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Skylab 1 PAO Mission Commentary 2 of 12

Skylab 1 PAO Mission Commentary 2 of 12

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Feb 19, 2011
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T~~~'f-(l('" A;.T. '>d:1;'}"_" -.," .",~,. ''J~~.' ..

f·":.~~';';3~::',:f:,>· '~ .' ,':' ,. ,'::, '.'

~:,.-:."~."I'~c,t 111.1101 COIOll.tAr.t 5/15/" CST 00115 Cit 135.05s15 ItC·'3/1

~,I" ' .. ' .:: " •• AO· !b 11 1. Ik,.l.b CODtl'ol at 11 houre U


<~.'~·1 4!:~.t •• t ..... .,., : low •.•• ;b' •••. r ••• q1l1r." tb. work.bop 0 •• 1" th •

. ',," , •• kS ... etatl, .. at ' ••••• rd. ADd ••• ' r •• t ••• tD' '" to

;.: GO. fir. v. ' •• lot 10M •• c,,- ".1 i ••• t. vill 8110''' fl tlht c6~trol1.r. ber. in Ml •• 10n CODtrol to .end the proper

co ... nd to laltiate an attitude ebaa •••• n.uver. Thi ••• neuver .,.In will b. - it'. about a 13 .tnute maneuver uSin, the tbrulter attitude control .Y8t •• on the work.hop. Pitch!nl

up 90 d •• r •••• thi. vll1 ehan •• the aftl1. at which the SUD

il Itrikina the 8id. of the vork.h~p. an atteapt to control

the t •• perature. 1n the vehicle. We do now h.·~e confir •• tlon that v.'ve got attltud~ data. and that the attitude look. good on the orbit.l vorkshop.

PAO We've got. confirmation now of good

lol1d lockup on th~ data.

PAO This 1s Sky lab Control. We again have

interaittent data and Flight Dlr~ctor Milton Windler ha. eleeted to hold the maneuver until we've Rot solid data.

We have about 6 minutes remaining in this pass over the tracking .hip Vanguard.

PAC Thia is Sk y Lab Control. We have a

little less than 1 minute of acquisitior. time remaining over Vanguerd. Ana, ",e have not at this point resuoed solid enough data lock to go .head with the co~~ande~ maneuver change fur the workshop. And we ..:0111 he reacquiring in

abo uta n h 0 u rAt Haw ali. D U r I n g this l' a. so\' e r V an g u a rd. the instrumentation communications engineer haa been going through a number of troublephooting procedur~s to determine th~ natur. of the data problee, to tie it down to eith~r an o~bo.rd or a gTour.d station p:oblem, and to dptermine '

the proper workaround, 8. they Ray. And ve nov Rhow that we've had 1088 of 81A~.1 at V.ngu~rd, ve'r~ pr~Ji~tlnR Acquisition at Hawatl In 58 minutes 26 Hrcor~r. This i~

5 k Y 1 w b Con t r 0 1 a t 11 h o e r 8 5 5 m i r ., t e ,. •

, .....



'""'~ '" ,,".

, ... YLAt Mll.IO' COMMI"'Al.t 5/15/13 "1126 CIT 12." Olf ICCJ.'l

~ .. '

PAD thl. 1. IkJlab Control at 12 bour.

'6 .i.Utt ••• " w. h.". DOW acquire. the orbital vork"ho, 0"

it •• ilhth re.olution o"er the Havaii trar.klftl Itation • ••.•• y. > 10":<.011. 4". aad ••••• eo ... "d •• lb. Icel't of

the .•• D.U •• I' wbicb vl11 et-a".' the .pac.craft attlt", -

the workaho, attitude for l.pro~ad thar •• l control. ADd that •• neu"er 1. schedul.d to require about 13 minut •••

w. ha •• a r.port that it 1. prosr ••• lnl •• oothly at thi. tl... And v. have about 4 minute. 45 •• cond. of acqui.ition r •• ainlng at Hawaii. We vil1 ~. r"c1u1ring at Vanauard ebout 21 .inute •• fter v. 10 •• cO~lact 1n Hawaii. The attitude control chana •• the attitude ch.nle that i.

