Together with Thailand recently being voted for 2008 as the world’s best city and Real Estate

development companies expecting robust 2008 growth with very big projects. A recent project, one in which has been developed by Sanisiri Plc (SIRI) which have plans to develop 300 units of high-end single houses worth 5.4 billion baht next year with an investment of around 800 million baht. The Real Estate Information Centre also conducted a survey and another development with about 1,600 housing estates, each with at least six units remaining to be sold, were part of the survey. These low-rise housing estates had a combined planned total of 232,000 units in different phases of completion. About 64,000 units were yet to be constructed. Approximately 39,000 units are under construction, while 129,000 units had been completed. Seventy-three per cent of units that were either under construction or completed had already been sold, leaving 45,000 units. There has also been a recent Israeli firm “Israel Fishman Holdings” to invest a whopping $30 million dollars to build a luxury real estate project in Bangkok, making it’s first entry into Thailand Even if you take a look at the property market in Phuket, their was a recent headline about “Phuket market growing despite economic slowdown” ; Political instability in Thailand and a global economic slow-down have failed to curb Phuket’s booming property industry, according to a report in The Nation newspaper. Quoting sources from several top real estate agencies, the report claims that Phuket’s strong tourism market is providing the boost needed to counter a slowing national economy. Phuket remains an attractive retirement destination and every year more and more retirees are looking to Phuket. The growing number of tourists that choose to make Phuket their second or third home has also spurred the exponential growth of the property industry on the island. This is all very positive news, and again brings more International Attention and investment opportunities across the globe.

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