Knitted babies #1 pattern page 2

Rnd 11 K43. Rep last rnd twice more. Add belly button Rnd 14 K21, [k1, p1, k1] all into next st, pass all 3 sts - one at a time over last knitted st, k21. Rnd 15 (dec) K20, skpo, k21. 42sts Rnd 16 K42. Rep last rnd 5 times more. Shape waist Rnd 22 (dec) K8, skpo, k2tog, k18, skpo, k2tog, k8. 38sts Rnd 23 K38. Rep last rnd 4 times more. Shape shoulders Rnd 28 (dec) K8, skpo, k2tog, k14, skpo, k2tog, k8. 34sts Rnd 29 K34. Rnd 30 (dec) K7, skpo, k2tog, k12, skpo, k2tog, k7. 30sts Rnd 31 K30. Rnd 32 (dec) K6, skpo, k2tog, k10, skpo, k2tog, k6. 26sts Change to 3mm (US size 2) needles. Neck Rnd 33 K26. Rep last rnd 6 times more. Shape cheeks and chin Rnd 40 (inc) K4, [kfb] 5 times, k8, [kfb] 5 times, K4. 36sts Rnd 41 K36. Rnd 42 (inc) K5, [kfb] 7 times, k5, m1, k2, m1, k5, [kfb] 7 times, k5. 52sts Rnd 43 K52. Change to 33⁄4mm (US size 5) needles Rnd 44 K52.

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