being •• de at this t t ee , 18 to r1kC"e the Sun more end - on to the spacecraft. The normal attitude h •• the ATM. the Apollo telescope ~ount. ~o1ar panplM pointed directly at the Sun. Thill .1"0 ha~ the $..1n s h t n f n g directly on U.e

side of the orbital work~hop. Without the microm~t@oroid

p an e Ls , which have. 8 t h e r e a l coating on t h e m to r e f Le c t

a o l a r heat - 901Ar e n e r g y , wPot!£!' f Ln d f n g = o me l rt c r e a s e a

1... t (' III per a t u r eo w t t h in t h ~ W 0 r k. "I h () ~ • A '"1 R 1114' a n » 0 r g (0 ttl n g an aSlletl"ment of thiN t e rap e r a t u r e t n c r e a s e And controlling

it. t h to a t tit u dec h 8 n g f' 1 s }., It i n g Tt ,. d ,> • T h e P 1 8 n 1" t 0

leave t h e spacecraft I n v t h e p Lt c h e d up :ttt t t ud o , ritching up 9D de~ree. frott the rTP~ent ~ttitud~. If'aving It In this p o s Lt Lo n for 1 r e v o Lu t I o n ; t ii e n f I t rh Ln g back tu an attitude lIIidv4Y between t h e t n t t I a ) Altitude And t h e pitched

up. t til u d e and h 0 1 ~ i n g 1 ttl, t.' r to f () r o n (' r ~ vol u t 1 ('I n , and

then r e t u r n Ln g to t h e normal a t t t t ud e with t h e ATM s o La r pan~19 again pointed d1r~ctlv at the ~un. Thi~ maneuver 18 being a c c o ep Lt s h e d ',.lIth t h e t.j'fll<;ter n t t t t ud c control

s y s t e m , c on t r o l I e d b v t h e ATM.

PAD Thl9 iq Skyln~ C0ntrol. We'v~ lo~t

r A d i o ton t act now \01' f t h t h f" .. P A c P r r Aft lUI l t r ;HI A e A 0 V C' r

the horizon f r o r- t~1(' Hawatian tracking tHdt~ .. i n . : .. i d \I~'11

b e r e a c q u Lr t n g t n Ahou~ 20 m t r.u t e s r v e r ~h~ t r a c k I n g !'llllp V8n~uard tn the s o u t h AtlAntlr o f I t~,,· rOI1~t ('f S"ulh America. Ov e r Haw;tit"lo.'e h n d ~'\Jl'J ..;,<Ill d a t a . ~f' comm~lndf'd

the o r b Lt n I "'ork'h,,!' to hf."~{n nf1 PU·"l"1.4UC a r t f t u.I« c h a n g e ,

That man~uv.r wa': rroRrp~tllnR ,,~,"<l·!.1· :1~ wt' lrHd radio contact. It "'ill ~n r o c(1TT1plltj,'r~, flH' t o t a l mllnt'UVPT

1 " 1 L: h e d 11 1 • d tot 8 k f" 8 1- 0 U t 1 3 :'r.t:, II I .. <;. () n d ... ' e- ' 1 1 h (' It b 1 f'

t 0 ~ 0 n f t r til the new It ttl t II d t! 0 v ,'r \':1 : \ Il. \I It rd. A t t h po r r t· IH· n t

t 1 me. 0 u r p 1 Ant 8 t. '"") d 1 8 C tl n t t n 1I t ," n!r' ~ p n t a r v o ;, t' r 4 t 1 (1 n R

f 0 1 1 0 v i n Il. t h f! V 8 n gila r d p ~ !ol " • : h t"' P ( , II ~ t U I' S t" .. ' ,t C e n t ~ r 1 II

s c h e d u Le d to r e o p e n at f, A.m" at v h f c l: t{l!\t' c o srm e n t a r y

oSH!ration. vil1 b e r e a u m e d . Th1q I~ Skylab C('nt r o I At 13 hour. 4 mlnut~~.



~r.;~" l<-- "~"I.": :!~.~ . -; e : CO +-. ,.)


