A Proiect Report On

Health Club Management System


Subhay kumai (BE¡Źź88¡ŴŻ), CSE
Souiav kumai (BE¡ŹŻŴź¡ŴŻ), CSE
Sujeet piakash (BE¡ŹŻŶŹ¡ŴŻ), IT
Pooshan (BE¡ŹŹŷŹ¡ŴŻ), CSE

n the Partial FulIillment oI the degree oI
achelor of Engineering
n the discipline oI
Computer Science & Engineering/Information Technology

Under the guidance oI
Prof. Niloy hattacharya
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering

irla Institute of Technology. Mesra, Ranchi-835215


This is to certiIy that the proiect titled 'Seminar Management System
submitted by

Subhay Kumar (BE/5688/07)
Sourav Kumar(BE/5706/07)
Suieet Prakash (BE/5725/07)

as a partial IulIillment oI their proiect, V th semester (Bachelor oI
Engineering-Computer Science & Engineering/nIormation Technology)
is genuine. No part oI the proiect report has been submitted to any other
institute/University Ior award oI any type oI degree.

Prof. Niloy hattacharya
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering


We avail this opportunity to oIIer our sincere thanks and deep sense oI
gratitude to our proiect coordinator & guide ProI. Niloy Bhattacharya,
Department oI Computer Science & Engineering, B..T. Mesra (Patna
Campus). His constant inspiration and dynamic guidance has helped us a
lot to complete and materialize our proiect work.

We would also like to sincerely thank our Director Dr. K.K. Srivastava
who helped us by providing us a platIorm to pursue our proiect.
Lastly, we would like to thank all our Iriends and peers Ior their
suggestions and kind help.

Subhay Kumar (BE/5688/07)
Sourav Kumar(BE/5706/07)
Suieet Prakash (BE/5725/07)

Iuble of Contentt

ŵŵ Puipose
ŵŶ Scope
ŵŷ Befinitions, acionyms, anu abbieviations
ŵŸ Refeiences
ŵŹ 0veiview
ŶŴ 0veiall uesciiption
Ŷŵ Piouuct peispective
ŶŶ Piouuct functions
Ŷŷ 0sei chaiacteiistics
ŶŸ Constiaints
ŶŹ Assumptions anu uepenuencies
ŷŴ Specific iequiiements
ŷŵ Exteinal inteiface iequiiements
ŷŵŵ 0sei inteifaces
ŷŵŶ Baiuwaie inteifaces
ŷŵŷ Softwaie inteifaces
ŷŵŸ Communications inteifaces
ŷŶ Functional iequiiements
ŷŷ Non- Functional iequiiements
ŷŸ Softwaie system attiibutes
ŸŴ Bigh Level Besign 0veiview
Ÿŵ Application oveiview
ŸŶ 0peiational Concepts anu Scenaiio
ŹŴ Betaileu Besign
Źŵ Sequence Biagiam
ŹŶ Class Biagiam
Źŷ 0se Case Biagiam
ŹŸ Activity Biagiam
ŹŹ Batabase Biagiam
źŴ Assumptions
źŵ Eiioi Banuling Stiategy


e have ueciueu to investigate the use of a Bealth Club
Nanagement System This system woulu be useu by membeis
who may be customeis anu auministiatois of the club to check
all the events, availability of the facilities, anu by the
auministiatois to upuate the uatabases
The puipose of this uocument is to analyze anu elaboiate on
the high-level neeus anu featuies of the Bealth Club
Nanagement System It focuses on the capabilities anu facilities
pioviueu by the softwaie The uetails of what all aie the neeus
of the Bealth Club Nanagement System anu if it fulfils these
neeus aie uetaileu in the use-case anu supplementaiy


The puipose of Softwaie Requiiements Specification (SRS)
uocument is to uesciibe the exteinal behavioui of the Bealth
Club Nanagement System Requiiements Specification uefines
anu uesciibes the opeiations, inteifaces, peifoimance, anu
quality assuiance iequiiements of the Bealth Club Nanagement
System The uocument also uesciibes the non-functional
iequiiements such as the usei, haiuwaie anu softwaie
inteifaces It also uesciibes the uesign constiaints that aie to be
consiueieu when the system is to be uesigneu, anu othei factois
necessaiy to pioviue a complete anu compiehensive
uesciiption of the iequiiements foi the softwaie Thus the
Softwaie Requiiements Specification (SRS) captuies the
complete softwaie iequiiements foi the system

we aie going to uesciibe the uivision of entiie aichitectuie into two
mouules¡classes- 0sei anu Aumin (auministiation). The opeiations
to be executeu by the usei is viewing of piofile anu uues only. The
opeiations that can be exeiciseu by an aumin aie seaich iecoius,
mouify iecoiu uelete iecoiu, auu iecoiu, geneiate uues anu view
uues. All these have been shown thiough activity uiagiam. Apait
fiom these use case uiagiam, sequence uiagiam anu uatabase
uiagiam have also been shown.:

0efinitiont, Acronymt und Abbreuiutiont:

The following aie the list of conventions anu acionyms useu in
this uocument anu the pioject as well:

O Auministiatoi: A login iu iepiesenting a usei with usei
auministiation piivileges to the softwaie

O 0sei: A geneial login iu assigneu to most useis

O Client: Intenueu useis foi the softwaie

O S0L Seivei: A seivei useu to stoie uata in an oiganizeu

ueruiew :

The SRS will pioviue a uetaileu uesciiption of the Bealth Club
Nanagement System This uocument will pioviue the outline of
the iequiiements, oveiview of the chaiacteiistics anu
constiaints of the system
The SRS will pioviue the geneial factois that affect the piouuct
anu its iequiiements It pioviues the backgiounu foi those
iequiiements The items such as piouuct peispective, piouuct
function, usei chaiacteiistics, constiaints, assumptions,
uepenuencies anu iequiiements subsets aie uesciibeu
The SRS contains all the softwaie iequiiements mentioneu in
uetail sufficient enough to enable uesigneis to uesign the
system to satisfy the iequiiements anu testeis to test if the
system satisfies those iequiiements

Attumptiont und 0ependenciet:
The piouuct neeus following thiiu paity piouuct
O Niciosoft Sql Seivei ŶŴŴŹ to stoie the uatabase

O Niciosoft visual Stuuio ŶŴŴ8 as a uevelopment tool

urdwure interfucet:

Seivei Siue:

O 0peiating System: inuows XP, inuows vISTA ,
inuows Ż

O Piocessoi: Pentium ŷŴ uBz oi highei

O RAN: ŶŹź Nb oi moie

O Baiu Biive: ŵŴ uB oi moie

Client siue:

O 0peiating System: inuows XP, inuows vISTA,
inuows Ż

O Piocessoi: Pentium III oi ŶŴ uBz oi highei

O RAN: ŶŹź Nb oi moie

Ioftwure interfucet:

O Batabase: S0L Seivei

Communicutiont interfucet:

The Customei must connect to the Inteinet to access the

O Bialup Nouem of ŹŶ kbps

O Bioaubanu Inteinet

O 0i othei moue of inteinet

FunctionaI Requirements
8ased upon Lhe klnd of userţ lL classlfles Lhe funcLlonallLles lnLo Lwo
broad secLlons ŴMember luncLlonallLles and AdmlnlsLraLlve

&ser FunctionaIities:
lL underllnes Lhe accesslna auLhorlLles of a Member ŦAs shown ln Lhe
class and use case dlaaramŦ 1he operaLlon execuLable bv anv member ls
1Ŧ Loaln
2Ŧ vlew proflle
3Ŧ vlew dues deLalls

/ministrator FunctionaIities:
lL speclfles Lhe accesslna auLhorlLles of Lhe admlnlsLraLorŦ As
demonsLraLed bv Lhe class dlaaram and use case dlaaram Ŧ1he varlous
operaLlons execuLable
bv Lhe admlnlsLraLor areŴ
1Ŧ Loaln
2Ŧ Add member recordŦ
3Ŧ Search member recordŦ
4Ŧ Modlfv member recordŦ
3Ŧ ueleLe member recordŦ
6Ŧ CeneraLe uuesŦ
7Ŧ vlew Þendlna pavmenLsŦ

AcLlvlLv dlaaram descrlbes Lhe sLep bv sLep process of everv operaLlon of
member and admlnlsLraLorŦ

on-FunctionaI Requirements
1he baslc deslan sLrucLure remalns Lo be flexlbleŦ Penceţ addlLlonal
feaLures as enhancemenLs can be added aL laLer sLaaeŦ lL ls porLable and
can be easllv Lransferred from one plaLform Lo anoLherţ saLlsfvlna Lhe
baslc operaLlonal crlLerlaŦ 1he baslc deslan sLrucLure ls Loo secure
enouah Lo allow anvone Lo lnLerfere wlLh Lhe daLabaseŦ

Ioftwure tyttem uttributet:

