Journalist and NGO Worker Seeks Revocation of SPA fromFilipino Actor Raymond Bagatsing By: Duchess Smidt Manila Philippines

- Ngo worker/Journalist Ma. Urduja O.Li, wants a revocation of the Special Power of Attorney that says Actor RaymondBagatsing allowed her to handle his tax issues during the "Tax Rush" in Manila last month until the deadline on the 15th of January this year. The SPA was Dated January 13, 2011.In a transatlantic call the story narrated to me was (as transcribed in my own words) "I have cut off all association with Mr. Bagatsing after thatneurotic incident with his female companion (a tourist Mexican by blood). "I cannot work in an environment like that and worst Mr. Bagatsing thinks it¶s about money and that it is selfish, What money is He talkingabout? I am doing multiple jobs for Him and I am under paid as it is and I never complained I was happy with my work; Mr. Bagatsing also saidI was "harrasing" his friends- I only know three friends of His who I am very remote from!" except his Manager, who is a decent bloke" she said. Ms. Li was advised by friends from the National Press club of the Philippines and social networks to "fight" back since alleged bullying has taken place (by the Female Mexican tourist) in the work place in this case a Home Office where Ms. Li also was billeted. In a faxed letter to an official of the BIR in Manila she reiterated that " I have ceased any association with Ramon San Diego Bagatsing- Tradename: Raymond Bagatsing as an assigned entity to handle any official affairs regarding any paralegal or Government transactions, I am seeking the revocation of the SPA notarized by one Atty. Ramon B. Ruiz -because all BIR transactions of Mr. Bagatsing were signed by me. The problem originated from Mr. Bagatsing's Mexican female companion- a self proclaimed composer apparently from LA, who bullied the ladyjournalist (3 days after her arrival at the home office in September 2010 until the latter took off last January 25) and bad mouthed some of our movie stars with her comments apart from ³character assassinating´ Mr. Bagatsing behind His back when the Actor is out on a shoot.³ The perplexing here is Her motive, she is disturbed I think,´ the Author dismissed. Li and Bagatsing have known each other for 7 or 8 years until issues surfaced from his Mexican Female companion erupted -that ended the Friendship.

Ms. Li or Urduja as she is fondly called was caught by the Tri-Media 12 years ago(1999) when the unpublished Biography that she wrote about action Superstar Robin Padilla-was leaked to the press before the author could sanitize her work, she made a comeback in 2003 as writer contributor for Manila Times (via Olympian Monsour del Rosario's Story "Back in Action") & Philippine Graphic but prefers to write Online nowadays.She has written Brief Bios of Bencab (Indios Bravos) Rex Publishing, Fashion Designer par excellence Oscar Peralta (Republika NewsMagazine) Veteran Actress Celia Rodriguez (Zig-Zag Weekly, Baguio) Celso Ad Castillo (Sunstar Baguio in collaboration with Vince Cabreza, Philippine Daily Inquirer North Luzon) to name a few. Miss Li reiterated that what happened will be charged to experience and that She will stay as far away as possible from Bagatsing, although she has the utmost respect for the Actor it is best she keeps her distance

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