'IKYLAI 1 .1 •• 108 CUMKI.T .. f '/15/73 CST 02120 Clf 13132 Me-'S/1

. ~ .;

rAO fbi. I. Sk,l.b Control. Th. orbitAl

work.hop DOW t •• tartiul ltl 9th r •• olutloft of tbe .a¥th. ~Qd. v.>~~.,Ju~t .. ~,o.pl.t~tI., • __ ' al,Dat. p.,. over th., traekinl" .blp VaD, .. r •• 'Durla. that ,a •• w. rac.! ..... 011. tal ••• ct, data fro. the 'p.caer.ft •••• yerif1 •• that the •• hicl. had .. a.a •• r.d to,tb. 4 •• 1r.4 attitud •• pitch1nl up 90 delre •• fro. the nor.a1 attitude at which the ATM .olar panel.

are pointed directly at the Sun. Th~ new attitu4. h •• the aultl,l. docklftl adapter end of the vehiel. polftti~1 at tb. Sun. The ATM .olar p&nell are p.r~llel to the Sun'. ray.

and r.'Jivina little or no lolar en.rlY, During thi. period of time, the .ehlele i. being powered from stored battery pover. We plan to atay in this attitude for 1 r e vo Lut Lon , a11ovln~ the t •• perature. to drop on the orblt~l work.hop. These temper.ture~ running higher that normel, due to the apparent 108e of the meteoroid p~nel9. which 1n addition to protecting a,.ioet meteoroid lmpact~. ~J80 h~ve an effect rn the vay in which the vehicle absorbs ~nd radiates thermal ener~y from the Sun. And we're seeinR, con~equ~ntly. an increase In t~.peratureA. E~glneer8 here in the Centrol Center and In the Marshall 5p~r~ Flig~~ Center are tntereoted in watching the temperature curle as th~ temperatures come back do~n to determine the total amount of th~rmA~ pnETgy absorbed by the vorkshup. Durln~ this period of limp-,

the pr~ssurizatlon of the ~rb\tal workshop ~as bee) te~minated; ve're holding at 2 pounds in:ernal p r e s s u r e . And c"nce

we've ~ott@n r better indication 0: what the tot.1~thermal

s n e r g y absorbed by the worKshop Is, we'll continue ,that pr~89urizatlon up to the d~gireJ 5 pcunts p~r ~1~4t~ inch.

The plan again, 18 to hold at th£ currpnt attitude for

1 revolution and tten :0 pitch up to an l~term~di.te attitude whrre ve're About 45 degrees pitched up In~tead of the current 90 d e g r e e •. At. 45 degree a n g Le , It'll !.l~ a compromist'! attitude vith Aou:e a e La r e n e r z v being s u p p Lf e d a t r Lk Ln g the solar pan~l •• and a portion of the ener~y, qtill Aupply electrical energy ~t111 ~~pplled ty th~ hatt~rlcs. staying

1n t h t s attitude for 1 r e vo Lu t f o n b e f o r e r e t u r n Lr. a t o t h e

n o r e a I attitude with the ATM 901ar panels p o Lu t I n g d Lr e c t Ly at the Sun. At thl~ time we will terminate commentary operations. The 30u9ton Npvs CentP- will Al~0 be closlng at this time. We will be reorenln~ at 6 A~. ThlB is

Sky 1 a b Co n t r 0 1 II t 13 h 0 u r R 36 uti nut ~ ~ •


COMHKITAa, 5/15/73 CST 06.53 QIT 11.23 Me-36/1


;:'i'··".PAO -:'; .,,0,', !hi. i. Ityl.' Control. lialat •• D hoa~ ••

w 23 _iDute •• tIlC. Sk,l.b 111ft-off. styl.b attitu'. cont~ol h.a juat b •• " .hift •• to the control .o.ent .,1'0.. Sk,lab nov 0 •• 1' ~ .. tb.~' ••• u.~. ·&eacki"I·.hip OG"t~. 12th r ... o1.t10. of-the -

. .al'tb. 'rior to thi. ti ••• attitu'. control ha. b •• D pro .. 1d •• • ,. cho'thru.C.1' attitude control .,.t ••. the Het. Th •

