler Penguin Backpack

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Published by priyakgopalan

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Published by: priyakgopalan on Feb 18, 2011
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Toddler Penguin Backpack

¼ seam allowance unless otherwise noted Materials 1 yard medium weight fabric 16 zipper Medium weight fusible interfacing Batting for strap Felt cloth Matching thread Measuring 2 piece of main fabric as per the drawing for front and back piece of backpack. 2 piece of fusible interfacing for front and back piece as per drawing. 2 pieces of strip of 16 x1 ½ for zipper panel 1strip of 24 x3 ½ for side panel 1 strip of 8 x 1 ½ for grab handle 2 strip of16 x 4 for back strap Step1 Cut the eye, nose, body, feet and hands out of the felt cloth. Sew on the front piece of the backpack. You can use fusible interfacing or batting for feet and hands for stiffness.


Toddler Penguin Backpack

Step 2 Now press the medium weight fusible interfacing to the front and back piece. Keep it aside Step 3 Sew the zipper in the middle of the two strips 16 x 1½ .


Toddler Penguin Backpack

2strip with zipper

Step 4 Now join the zipper strip to the long strip of 24 x 3 ½ which is the side panel and join the ends. This will form as the side piece/panel of the backpack.

Zipper panel

Side panel

Step 5 Now sew the side piece to the front piece, right side together sew along the front piece curve. The fusible interfacing is not that easy to sew in curve, carefully pin them and sew them straight. So you are done with penguin front piece and side piece stitch together.


Toddler Penguin Backpack

Side piece attach to front piece

Step 6 To stitch the straps use 2 piece of 16 x4 , right side together fold half lengthwise (I used ½ seam allowance for straps). Will look like a tube and now turn right side out. Cut and insert the batting 16 x3 and stitch down close to the edges. Step 7 Once 2 straps are done, pin and baste the strap at the top center of the back piece

Back piece


Make sure you don t twist the strap, attach the bottom of strap to the bottom of the back piece with 1inch allowance on either end.


Toddler Penguin Backpack
Step8 Take the grab handle piece 8 x 1 ½ fold and sew it right side together half lengthwise. Pin and baste it on the top of the back piece. Grab handle

Step9 Now stitch the back piece to the side piece, right sides together. Leave the zipper open to turn the right side out. Step10 Backpack is ready and your child is ready for school.


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