Top ten list of the most fascinating books of the 20th century

1 - Codex Seraphinianus (1976-1978) by Luigi Serafini: a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world, written in one of its languages, a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing. 2 - Atlas Shrugged (1957) by Ayn Rand: a classic dystopian novel about a fictional United States where leading innovators refuse to be exploited by society. 3 - Naked Lunch (1959) by William S. Burroughs: a non-linear novel about drug-addiction. 4 - A Book from the Sky (aka An Analyzed Reflection of the End of This Century) (1988) by Xu Bing: a set of books, panels and scrolls on which were printed thousands of characters resembling real Chinese characters, all devoid of semantic content. 5 - Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science (2008) by Richard Holmes: an account of experimental science at the end of the 1700s. 6 - Les revenentes (1972) by Georges Perec: a novel in which the letter "e" is the only vowel used. 7 - Diaries (1910-1923) by Franz Kafka: the intimate thoughts of a literary genius. 8 - The Obscene Bird of Night (1970) by José Donoso (1924-1996): a novel that explores the cyclical nature of life and death. 9 – Altered States (1980) Paddy Chayefsky: a novel based on John C. Lilly's sensory deprivation research conducted in isolation tanks under the influence of psychoactive drugs. 10 – The Phenomenon of Man (1955) by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: an essay about the unification of human consciousness.