. coatrol ao •• at .,1'0' ar. full, 'pun up ~o •• an' jUlt • fev

.1n~t •• 8,0. a.ditiv. control va. tran.f.rrad to the Iyro.. 4 T •• p.ratur •• Oft atructural me.b.r. in the orbital workahop contlftu~ ~


to run near or Ilil,htl, in axe.a. of 100 delre.a. Tb"

orbit*l eluater wa. taken out of the .olar inertial attitude f"r two revolution£ during the night to allow readinl' fro • •• vlral temp.rature •• nsore which had lone off the aeale. Thl. temperature data is being used by the Harshall Sp~ce Flight Center in a thermal model in an att~.pt to determine how seriouB the probl •• is and to develop a ~lan to man_ge

the thermal profile. Skylab. now, f~ back in 8 solar inertial attitude. 7he ATM telescope is unpowered At the presen~ tlm~J and the c 1 H 9 t e r pre 9 8 U rei s h old in g It t 1. 9 p o n n d 8 per R ~ U are

1 n c ~ I - dec 1 u ion h a v in g bee n maL e t h I. _ the rei 8 =' 0 no as 0 n

at this time to go to the full 5-PSI P:°1'88ure. At 18 hours 25 minutes. ground elapsed tim~t this is Skylab Control.






. ;..-r.'

" ~ I' _

'"''I'~''' .'~"

, ,

~:. - II'LAB 111 •• 10. ~OIOlI"AJl' 5/15/73 7a35 CST l~hO' CI' Me"/l

".,., "c'" '.~ t'"AO ".r_"" ~ ,<._ Ihia 1..""lk,lab C •• tZ'ol at ",1' bour •.

:',,4, ••• e Ik,l.1t 111ft-off. 'It.ht .1 to!'

•• il R.tcht ••••• who b •• b ••• l •• dlul the o.arei.ht .hift of flllhe eoatro1Iara .0altorial the Skylab vork.hop, viII hold a .tatu. briellnl in the •• all briellDI roo.

at the John. on Spac. Center H.va Center at 8:15 •••• central da,11aht tt •• , as15 •••• centr.l da,llaht tt •• , brieflDI

by R.il Huteblnlon, fli.ht dir.~tor on the o.ernllht .hift. We've been infor.ed that tbe Skylab 2 erey plan. to le.ve the Kennedy Space Center at , a.~. central daylilht time for their return to HOUlton. Tbi. t. Skylab Control.

. . ',.





SI'LAB MI'.lOI 'COKM •• , •• ,' 5/1S/7S 1120 C.T .CS'/l

.AO fbt. f. the 'kyle' •••• C.at.~ at IIC.

Th •• ft.ln.*~ia. i" ••• tl •• tioe of tb. iDflllht aDo .. 1, for

.. "lab·_ •• ,cbe .·'f •• to.·,· •• , ••••• "t .i •• 1n i .e&1 .. tt:l. •• coaclftu ••• , the lIar.h.il' Sp.c.fl1aht C.nter Ie Bunt •• l11 •• Al.b •••• 10 a •• 1Dlor .. t:l.oD h •• b •• D UDCOy.r •• which

r.y •• l. tb. c.u •• of the failur. of tb. alcro •• t.oroid

ahi.ld durin. launch an4 tb. apparent .ub •• quent fouliD.

of the work.bop .olar array. Th. data continue. to b.

analy •• d by tha anlineerina team. The data 1 •• o.ewhat incomplete in ra.l time. ainee .ome of the event. occurred betveen station p ••• e. and the tap. tele.et~y data muat be dumped at • around atation, processed and then analyzed.

The ana1ya1. of the thermal and electrical ayate.s effect. continues on an intensive baeis. The ATM aolar array. continue to work properly and ther~ i. no Significant chana. in the statu. of the workshop solar p.nels. They are 8til1 In Q rartlal:y extended position with no new estimate of

th~ ~xtp.nt Jf their deployment. The thermal condition of

the Ipacecraft i. more trouble.amp than had been anticipatPd last ev~nlng. The meteoroid ahield, in addition to providing A protection against small pu~cture8, waR p.int~d in such

a mann£r to provide a tpmperature balance in the Rpacecraft

o n c h e ext e 1" n " 1 9 kin . The two e f f E' t: t" h a v e bee n f 0 un d t 0 have contradictory mi9~icn requir~m~ntq; that f8 to ~axiwl%e the electrical power av~llable, It's dp~ired to poInt the solar arrays at the Sun constantly; how~ver, this i8 the raUQ~. thlA caU8e~ the skin of the now un~rotected Q~$ to heal up excesqlvely. ~ng'neerln& rvaluat!on and computer analysis 18 currently u n d e r way to find an optimum combinati0n of solar oriented ~nJ nonsulaT oriented orbit. The flight support team ~t JSC and ~FSC. that'. Jo~nRon Space

