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Application for Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) Gold Metal Recyclers 4215, 4235, 4305 and 4601 South Lamar Street Dallas, Texas Prepared for: Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd., and Loshel Company September 20, 2010 Ms, Lori Frauli Trulson, P.G. City of Dallas Office of Environmental Quality 1500 Marilla, L2P's Dallas, Texas 75201 RE: Response Letter, Comments to MSD Application Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd. Lamar Street - Dallas, Texas WA&M Project No. 906.013 Dear Ms, Frauli Trulson: On behalf of Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd., W&M Environmental Group, Inc. (W&M) has prepared this, supplemental response to the deficiency letter for the Municipal Setting Designation (MSD) application submitted for the Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd property addressed at 4225, 4235, 4305, and 4601 South Lamar Street in Dallas, Texas (Site). This letter amends the original response letter dated July 26, 2010 by providing specific responses to each of the items identified in the an email received on September 15, 2010. The OEQ comments are reprinted in bold below followed by our response: 1, Item 2 needs updated to clarify that Gold Metal Reeyclers, Ltd is the only applicant and Loshel Company is the only property owner. Item 2 has been updated to indicate that Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd. is the only applicant and that Loshel Company is the only property owner. 2. The statement in Item 24 should be signed by the applicant. Please update by removing. Loshel Company and adding Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd. Item 24 was signed by Neil Goldberg, Partner with Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd. on September 16, 2010. 3. Item 26 should be updated to include a signed and notarized Power of Attorney form signed by Loshel Company because they are the property owner authorizing the applicant, Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd, to include thelr property in the MSD and have given them the authority to restrict the groundwater beneath their property. Update the text for Item 26 also. Item 26 was updated to give Gold Metal Recyclers, Ltd, authority to include the property in the MSD by Loshel Company. Item 26 was signed by Neil Goldberg, Partner in the Loshel Group on September 16, 2010. Signature was performed in front of a notary. woe hema PLANOCORPORATE OFFICE AUSTIN, HOUSTON ‘908E 18In Steet TOs Speschicy TTS Ourhem Dre ono, 78074 ‘Austin. 1 78705, Houston, 1x 77007 CITY OF DALLAS Development Services Department Engineering Division Municipal Setting Designation Application Form June 2005