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Lowdermilk & Perry: Maternity & Women's Health Care, 8th Edition Chapter 5: Assessment and Health Promotion

MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. The two primary functions of the ovary are: a. Normal female development and sex hormone release b. Ovulation and internal pelvic support c. Sexual response and ovulation d. Ovulation and hormone production ANS: D 2. The uterus is a muscular, pear-shaped organ that is responsible for: a. Cyclic menstruation b. Sex hormone production c. Fertilization d. Sexual arousal ANS: A 3. The unique figure-eight pattern of muscle fibers makes the uterine myometrium ideally suited for: a. Menstruation b. Labor c. Hemostasis d. Fertilization ANS: C 4. The hormone responsible for the maturation of mammary gland tissue is: a. Estrogen b. Testosterone c. Prolactin d. Progesterone ANS: D 5. Because of the effect of cyclic ovarian changes on the breast, the best time for breast selfexamination is:

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and orgasm ANS: B 10.2 a. Breast milk c. 6 to 7 days after menses cease Day 1 of the endometrial cycle Mid-menstrual cycle Any time during a shower or bath ANS: A 6. That leads to fertilization ANS: C 7. Menstruation is periodic uterine bleeding: a. and fantasy b. Mosby. The vagina ANS: C 9. the nurse should: Copyright © 2004. sexual response can be characterized by: a. A functioning corpus luteum d. That is regulated by ovarian hormones d. Menstrual blood d. An intact hypothalamic-pituitary feedback mechanism c. . b. Another source of prostaglandins is (are): a. c. Variations in the follicular (preovulatory) phase b. d. A prolonged ischemic phase ANS: A 8. That occurs every 28 days b. Physiologically. Excitement. Inc. Myotonia and vasocongestion c. Ovaries b. In which the entire uterine lining is shed c. Erection and orgasm d. All rights reserved. Before beginning the health history interview. Individual irregularities in the ovarian (menstrual) cycle are most often caused by: a. Coitus. masturbation. Prostaglandins are produced in most organs of the body including the uterus. plateau.

It will be over before you know it. b. I will explain the examination procedure. the nurse should: a. The woman states.” b. “I will let you touch each item that I will use during the examination as I tell you how it will be used. She appears nervous and says. and she is going to see the woman's health nurse-practitioner for her visit. The nurse guides a woman to the examination room and asks her to remove her clothes and put on an examination gown with the front open.” c. Mosby. To facilitate a positive health care experience. ANS: B 13. “Your anxiety is common. with an even. A 62-year-old woman has not been to the clinic for an annual examination for 5 years. All rights reserved. . nonjudgmental tone Make the client comfortable Tell the client that the information she provides is considered confidential ANS: D 11. and then we can discuss how you can have your examination comfortably. Her guide dog assists her to the examination room. Remind the woman that she is long overdue for her examination and that she should come in annually. “What? I have never heard of such a thing! That sounds different and strange. “Tell me about your undergarments.” d. “I will ask the doctor to modify the examination. d. Her family doctor has retired. The recent death of her husband has reminded her that she should come for a visit. “I have never had a pelvic examination.” ANS: D Copyright © 2004. c. “Do not worry.” The most appropriate response from the nurse would be: a. I was anxious when I first had a pelvic examination. Inc. Smile and ask the client if she has any special concerns Speak in a relaxed manner.” The nurse's most appropriate response would be: a.” c. “You cannot have an examination without removing all your clothes. Encourage the woman to talk about the death of her husband and her fears surrounding her own death. Reassure this woman that a nurse-practitioner is just as good as her old doctor.” ANS: C 12. A blind woman has arrived for an examination. Listen carefully and allow for extra time for this woman's health history interview. b.” b.3 a. d. I will be very gentle and will not hurt you.” d. “Try to relax. c. “I have special undergarments that I do not remove for religious reasons.

The nurse's first response should be to: a. Reassure the woman that the abuse is not her fault c. Ask the woman to reschedule the appointment for the examination ANS: C 17. During a health history interview. . Reassure the woman that “bumps” can be treated d. maybe I can help. At a routine annual examination a woman states. and then you can practice while I observe how you do.” Copyright © 2004. Mosby. Inc. The nurse's initial response should be to: a. She also states that she is not sure how to check herself. a woman tells the nurse that her husband physically abuses her.” d. Reassure her that most women have “bumps” on their labia ANS: B 16. just after your menses begins. Of course you are doing it correctly. During a health history interview. She tells the nurse that she thinks that she has a vaginal infection and she has been using an over-the-counter cream for the past 2 days to treat the infection. Reassure the woman that using vaginal cream is not a problem for the examination c. Reassure the woman that the examination will not reveal any problems b. Inform the woman that vaginal cream may interfere with the Pap test for which she is scheduled b. A woman arrives at the clinic for her annual examination. “There is no need for you to be anxious. The correct response would be to: a. a woman states that she thinks that she has “bumps” on her labia. “Let me demonstrate how to examine your breasts. I feel so anxious about doing it correctly. All rights reserved. Explain to the woman the process of vulvar self-examination and reassure her that she should become familiar with normal and abnormal findings during the examination c. Advise the woman of mandatory state reporting laws pertaining to abuse and confidentiality b.” c. “I never check my breasts. Ask the woman to describe the symptoms that indicate to her that she has a vaginal infection d. Give the woman referrals to local agencies and shelters where she can obtain help d. “Tell me about your anxiety.4 14. “You should check your breasts once a month.” b.” The nurse's most appropriate response would be: a. Formulate an escape plan for the woman that she can use the next time her husband abuses her ANS: A 15.

Ensure that pregnancy complications do not occur b. . resulting in maternal and neonatal complications. a. One purpose of preconception care is to: a. Mosby. All rights reserved. ____ use/abuse during pregnancy causes vasoconstriction and decreased placental perfusion. Tobacco d. Chocolate ANS: C 19. Inc. Alcohol b. Caffeine c.5 ANS: B 18. Identify women who should not get pregnant c. Ensure that women know about prenatal care ANS: C Copyright © 2004. Encourage healthy lifestyles to facilitate families desiring pregnancy d.

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