C~ntpr d the MarBhall Space Fl1~ht Center, are continuing

In th~ll tM~k8 of trying to d~vplor an ortimu~ f1i~ht plAn for ';kylab 2. Ob v Lo u s l y the e x p e r Lm e n t activity which will b e f'19Blble d e p e n d s upon the r e s o l u c i o n of the e Le c t r t c a I

.. r.d thermal q u e s t f o n s , TI.elle r e s o Lu t f o n s are e x p r- c t e d p r Lo r to the launch of S\tylab '" n ov s ch e d u l e d for Sunday, May 20. 1973, ,.~ approximately 11 r •. m. pa~te6n d a y Ll g h t time. Pr~par.tion!ll at the Kennedy Sp8C~ Certpr are ptoL~rdl"g accordingly. By Saturday afternoon n full underAtandtng

of thp tnchnlcAl situation wIlt he availahle and an RAAP8Rmpnt of the mission impAct will he mAde. The Jecislon to launch or not to La u n c h will he mnde at that t I e e . Sk y Lab ProRram Director. William Schneldpr, will be Rvatlablp at

the Kennedy Space Center auditorium for a brief news confer~nce at 3 p.m. ea8t~rn dayllght time today. thatlA B littl~ over. half an hour from now. lh~ Skylab Pro~ram Dlrpctor, William Schneider viiI bp aVR11nbl~ for a brl~r neWR conr~Tcnce ~t the NewA Center at KSC today.



t\ltLAI lIe-s,

,,~, Ti •• , .. 1~'l,.,CDt.

. 5/11"""-. " ','

" •••• 1. of, 1,

10126 GIT

.' ~ 'L: I J

, ~ , .

PAO Th18 t. Sk,l.h Control •• t a GMT of

19156. Her. 1ft tb. Mi •• ion Control Canter an interi. oper.tiftS ,Ian ha. b.eD .volved by vhich tvo of the [our fltlht control t •••• wJl1 vork tvo tvelv. hour shift.

fro. 1z00 •••• to 1aOO p ••• and then fro. 7z00 p ••• to

7100 •••• Whil. the other tvo t •••• are involved in rl.nninl 1n other are •• of th. build1n •• pl.nnina wh.t can b. done to b.lt exploit tha ~ia.ion, let the moat out

of it. rlllht Dtrtctor. Don Puddy, vill, and his te •• , will pull the 7:00 •.•. to 7:00 p.m. shift each day betveen ~ov and the 1.unrh of Skylab 2. Milt Windler's tea. ~111 have the overnight from 7:00 p ••• to 7:00 a.m.

That' 8 teaas one and three. Tealls four and two headed up by Phil Shaffer and Neil Rutchlnaon. will be involved 1n planning in the b.ck rOOllls and in other areas of Johnson Space Center. Our p r e s e n t estil1late now for. ch a n g e

of shift briefing with Flight Director Don Puddy will

be aiter h. 18 relieved by Milt ~indler. That would

be at 8ometim~ after 7:00, perhaps around 7:30 p.m. 1n the JSC NeVI R~om 8~all br~efing room. Th. ~llght Operations Han.gement Room. down the hall fro. the main cc~trol room here, i8 developing a thermal "an.gesent plan in cale lome of the workshop temperature9 begin

to rile uncomfortably hiah. And m.neuver~ again p~rhap. would h.ve to be m.d~ to 8t.~ilize the temp~r.tures lAter on in the evening. To repeat again. the eatimate nov for a change of shift briefing with Flight Director Don Puddy is for 7:30 approximately c@ntr.l

dayl18ht tiMe in the Johnson S~ac~ Center NeWI Rooft. At Greenwich mean tiae at 19:58, thll 1a SkylAb Control.


_'.~""",:-.;\." .,,~.~~ .... ?!.. c» ..,...ot~~~ ..... , : • I ~. ",

'~,;. :~-'<~"';-~'_'_ .. 1,~: ~~. ~_ : -.


