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Top down socks

Top down socks

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Published by Erica Martin

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Published by: Erica Martin on Feb 18, 2011
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Top down socks w/ worsted weight yarn- US 6 or 7 dpns Co 40 and divide evenly K2 p2 ribbing until heel Heel 1divide

yarn 20(needle 1), 10, 10 on dpns. On needle w/20 sts: row 1. (Sl1, k1) across row row 2. Sl1, then p across. Repeat rows 1&2 for 19 rows (end on right side) Heel 2Row 1. P12 (2 sts past center), p2tog, turn work. Row 2. Sl1, k5, k1, turn work Row3. Sl1, p until within 1 st of last turn, p2tog, p1, turn work Row 4. Sl1, k until within 1 st of last turn, k2tog, k1, turn work Repeat row 3&4 until all sts have been worked (last 2 sts on each end have been ktog, ptog) -12 stsGusset 1With working needle, pick up and knit both sides (ending in one stitch) of 1st slipped stitch closest to heel needle. Repeat until 10 sts are on needle. Combine sts from ribbing onto 1 needle, knit across with newly freed working needle. Pick up knit slipped sts on other side as before. (10 sts) Use this needle and knit half of heel sts on, then slip other half to next needle. -16 sts on needles 1 and 3, 20 sts on needle 2Gusset 2Round 1. Starting with needle 1, k all sts Round 2. Needle 1 (k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1), needle 2 (k), needle 3 (k1, sl2 kwise and use left needle to k these 2 tog, k across) Repeat rounds 1&2 until there are 10 sts on needles 1 and 3, 40 sts total. Continue knitting in the round until 2 inches before the end of your foot.

k1). 1. but leave stitch on dpn. Repeat 2&3 until last two sts. Slip next stitch from front needle kwise onto yarn needle. K. back stitch pwise. needle 2 (k1. 8 sts on needle 2 (16 sts total) K sts from needle 1 onto needle 3 Grafting the toesThere are 8 sts on both remaining needles. Repeat rounds 1&2 until there are 4 sts one needles 1 and 3. Slip next stitch from back needle onto yarn needle pwise. sl2 kwise and use left needle to k these 2 tog. k til last 3 sts. .ToesRound 1. k2tog. Needle 1 (K til last 3 sts. thread needle. insert kwise into next stich and pull through. tighten yarn and weave in ends. Then insert kwise into first stitch on back needle. Insert yarn needle into first stitch on front needle pwise and pull through. Insert into front stitch kwise. but leave stitch on front dpn. leaving about 18 inches of tail. 2. Cut yarn. k2tog. 3. Insert yarn needle into next stitch on front needle and pull through. k1) Round 2.

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