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an area that generates much discussion is that of ethical hacking. In today‘s context where the communication techniques have brought the world together; have also brought into being anxiety for the system owners all over the globe. The main reason behind this insecurity is Hackingmore specifically cracking the computer systems. Thus the need of protecting the systems from the nuisance of hacking generated by the hackers is to promote the persons who will punch back the illegal attacks on our computer systems, the Ethical Hackers. The main purpose of this study is to reveal the brief idea of the ethical hacking and its affairs with the corporate security. The intent of ethical hacking is to discover vulnerabilities from a hacker’s viewpoint so systems can be better secured. It’s part of an overall information risk management program that allows for ongoing security improvements. Ethical hacking can also ensure that vendors’ claims about the security of their products are legitimate. Ethical hacking is the process of analyzing the imposed threat on a given system or network by modeling the actions of an adversary. This paper describes ethical hackers: their skills, their attitudes, and how and plug up security holes. The ethical hacking process is explained in detail. Successful ethical hackers possess a variety of skills. First and foremost, they must be completely trustworthy. The ethical hacker often holds the “keys to the company," Modern security efforts have to plan for the unplanned and anticipate attacks before they occur. Ethical Hacking is in the boom and it’s high time every company recognizes the need of a potential professional ethical hacker. Ethical hacking is not just necessary; it is inevitable. This paper encloses the epigrammatic disclosure about the Hacking and as well the detailed role of the ethical hacking as the counter measure to cracking in accordance with the corporate security as well as the individual refuge. This paper tries to develop the centralized idea of the ethical hacking and all its aspects as a whole.

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