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Ideology of Peace

Ideology of Peace

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Published by Shahzad Shameem

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Published by: Shahzad Shameem on Feb 19, 2011
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In the following verse, the Quran alludes to a
particular kind of character, the self-styled

When they are told, ‘Do not create disorder on
the earth,’ they say, ‘We are only putting
things right.’ (2:11)

This refers to those who claim to be engaged in
reform work, but whose method is of the wrong
kind, for their actions result in corruption and
perversion. Here ‘disorder’ (fasad) means that their
activities result in clash and confrontation with
others, so that mutual hatred is generated. In the
process morality is undermined and a negative
mindset prevails. All these factors are referred to as
spreading corruption on the earth, for they all
destroy social peace, and ultimately, members of
society are eternally at loggerheads with each other.

This teaching of the Quran shows that it is not
enough for an action to have a good goal to be right.
The kind of side effects produced by activities
launched in the name of reform must also be

Ideology of Peace


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examined. If these activities themselves produce
tension and conflict—in spite of their goal being the
laudable one of reformation—they would be
regarded as spreading corruption. The doers will be
deemed criminals and not reformers or servants of

No reform work is truly such, unless it is confined
to the sphere of peace and humanitarianism. Any
work, even if it is carried out in the name of reform,
is to be condemned if it disturbs the peace, or
worse, results in the loss of lives or the destruction
of property. The task of reform should result in
reform. If it results in social upheaval (fasad)) then
this reform movement is in itself a form of societal
perversion, irrespective of whatever fine words we
may find to describe it.

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