Executive summary: The aim of this report on Brand Bharti is to analyze the brand objective adopted by Bharti which

has made them one of the top brands in India. This report is written as a general report and starts with a brief introduction about branding and its importance. Later on, the report gives an overview of the company profile and its Vision and promises. The vision and promises shows the value of the company. The report then gives a brief idea about the business divisions of Bharti, their Products / Services, their intended target markets. After understanding about Bharti, the report then discusses about Bharti as a brand, its brand building strategies, its logo and meaning, effectiveness of Bharti brand and measurement of its brand based on Brand awareness, Image, Equity and Value. In the last parts of the report, the strengths and weakness of Bharti company is discussed and finally recommendations are made based upon the analysis done. Branding: Every business organization is facing competitions and it has become difficult to survive. In order to survive in such competitive world over the peers the companies should extend themselves to brand their products, their brand image and brand Value. A successful branded company will bring in many advantages to themselves they build trust and familiarity with the customers which leads to increased profits. Branding not only increases profits but also differentiates the company¶s product or service with their peers by creating a strong association with the customers. Once the company has builds trust they can charge the customers for extra premium on their products or services. Branding is a practice of making an identity in the competitive market. Brand is the living identity of the company this identity will assist in the growth of the company. BRAND DEFINITION Hence, Branding is not only achieving the intended market but also making sure that the customer¶s choose that brand over the competition and also making sure that brand is the only one which provides solution to the problems of the customers. The objectives that a successful brand will attain are as follows:
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Deliver the message or theme visibly. Confirm trustworthiness. Join intended prospects expressively. Encourage the customer. Solid User Loyalty.

Bharti Profile Bharti familiar called as Airtel was launched in the year 1995, it launched into the telecom market with a persistent and firm strength of mind to be successful. It was charged with high energy and with lots of creative team, Bharti made up the mind to become the largest admired telecom service provider throughout the globe.

Its footprints are covered throughout India. They are as follows. Bharti Telemedia services 3. IPTV. Bharti is the first private operator to provide fixed line and Broadband services in a single line in India. This makes Bharti the largest mobile service provider with respect to mobile customers. It leverages its deep domain knowledge to serve specific telecom needs of corporate customers like Banking. Bharti brand is one of the successful companies in the telecom sector of India. Corporate b. Education. Landline etc. It has been leading the telecom sector with its top-notch services built on leading edge technologies. it is providing telecom services in the 23 telecom circles of India and has the highest number of mobile customers in India in compared with other GSM service provider. IT. Financial. Telecom. Carrier services Bharti Mobile service: This SBU provides GSM based mobile services throughout India.After about 15 years it has become the pinnacle of telecom industry and has achieved the success in India. Media & services. Enterprise services ± Corporate: This unit provides customized integrated voice and data communication solutions to corporate customers. corporate services.Corporate and Enterprise services . Today Bharti is India's foremost telecom company providing wide range of services such as Mobile services. Currently. Insurance. Enterprise services . It consists of 64. Bharti Mobile service 2.Carrier services.370. . It currently handles 94 cities in India providing a gamut of voice and data services through a wire line network. Retail and others. Bharti is Asia¶s foremost telecom services provider operating in India and Sri Lanka.75 million voice customers and 0. It has also helped in the growth of Indian telecom sector. 1. The Brand µBharti¶ has played a vital role for Bharti groups to become a major channel for its economic growth. Bharti Enterprise services a. Digital Broadcast TV and video on demand. there are around 1. Manufacturing & Distribution. Bharti Enterprise services: The enterprise strategic business unit is sub divided into two units. There entire services are through a single channel and dedicated relationship management. Currently. Government & PSU. Bharti¶s Vision & promise Business divisions Bharti¶s businesses divisions are structured in different µStrategic business units¶ (SBU). DTH.75 million Broadband customers. Bharti Telemedia services (Broadband and Telephone): This Strategic business unit provides broadband and telephone services across India.434 GSM mobile customers as on April 30 2008. ITES. This unit also handles IPTV.