. ,.

" l.,_ ~... ':'';_, '< ' ,~~< ...

.. ,,-,, ... , . ,1 .

. , ,0-"., ..

'I' ':"\\-'!" . 'i

,~ ~
Glf Ej
""I; '"
s .',

IltLAI .• C-.' -r

.. Tl... 1600 CM .1.03129

S 11.5'" 3,"·'.r.'·'·"r";;·~w/·1';: .~' ':'~~. 'al. '1 .t"l ;,,,., ,f =» '-

'<1.. . ,

, '.

'.. L"" ~-..,_

~ --; .

PAO Tbi. 1. Skylab Control. 2100 GMT. So ••

current au.b.ra OD 8k,lab apac. atation, which i. now .oa.

4-1/2 .taut •• out of the Roneyauckl., Au.trAli. trackiDI etattoD. T~. eurr.at •••• ur ••• at of the Skylab orbit show •• peri.ee

of 235.6 nautical ail •••• po, •• of 231.1 nautical. Orbital p.riod, 1 hour 33 .taut •• and 10 •• conda, current velocity

25,096 fe.t p.r ~.cond. Total weight of the cluster at lhe

pr •• ent tt ••• 169,414 pound.. Here 1n the Control Center,

aa .entloned .arlier, the 2 off-shift control tea.s. flight control t.ama, are examining various aspeets of mission planning. to live vith the situatIon of the Skylab workshop. Simlliar work in the technical field is being done at Marshall

Space Flight Center, Puntlv111e. Alabama. Numerous communication loops between the 2 centers are betci used to - for conferences and exchange of information. The 2 teams 01 flight c on t r o Lf e r e here in Houston are - have been charged with numerous task

item5 to look into. The best way to Manage the po~er profile

or sval1able electrical povert and whether OT not, for example. to 9~ft or hard dock with the workshop when we do launch $ky-

lab 2. Over the n ... x t several day" the plan for the rendezvous, and docking c f Skylab 2 with the orbiting 'Jark<;hop w111 emlC·rge. And at 1103 GMT. this fA Skyl~b Control.



.: ~ .;:, .)-~ -: ~

. ~ . , - .'

r :

'" "


I,'LAI XC-41

Tf.~1 "1'00 cDti 1,04,'0 CIT


''';,'P •• ':"'l'~~of:''l< ': '"':" =rtr>:



"AO " ~" fhi. 1. It,l.b Coatrol at 2200 Cr •• awtcb

•• aa tt... Ik'lab .pac. 'tation pr~ •• ntl, crolllDI the northv •• t eo.~t of Africa. and 1. ov.r the Canary 1,1.04 trackin •

• tatton 'or p~rh.p.·aa~th.r 6 .tnut ••• for p ••• iUI Oft down

into tb. co •• r ••• by tb. A.een.loft ta1and traeklnl .t.tl0D.

All .yat •••••••• d to b. Itabili •• d at the pr ••• nt ti... On the la.t 2 It.t •• ta. p ••••• ) 10 •• addition.l ch.ck~ iDto the rate-Byroe ha.e be.n run. and confidence lee •• to b. ,radually buildln, in the r.l.1.abil1ty of th1. IYlte.. Rove"Yflr, it ,,111 take levlral additlonal run. and cheek. to bu!ld all the confidence that i. de81r~d to rely on thl •• ,st@r for attitud~ cuntrol. In other activit!e. In Ki~sion Control, there'. a certain a~ount of .hade-tree engineerinl underway to develop ideas for a th~r.al cover that could be extended from the

baae of the ATK, out to the end of the workshop, whlch would offer 80 •• prot.ction a&ainat thermal h.atina on the now exposed akin of th. workshop. One ria beinl $uggested 18 a salllike device. rather 11ke a roller-re~fing gear on a sailboat.

It would be extend~d at 80me spacing out from the work~hoPt

not actually touchin8 it, just 8 flat sheet that vould extend back to the aft end of the workshop. A. with many of the oth~r 8u88e8t10n8 it vill remain to be seen a8 to hov thig pr.,ble. viII be .olYed. Schemes of this 80rt vould require 80.e addltlor~l crew tra1rlna. And at 2202 Gr@enwich mean t1.e, this 1. S~ylab Control.



