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Ideology of Peace

Ideology of Peace

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Published by Shahzad Shameem

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Published by: Shahzad Shameem on Feb 19, 2011
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The result of intolerance is violence and the result of
tolerance is peace. This sums up what peace and
violence essentially are. An atmosphere of peace
will prevail in any society which is characterized by
tolerance, while an atmosphere of violence will
prevail in any society in which the majority of the
people are lacking in tolerance. And, according to
the system of nature, violence is neither beneficial
for its perpetrators, nor for those who have been
subjected to violence.

Ideology of Peace


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Tolerance is a high moral and human quality, while
intolerance is a descent to the animal level. The act
of tolerance is not a matter of compulsion: it results
naturally from the doer being of an elevated moral
calibre. Any goal one strives to achieve by brute
force, can always be better achieved by displaying
tolerance. When an individual becomes intolerant
in unpleasant situations, he considerably weakens
himself and hence is unable to deal effectively with
problems. But when he maintains an attitude of
tolerance, he conserves all his energies, and is in a
position to deal more effectively with the matters at

Not descending to intolerant behaviour, in spite of
facing unpleasant situations, is a clear proof of self-
control. One who has this ability becomes so
strengthened by it that no one can defeat him.

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