and convinced symbol and branding that it is always on top compared with the peers. Satellite Services. This logo has a bolder. the brand came to symbolize the very essence of mobile services. and Apple by engaging in co-branding activities. This image creates a view of an open doorway. Bharti has changed its logo thrice and finally concluded with the one its using. Measuring the Bharti Brand Bharti Brand Logo and its meaning: Bharti has designed it Brand logo keeping in mind of its innovation and market leadership. Bharti was launched in 1995 in Delhi. modern-day. The logo consists of two rectangular forms one with red color and another with white. All these products and services are branded under a single brand Bharti. µExpress yourself¶ and µBharti bundling¶. There promotional marketing are expensive as they tie up with celebrities. Bharti Brand.Building Strategy: Bharti Brand. .Carrier services: This unit provides completed telecom solutions for corporate customers. Google. The services provided are Voice Services. It was also among the top 50 telecom brands of the world ranked at 22nd. Bharti has become a recognized brand in India which led them for achieving the µBest Indian Carrier¶ at the Telecom Asia awards 2006. The letter capital µA¶ is made bolder so that it reinforces the brand leadership position and the letter µI¶ depicts innovation also the tag line ´Express yourself´ is used as part of the band identity. They provide national & international long distance services to carrier using the own international submarine cable. Mobile Services. Bharti also has created strategic alliances with other brands such as Nokia. Managed Data & Internet Services and managed e-Business Services Bharti as a Brand: Bharti accepted every opportunity provided by this new policy to evolve into India's largest telecommunications company and one of India's most respected brands. Bharti uses the umbrella branding strategy where it has different kinds of products or services which are more or less related to its main service.Enterprise services . They feel Promotional marketing is the best way to enter into the minds of the customer. According to Brand Finance ranking.Building Strategy is mainly dependent on promotional campaigns. All these promotional campaigns have helped them build their brand. In the ensuing years. Bharti was ranked 215 in a global ranking of top brands. It was also the only brand among 500 top global brands. as the Bharti network expanded to several parts of India. Bharti has run promotional campaigns such as µBharti Magic¶.

60 as on May 27. the profit made by Bharti after Tax. 2009 Market valuation (Market CAP): Current market valuation or market Cap is Rs.00 Million.The logo in whole reflects the Brand identity of Bharti.¶ in touch¶ and staying along side of customer.90 million as compared to Rs 17923. namely. 2009 is Rs 20749. Cost variation EPS: EPS of Rs. 37. this shows that the growth of the company is good. Brand Value can also be determined by the cost variation (Earnings per share) and Market valuation (CAP). y y y y The Functional Dimension The Social Dimension The Spiritual Dimension The Mental Dimension .e. market leader. a confident.00 million for the quarter ended March 31. As a result the earning per share is increased due to increased shareholder values. Effectiveness of Brand Bharti Effective branding involves working on four important dimensions. 462. 2008. The increase in the profit is due to the addition of new customers. 1. Comparing the values of these fields with the last two financial statements will show years Profit after tax: The net profit after tax of Bharti for the quarter ended March 31.77 as on March 2008. 42. Bharti is unique brand where almost all the minds of customers recognize it. As the company grows the market capitalization of the company also increases. Bharti Brand value Bharti brand value can be determined by analyzing the income valuation i.. innovative. 404. Current EPS = Rs. The customers clearly can understand what the Bharti brand stands for and the implied promises made by it.

Google indicates that it encourages the customers to be mixed up in building associations. This dimension refers the insight of global or local responsibility Bharti always has considered itself in building relationship. Bharti is modifying its knowledge and services so as to go well with the common users.". Bharti is using innovative technology to make thing easier for its customers. Bharti¶s campaign. Mental Dimension.Analyzing the above dimensions for Bharti Functional Dimension. Even the ordinary of the consumer can understand the products and services provided by Bharti. Brand Bharti has been very successful in simplifying the use of mobile services by modifying the technology to suit the common users. Its earlier campaign "Building telecom. Spiritual Dimension. "Your world of communication just got simpler. Bharti is connected with great intensity of social value. It gives an opportunity for the customers to be part of the culture. building relationships" indicates the importance of being in touch with dear ones of the customers which is possible through the mobile communication. Bharti is also recognized for its association with the social culture. This refers to the insight and benefits of the product or service linked with the any brand. ³Express yourself´ shows the insight of their service. Social Dimension. . This refers to the ability of the company to create identification with the industry. Bharti association with other brands such as Apple. Also..

Based on the above analysis it is recommended for Bharti to continue its growth in the Telecom sector. The inclusion of customers into the organization branding strategy will help Bharti understand the new demands of the customers and thus increases its brand value.. These experiences can then be understood by bringing in the customer into the supply chain process. Bharti tagline Express Yourself gives a message to the customers to be open and daring to express their feelings which give a pleasure and opportunity for the customer.. . Recommendations for Improvement Any recognized company promises the customers by Branding. More over the earnings and maintaining the brand value of Bharti will depend on how professionally and rapidly the company can acclimatize to new requirements of the customers. These experiences which ask for enhancement of training the employees and tune the culture to bring value to the customers and the organization. The requirements of the customers today are experiences and not only the products or services. Similarly Bharti promises of providing technology and builds relationship. This also makes the customer feel that even they have the right to express their feeling.This dimension refers to the capability to support the individual mentally. But the main challenge in front of Bharti today is to understand and then satisfy the requirements of the customers. Also Bharti customer service is not good and needs huge improvement so as to improve its Brand image. Bharti has good functional and mental dimensions along with social and spiritual dimensions. The needs of customers keep on changing by time Bharti has to concentrate on delivering the experiences to the customers which leads to customer satisfaction and relationship with all the dimensions of the brand. By using novel methods of communication and branding customers can be brought into the system.

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