Sample Interview Questions : Tim Link

1. What is an animal communicator? 2. When did you realize you could communicate with animals? 3. What do you want your legacy to be? 4. Do you use the animal's body language or other signals from the pet to know what they want to tell their owners? 5. How is the information from the animals conveyed to you? 6. Are some pets more "talkative" than others? 7. What types of issues can be improved upon once the owner is made aware of the issue? 8. What are the benefits of hiring an animal communicator? 9. Reiki energy healing has grown popular in veterinary care. What is this and how is it beneficial to animals? 10. What is the most common problem you are asked to assist with? 11. Can anyone communicate telepathically with animals? 12. How do you help relieve a pet's anxiety when their owner leaves the house? 13. Have you always had the ability to communicate with animals?

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