'" .. ', .. -

..... ' ,xtLAI "C-42

. ;'1...' 1100 CD', ,: '/15/" .

.: _' ,\." )r.'.1' 1 -~of .l<~:'

• ~ .,' "'1.- ~ ,'- ~ .,' . . • •

.... ~~ .


1,05.31 CIT

ji PAG this 1. Sk,lab Control at 2301 Cr •• avich

•• aa ti... Sk,lab .pace Itation about •• iuute out of the Ha.ati tracklal .tation over the aid-central Pacific. At the

pr •• ent ti •• tb. lituation on the ,a •• ou. nitro.en uaed 1n

t~. Thruat.r Attitude Co •• and Syatea, ia that approzt.ately

18 per cent ha. b.en uled at thl. tiae. This il Itill co.fort.bly above the experiment requirements or •• rgin.. Mormally about 8 percent would have been used at this point in the

mi •• 1on. Thi. (a •• ou8 nitrogen is .t~red in 22 titanium spheres, each of which hold 4-1/2 cubic reet of nitrogen. which a~e

around the ba •• of the workshop. On the rate gyro proble.

tnat waa expprlenced earlier, 8 of the 9 rate gyros .r~ now

op e r a t Ln g nor.ally. One of the :, that register 1n the, socalled, Y-axi. 18 not functioning properly. However, 2 of

the J are dependable HOW. We're on the Pri.ar)' Attitu .• Con-

trol Syst •• , no 'onRer using th~ TACS or the Thruster Attitude Control Sy.te., which used the gaseous nitrogen mentioned

e a r t t e r . Current orbital measurements. perlger 236.4 n.utlcal ml1eA. apole. 236.7. And at ~J:OJ Greenwich mean tlae. thi. iR Skylab Control.


, - '''t' ,

-.;:.l. , '-:;~T .

. L" .,n;_····

. "~""" .

j,. ~.:.

~":~~.':: .... A' ... ,'" J~'

., .


la'LA. MC-43

'1 •• , 19.00 eDT 1.06131 C!T

s v.', .. ,-5/15/7)·· ;.,.,. -.'

. Pal. 1 of 1

PAO This 1. Skylab Control at 0001 Green-

v1eh •• an ti... And the .1 •• 10n of Skylab 1, Skylab apace atation nov 0.,.1' the southw.atern Inclian Oc.an. oathe nlneternth larth orbit. Next atation to acquire will be

at Carnarvon, Australl. 1n 11 ~lnute. S7 seconds fro. nov. The l.st atateatd. pas., all the .pacecraft .yate •• appeared to be operating nor.ally, with the exception oC course of the pover lenerating system which is dependant

o n the undeployed solaI panela. On this 'lpco.inS stateside pass. on thl~ revolution. people in the Houston area. if they're lucky an~ there's no cloud cover and they happen to be looking In the rigllt direction. might possibly see Skyl~b at 7:59. starting at 7:59, cro99inl the northern sky from north to east for a total of 4 minutes 32 8econds. Maximum elevation 16 ~egree8. The spacecraft will be aome 756 ~11e8 8lan~ Tange from Houston. One revolution :ater. Rt 9:35 p.m., that's probably a hetter lik~lihood of spotting the Skylab space station as it CrO~9~q from northwest to 8outheast, for a total pa~s of b minutp.8 37 seconds. The maximum elevation is 44 Jpgrees with a slant range of 375 miles. Current e s t Lma t e on It ch an g« of

shift briefing with Flight Director Don Puddy Is 8till hanging In at around 8:30 p.m. central daylight time, in the Joh~8on Space Center News Room. If an earlier estimate comes along ve'll relay that a8 90~n a8 p098tbl~, but

right now Don Puddy estimates that would be the earliest

: .• c o u l d .altr.. it to the News Room after handing over to another Flight Director Hilt Windler. The Skylab traJectory ytayt~g fairly ecnltant at around 235. 236 circular. Vel" ' : 1 t y 2 5 • 09 5 fell t p • r 8 e e on d • And a tOO 04 G r f' en" 1 c h mean time, ~hi8 i~ Skylab Control.


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