O The 0uality of the uatabase is maintaineu in such a way so
that it can be veiy usei fiienuly to all the useis of the
O The uatabase shoulu have the option of event seaich by a
vaiiety of fielus like event name, event iu, uetails etc

inh leuel 0etinn ueruiew:
55Iication Overview
1he enLlre svsLem has been dlvlded lnLo a number of subsvsLems
dependlna upon Lhelr speclflc funcLlonallLlesŦ Lach has lLs own speclflc
lnpuL and ouLpuLŦ 1he subsvsLems are Ŵ
1Ŧ Member loaln
aŦ Ask for Member username and ÞasswordŦ
bŦ SvsLem verlfles LhemŦ
cŦ lf correcL Lhen Loaln or else Access denledŦ

2Ŧ Member vlew proflle
aŦ Ask for selecLlna vlew proflleŦ
bŦ Þroflle dlsplavedŦ

3Ŧ Member vlew dues deLalls
aŦ Ask for selecLlna dues deLallsŦ
bŦ ueLalls dlsplavedŦ

4Ŧ AdmlnlsLraLor loaln
aŦ Ask for username and ÞasswordŦ
bŦ SvsLem verlfles LhemŦ
cŦ lf correcL Lhen Loaln or else Access denledŦ

3Ŧ Add Member record
aŦ Ask for selecLlna add Member recordŦ
bŦ uaLa enLeredŦ
cŦ 8ecord addedŦ

6Ŧ Search Member record
aŦ Ask for selecLlna search Member recordŦ
bŦ Speclflc daLa enLered (eŦaŦ roll number)Ŧ
cŦ Member record accessedŦ

7Ŧ Modlfv Member record
aŦ Ask for selecLlna modlfv Member recordŦ
bŦ SelecL speclflc Member
cŦ Modlfvlna uaLa enLeredŦ
dŦ 8ecord modlfledŦ

8Ŧ ueleLe Member record
aŦ Ask for selecLlna deleLe Member recordŦ
bŦ SelecL speclflc Member
cŦ 8ecord deleLedŦ

9Ŧ CeneraLe uues
aŦ Ask for selecLlna aeneraLe duesŦ
bŦ SelecL speclflc MemberŦ
cŦ AmounL aeneraLedŦ

10Ŧ vlew Þendlna ÞavmenLs
aŦ Ask for selecLlna vlew pendlna pavmenLsŦ
bŦ SelecL speclflc MemberŦ
cŦ ueLalls dlsplavedŦ

O5erationaI Conce5ts an/ Scenarios
1he operaLlons execuLed bv dlfferenL users upon daLabase ls
shown bv Lhe followlna dlaaramsŴ
1Ŧ Use Case d|agram Ŵ A use case can be vlewed as a seL of relaLed
scenarlos Lled LoaeLher bv a common aoalŦ 1he maln llne sequence
and each of Lhe varlaLlons are called scenarlos or lnsLances of Lhe
use caseŦ Lach scenarlo ls a slnale paLh of user evenLs and svsLem

lmporLanL use ls ln deslanlna Lhe user lnLerface ln Lhe
lmplemenLaLlon of Lhe use case LaraeLed for each speclflc caLeaorv
of users who would use Lhls use caseŦ

2Ŧ C|ass d|agram Ŵ A class dlaaram descrlbes Lhe sLaLlc sLrucLure of
a svsLem ŦlL shows how a svsLem ls sLrucLure raLher Lhan how lL
behavesŦ 1he maln consLlLuLes of a class dlaaram are classes and
Lhelr relaLlonshlpsť Ŵ aenerallzaLlons ţaaareaaLlonţ assoclaLlon ţand
varlous klnd of dependenclesŦ

1he classes represenL enLrles wlLh common feaLuresţ lŦeŦ aLLrlbuLe
and operaLlonsŦ

3Ŧ n|v| d|agram Ŵ 1he acLlvlLv dlaaram focuses on represenLlna
varlous acLlvlLles or chunks of processlna and Lhelr sequence of
An acLlvlLv ls a sLaLe wlLh an lnLernal acLlon and one or more
ouLaolna LranslLlons whlch auLomaLlcallv follow Lhe LermlnaLlons
of Lhe lnLernal acLlvlLvŦ
AcLlvlLv dlaaram are slmllar Lo Lhe procedural flow charLs ŦLhe maln
dlfference ls LhaL acLlvlLv dlaarams supporL descrlpLlon of parallel
acLlvlLles and svnchronlzaLlon aspecLs lnvolved ln dlfferenL
1he acLlvlLv fla shows Lhe dlfferenL processes durlna realsLraLlon ln
healLh club ŦafLer slan up ţfee recelved Ŧloaln valldaLlon checklnaţ
vlslLor lnfo and Lhen loaouLŦ
4Ŧ 5equenne d|agram Ŵ A sequence dlaaram shows lnLeracLlon
amona ob[ecLs as a LwoŴdlmenslonal charLŦ 1he charL ls read from
Lop Lo boLLomŦ 1he ob[ecL parLlclpaLlna ln Lhe lnLeracLlon are
shown aL Lhe Lop of Lhe charL as boxes aLLached Lo verLlcal dashed
llne Ŧan ob[ecL appearlna aL Lhe Lop of sequence dlaaram slanlfles
LhaL Lhe ob[ecL ls creaLed even before Lhe Llme Lhe use case
execuLlon was lnlLlaLed ŦLhe verLlcal dashed llne ls called Lhe
ob[ecL's llfellneŦ

etaiIe/ esign
lL lncludes varlous deslans whlch represenL Lhe relaLlonshlpţ lnLeracLlon
and meLhodoloav of varlous operaLlons lnvolvedŦ 1he deslans are
aŦ Sequence ulaaram
bŦ use Case ulaaram
cŦ Class ulaaram
dŦ AcLlvlLv ulaaram
Mo/uIe /escri5tion

Pereţ lnLeracLlon of Lwo ob[ecLsŴ Member and admln wlLh hosLel
daLabase has been shownŦlL ls called a 5equenne D|agramŦ1he
operaLlons beLween dlfferenL ob[ecLs ls expllclLlv menLlonedŦ1he
Sequence wlse operaLlons whlch Lakes place ln Lhe appllcaLlon has been
clearlv shown wlLh Lhe help ofť
1Ŧ 5equenne D|agram for Member and nose| Daabase
2Ŧ 5equenne D|agram for dm|n and nose| Daabase

ln Lhe Sequence ulaaramţLhe ma|n menu ob[ecL represenLs Lhe sLaLe
reached onlv afLer sunnessfu| |og|n of Lhe Member as we|| as e
dm|nŦ1he whole LransacLlon Lhen Lakes place from Lhe maln menuŦ1e
5aus ob[ecL represenLs Lhe ver|f|na|on parLŦ1he sLaLe wheLher Lhe
user has successfullv loaaed ln or noLŦ
1e Daa keg|ser 1ab|e ln Lhe Admln Sequence dlaaram ls a polnL
where Lhe admln enLers daLaŦlf correcL daLa ls enLered ţ Lhe Admln can
access Lhe PLAL1P CLu8 uA1A8ASLŦCLherwlseţ lL cannoLŦ

Class ulaaram

+user id
+user password
+user E !d
+user contact no
+user age
+user address
+search healthclub centers()
+view health club info()
+view FAO()
+log out()
+reminding password()
+view user info()
+update user info()
+admin id
+admin password
+admin email id
+admin ph no.
+search healthclub centers()
+view/update healthclub info()
+view/update FAO()
+add/remove/update events()
+update tarif plan()
+update user info()
external user
+view healthclub info()
+view FAO()
+sign up()
+terms and conditions
registration info
performs to:
performs to:
+performs to:
performs to:
performs to:
performs to:
+performs to:

use case ulaaram

view profile
view healthclub info
change password
update user info
check validation
view FAO
pay through card
pay through cash
add/remove/modify club info
add/remove/modify member records
update validation
modify the membership plan
login by admin

Sequence ulaaram

adminlogin admin login checking admin record user info logout
1 : login()
2 : match()
3 : update/view user info()
S |duplicate] : show error()
register user boundary register user control user register user record user record
1 : register()
2 : check duplicate()
3 : match()
4 |duplicate] : show error()
S |duplicate] : show error()
7 : display user info()
8 : register()
3 : create()

AcLlvlLv ulaaram

uaLabase ulaaram
registration section Account &ection card issue section registration validity section visiting section last section
sign up
receive fee
card issued
check customer record and validation
visit date
visitor in time
visitor out time
valid till date
1he uaLabase dlaaram ls based on Lhe assumpLlon LhaL Lhe Member_ld
of Lhe Member musL be a unlque number and used as Þ8lMA8? kL? for
all uaLabase operaLlonsŦ

Error Han/Iing Strategy
1Ŧ ln case lf wrona username and password ls enLeredţ conLrol reLurns Lo
Lhe maln menuŦ
2Ŧ lf daLa of wrona daLa Lvpe ls belna enLeredţ svsLem doesn'L accepL lL
and reLurns daLa Lvpe errorŦ
3Ŧ lf daLa exceedlna fleld lenaLh ls belna enLeredţ svsLem doesn'L accepL
lL and reLurns fleld lenaLh errorŦ

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